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The Second, Third, or Fourth Time Around With Phentermine

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Although phentermine is the most widely prescribed weight loss medication, something that those prescribed it will often encounter when they search the Phentermine.com support group on Facebook, is that many people return to taking it after having taken it in the past, sometimes several times.  This can lead to concern that phentermine is ineffective in the long term, but as we explain here, there are many factors to consider when taking phentermine, and recognizing these is the key to making sure that this is your more successful and final weight loss journey.

Returning to Phentermine Following a Break

For new phentermine users, it can be surprising that, amidst the success stories, there are many people who report returning to phentermine after their first, second or third attempt. However, that is not to say that their previous attempt or attempts were ‘failures’; one important thing to consider is that the majority of doctors will only prescribe phentermine for limited periods, often with breaks of at least one month in between periods of usage. Sometimes doctors, or the patients themselves, prefer that the break is longer, so that the patient is able to establish a healthy eating routine without reliance on phentermine. Returning to taking phentermine may not mean that the patient gains weight during their time away from taking phentermine, but rather that they give themselves time to adjust and assess how to proceed with the remainder of their weight loss journey. This second time on phentermine therefore comes with added insight into how to maintain their new weight or continue weight loss without phentermine, and how making lifestyle changes while taking it can help to ensure long term success following the end of their prescription.

Regaining the Weight

The same thread conversation does, however, includes several phentermine users who gained back some or all of the weight that they had lost with phentermine before returning to taking the medication, but as the entries show, this is intrinsically related to their expectations of phentermine and their attitude to weight loss while taking it. One user talked about losing 50lbs with phentermine in six months, but that’s because this was simply due to not eating very much as a result of a suppressed appetite and not as a result of learning new healthier habits, she went on to gain back the weight she had lost when she stopped taking phentermine and her appetite came back. One key phrase she uses is that she ‘leaned on the pill’, which is to say she expected that phentermine would do all the hard work for her, which may lead to weight loss but very rarely leads to maintaining this loss in the long term.

Phentermine should be seen as a tool to kick-start weight loss, not as a ‘cure’; to successfully lose weight and keep it off with phentermine, it is crucial that you use your time on phentermine as an opportunity to learn healthier habits such as drinking more water, exercising, eating healthier foods and avoiding processed foods. Phentermine provides a decreased appetite and energy boost, making it easier for you to remain motivated and focused on weight loss success as you have more energy to concentrate on eating healthily and incorporating more exercise into your daily life. Then, with these new healthy habits established as part of your new lifestyle, it will be possible to continue without relying on phentermine.

phentermine weight loss

How to Make This Time Your Last

If you’re someone who has taken phentermine in the past and gained weight following the end of your prescription, there are many crucial things to consider. Perhaps the most important is that your first, second or however many times before we’re not failures, but rather experiences to learn from. If you have successfully lost weight in the past then you absolutely can do it again, and the fact that you have since gained weight does not detract from this success. However, it’s imperative that you change your way of thinking. Many people embarking on a new healthy-eating plan are serial offenders, whether it’s with phentermine or with a new diet, and so it is understandable to have a “If this doesn’t work, nothing will” attitude when you’ve been there before. However, this kind of negative thinking can really harm your best intentions.

Many studies have shown that a person’s belief in success makes it far more likely that they will achieve it. So, have faith that this is the start of a whole new you, and never underestimate the power of positive thinking. The best way to achieve this success is to learn from the mistakes you may have made in the past. Phentermine gives you the opportunity to pick up new healthy habits, so rather than relying on phentermine to do all the hard work for you, you need to embrace this opportunity to establish healthier routines such as exercising, drinking water and eating regular healthy meals. With these healthy routines in place, the transition to finishing your phentermine prescription will be much smoother, and long-term success will be within your reach.

Another point raised by the phentermine users in these posts from the Phentermine.com support group is that, often, their second time taking phentermine does not give them the same effects, whereby the energy boosting properties and appetite suppression they experienced the first time around are not as apparent this time. Although this can be frustrating, if you are also experiencing this, then a great way to help boost the effects of phentermine is to add Phen Caps to your new healthy lifestyle. Phen Caps are a weight loss supplement which suppress appetite and provide energy, just like phentermine, but as they contain different ingredients, they can be used to complement your phentermine prescription and help make this time even more successful for you.

So, the good news is, with some positive thinking and a new approach to making this time on phentermine a success, whether it’s your first or your fifth time, long term weight-loss success is within your reach! If you’ve tried phentermine before and are starting again, we’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below!

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    I just started phentermine for my second time. The first time was in 2017. I took the white speckled pills for 12 weeks and lost 65 lbs. I gained it all back over the last year and am now back on phentermine. This time it is the 37.5 capsules. I have taken them for 10 days now and my appetite has definitely been suppressed, I am eating healthier, drinking more water and exercising but have not lost any weight. The weight fell off fast the first time around so I am starting to feel discouraged. My doctor is only prescribing it for 8 weeks this time. Do you think I should ask her to extend it so I can take it longer than 8 weeks? I am 5’3 and 190 lbs.

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