How to Identify Phentermine

How to Identify Phentermine

Phentermine comes in many different forms, dosages, and colors.

While many people are familiar with the white & blue speckled phentermine pills, these popular weight loss pills also come in a variety of other presentations. As a result, it can be difficult to identify phentermine pills.

Phentermine Imprint Codes

white capsules with imprint code
Every FDA-approved medication has a unique imprint code

An imprint code is a combination of letters, numbers, words, symbols, or logos that identifies a specific medication. It is assigned by the manufacturer and unique to each product.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that all medicines (both prescription and OTC) and drug products (both biological and homeopathic) bear a unique imprint code. These markings facilitate the rapid and accurate identification of pills, whether by consumers, medical professionals, or law enforcement ( 1 ).

A prescription medication without an imprint code is likely adulterated, misbranded, or counterfeit.

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Phentermine Pill Pictures

Online phentermine pill pictures are helpful in determining if you are taking real or fake phentermine

Phentermine comes in a wide variety of preparations in the United States and abroad, but phentermine pill pictures can help differentiate similar products or identify counterfeit medications.

The page linked below contains images and descriptions of phentermine, with tablets and capsules organized by dose, ascending from the lowest dose of 8mg (Lomaira) to the highest dose of 40mg (Duromine).

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Fake Phentermine

a comparison of real vs. fake phentermine pills (Sentis brand)
A comparison of real vs. fake phentermine pills (Sentis brand)

Fake pharmaceuticals are a dangerous and lucrative business, and phentermine is one of the most commonly counterfeited medications ( 2 ).

So, it’s important that consumers remain vigilant about avoiding fake phentermine.

Fake phentermine is dangerous because it is unregulated and may contain:

  • Dangerous or unknown chemicals
  • Too much or too little of the active ingredient
  • Potentially-harmful substances that should only be used under medical supervision

When purchasing weight loss pills online, be cautious of phentermine imitators with similar-sounding names, similar-looking pills, and/or intentionally misleading advertising. These are all warning signs that the products available for purchase are counterfeit or fake phentermine pills.

It is NOT possible to purchase phentermine online or without a prescription ( 3 ).

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