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For most people the thought of eating out is a treat – delicious food, no cooking, great company, what could be better? But for those taking phentermine and trying to stick to a healthy eating plan, the thought of having to count calories when faced with a menu full of dieting disasters can be a nightmare. Although phentermine will help suppress your appetite and stop your cravings, you can still only choose from what’s on the menu. Here, we provide you with some of the less-damaging choices that should be available to you, plus some tips to avoid overeating when you dine out while on phentermine.

General Guidelines

Do Your Research

When faced with the prospect of dining out while on phentermine, planning ahead can really ease your worries. If you know which restaurant you will be going to, have a quick search online to see if the menu is available for viewing so you can see what options you will have later. If the menu isn’t available or you don’t know the name of the restaurant, try to find out what type of food will be available and anticipate what could be the healthier options within that cuisine.

Don’t be afraid to ask

You should always consider portion sizes! An appetizer and side salad should be enough to satisfy you, whereas a main meal could be too much. Don’t forget to request sauces and dressings on the side, enquire about the possibility of healthier cooking procedures, and ask whether substitutions are possible.

 Share and Save

If you are eating out with friends who are also trying to eat healthy, order fewer main meals or some starters and share them between you; you’ll eat less but feel like you’ve eaten well because of the choice and variety. Another great tip is to ask the waiter to box-up half of your meal as soon as it arrives so that you won’t be tempted to eat it. Then, you can enjoy the other half of your meal the following day for lunch.

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Informed Restaurant Choices:

Some types of restaurants are healthier than others, but there is sure to be something on every menu that is less diet-damaging than the other options when you dine out while on phentermine.

Here are some tips on what to order where:

 Fast Food:

Skip the fries, shakes and sodas and instead go for a hamburger without the cheese, with extra lettuce and tomatoes. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that prepared salads are a healthy option either; even without the dressing, many fast food chains pump their chicken with salt and additives to make it taste ‘better’.

Italian & Pizzerias:

Many pizzerias will have other options such as salads, and unlike the processed salads found in fast food chains, these can be healthy and tasty, but still remember to order dressings on the side. If you can’t resist pizza, share a thin crust vegetable pizza with a friend and fill up on a side salad. Pasta options in Italian restaurants can also be laden with cheese and creamy sauces, so avoid these too.


First, try starting your meal with some wonton soup, which will help fill you up and averages just one gram of fat and 107 calories per bowl. For your main, choose rice over noodles, and while whole grain rice is best, white rice is still much better than fried rice. ‘Jum’ and ‘Chu’ dishes mean the food has been poached or broiled, while ‘Shu’ dishes should be avoided as they have been barbecued in a rich sauce. Oyster, hoi sin and hot mustard sauces are better than most others, but if possible try and order your sauce on the side.

Stir-fried dishes are not ideal but if there is not much choice then opt for a vegetable stir-fry and transfer vegetables from the dish onto your rice individually and leave oily sauce in the dish. Also remember that most dishes are much larger than a portion size so always try to share with friends.


Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala are less damaging than other options, at around 260 calories and 13 grams of fat each. However, avoid Chicken Biryani which contains a whopping 35 grams of fat and 850 calories. Vegetable dishes are even better; choose from spicy Chana Masala which is high in protein, potato-based Aloo Curry, Vegetable Korma Curry, or Baingan Bharta, made from baked eggplant with onions, tomatoes, and spices.

Chole dishes like Pindi Chole or Dal dishes like Arhar Dal are a healthier option as they are made with beans, chickpeas or lentils; try a Sambar Dal, which is full of vegetables, low in calories and high in protein and fiber. Share rice portions with a friend and choose Roti over Naan bread, as it is made from whole wheat flour.


Avoid nachos or any dips like sour cream or cheese, and while guacamole is full of healthy fats, a small amount of it can quickly add up to your calorie and fat intake for the day. However, eat all the salsa you want, as it’s fat-free and low calorie, and makes a great topping for a salad.

Order a healthy side dish of pinto beans rather than refried beans and you’ll get a similar flavor without the fat, plus beans are high in fiber and protein. Healthy meal choices are: bean burritos, chicken fajitas, or a grilled chicken dish with onions and peppers (but skip the cheese) and when in doubt, choose soft tortillas, which are baked, rather than fried tortillas.


Hopefully you now feel ready and armed to take on even the unhealthiest of restaurant food and make informed choices about what is good for you if you dine out while on phentermine!

We would love to hear all about your restaurant experiences, or if you have any tips you would like to share, so please feel free to comment below!









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