Enjoy The Foods You Love With Phentermine

Enjoy The Foods You Love With Phentermine

While dieting implies cutting out your favorites for quick weight loss, eating healthily to lose weight for the long term doesn’t have to be all about denial.

In fact, it’s possible to lose weight and still enjoy the foods you love with phentermine, and here’s how….

Why Denial Doesn’t Work

As soon as you start a weight loss plan, it’s typical to make a mental list of all the ‘bad foods’ that you need to ‘give up’, with the thinking that it’s impossible to continue eating the foods you love if you want to get healthy and lose weight.

However, the problem with this is that as soon as you decide to deny yourself certain foods, especially those that you really love, the automatic response will most probably be of deprivation and resentment.

You will then end up craving these ‘banned’ foods even more than before, eventually giving in and eating them.

This slip-up then creates more negative feelings, which are very destructive to the healthy eating plan you’re trying to develop.

Although phentermine can help suppress your appetite and curb cravings, immediately depriving yourself of the foods that you have grown to love means that you have to rely heavily on willpower at the first stage of your weight loss journey with phentermine, just as you are trying to start leading a healthier lifestyle while also having to deal with side effects such as insomnia, headaches and dry mouth.

While you need to be disciplined to lose weight successfully, a total ban on the foods you love isn’t sustainable for the long term; losing weight is about establishing healthy habits, not about how long you can last without eating pizza.

Therefore, instead of focusing on how you can’t eat certain foods, a better approach to your new healthy lifestyle is to create opportunities to allow these foods to fit into your life.

This way, you can find a balance between the foods you enjoy eating and losing weight without feeling deprived, meaning that a lifetime of healthy eating is all the more possible.

How To Enjoy The Foods You Love With Phentermine

While these healthy foods are what you should eat while taking phentermine to maximize the effects of appetite suppression and additional energy, that’s not to say that you can’t accommodate some of your favorites too.

It sounds impossible that you might still be able to enjoy the foods you love and lose weight, but it is possible using these methods:

1. Make A List Of Favorites

Weight loss is a mind game, so first, you must apply a little psychology and establish which foods you will have the most trouble resisting.

To do this, make a list of the foods you love and imagine never being able to eat them again. The unhealthy foods we have a strong emotional attachment to our our ´High Sacrifice Foods´ (HSFs), and the foods we think we could live without are our ´Low Sacrifice Foods´ (LSFs).

Most people have less than six HSFs and only eat unhealthy foods they are not particularly attached to out of habit, such as ordering a meal deal when they really just wanted a burger or eating cookies when they get in from work as an easy snack.

You should eliminate the LSFs from your diet. Still, you can continue to eat HSFs in moderation and through portion control strategies, such as taking the time to concentrate on what you´re eating and really savoring the tastes and flavors. 

It is also important to eat your HSF earlier in the day rather than saving it as a treat; research has shown that overeating later is more likely if we feel we have deprived ourselves earlier in the day.

And this method of treating yourself earlier on in the day has really worked for one of our support group members, who has lost over 40 lbs with phentermine while still eating cake and other treats.

2. Create Healthier Versions Of Your Favorites At Home

Create Healthier Versions Of Your Favorites At Home

The best way to accommodate your less-healthy favorites is to make your own healthier versions at home. When you prepare homemade healthy meals, you control the ingredients and the portions, so it’s much easier to increase nutrition while decreasing calories.

The key to home cooking in a convenient way is to plan ahead as part of your phentermine weight loss schedule, which means pre-making lunches to take to work and cooking in bulk on Sundays when you have some extra time.

The key to making dishes healthier is to try and replace some of the more calorific ingredients with lower-calorie substitutes.

For example, if you love lasagna, then swap the mince for turkey mince (or just use veggies) and make the ragu sauce with less meat and more tomatoes, use whole grain lasagna sheets or even eggplant as a lasagna substitute, and use low-fat ricotta cheese instead of béchamel sauce.

Pre-cut the lasagna into smaller portions than you would have previously eaten and freeze, then you have dinner ready for a few nights.

Serve a slice with a salad, and you couldn’t ask for a more convenient dinner when you’re late home from work and for much less salt, sugar, fat, and calories than you’d find in a ready meal.

3. Experiment With New Foods

It will be easier to keep the pounds off if you think of this new phase as a healthy lifestyle and not something you plan to do only until you reach the weight you want, as this kind of thinking often sees people having to take phentermine more than once due to regaining the weight once they go back to their old bad habits.

So, don´t think about the foods you can’t eat; think about the foods you’re going to add to your diet, especially all the fresh produce that’s in season right now.

Healthy foods have a bad reputation, but many healthy foods can be delicious too, and by eating more of them, you’ll have less room on your plate for unhealthy foods.

So, with a little experimentation, you might end up finding healthier foods that you prefer once you start really tasting fresh foods and avoiding overly processed synthetic tastes.

Plus, don’t forget to experiment with herbs and spices to boost taste, benefit health and promote weight loss!

4. Everything In Moderation

Changing your eating habits for good means that you will often be faced with temptation, and you will have to learn how to handle it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s necessary for you to run in the opposite direction if you’re faced with a bag of chips or a slice of cake.

As long as you consume the foods that you love in moderation and account for what you’re eating, it is fine to enjoy these foods once in a while.

A healthy eating plan shouldn’t be so black and white that any ‘bad’ foods are instantly banned – there should be some grey areas so that you can incorporate some of your favorites every week, and that way, you’re much more likely to have the staying power you need to make this your last and most successful weight loss journey.

Remember to keep track of the calories and nutrition you are consuming by food journaling, and you’ll soon develop a sense of what and how much you can eat while still successfully losing weight.

While taking phentermine, your goals should be focused on learning how to nourish your body well and keep yourself feeling satisfied by making small changes and experimenting with avoiding boredom.

This will then help you to develop a healthy relationship with food, whereby you have the power over what you eat, but also feel secure enough in your relationship to make room for the foods you love and not feel guilty or let it lead to you giving up entirely.

Phentermine will give you the kick start you need to start implementing these changes, but if you feel that you could do with some extra help, remember that PhenQ, the leading phentermine alternative, can be combined with phentermine to give you added appetite suppression and extra energy if you feel that your phentermine isn’t working as you had hoped.

Do you still enjoy the foods you love with phentermine, or do you ban these foods while you’re losing weight? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below!

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