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Due to the large amount of email we receive, Phentermine.com is unable to reply to every email. Please check our blog to see if your question has already been answered.

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If you have a specific question, you are welcome to post your query to one of our phentermine-focused support communities.

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Prefer to connect via Facebook? Phentermine.com’s official support groups on Facebook are private, active and supportive communities that allow you to connect with other phentermine users. With over 12,500 active members in our English and Spanish groups, you’re sure to find support and advice in one of these lively online communities.

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Contact Technical Support

We are NOT authorized to answer questions related to a specific medical condition, NOR can we dispense medical advice. Please pose such questions to a qualified healthcare provider.

If you have a technical question about Phentermine.com, or would like to share a suggestion, comment or feedback, please contact the phentermine.com technical support team here!

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