Reviews and Results

Phentermine Reviews and Results

Doctors and package inserts give new users lots of factual information about phentermine, but provide very little information about the day-to-day experience of taking this medication. That’s where phentermine reviews and results come into play. 

User-submitted phentermine reviews and success stories provide important insight into actual patients’ weight loss journeys: their triumphs, challenges, results and unexpected barriers.

Average Monthly Weight Loss with Phentermine

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Average monthly weight loss on phentermine is about 5-10 pounds, at least in the first month

Monthly weight loss with phentermine varies significantly from patient-to-patient.

Most people lose about 1-4 pounds per week, but the exact number varies depending on diet, age, activity level, starting weight, dosage and overall health.

Average monthly weight loss also fluctuates throughout treatment. Most people lose significantly more weight during the first month as compared to subsequent months.

Talk with your prescribing doctor and healthcare team to establish weight loss goals that are reasonable and healthy for you. 

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Phentermine Weight Loss Results

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Phentermine weight loss results vary significantly from person to person

Phentermine is famous for helping patients lose weight quickly and easily. So, how much weight can you actually lose?

These phentermine before and after stories (and pictures!) showcase individuals’ ability to achieve amazing phentermine weight loss results when they commit to lifestyle changes alongside the medication.

The 10 incredible men and women featured below lost a total of 591 pounds using a combination of diet, exercise and phentermine weight loss pills. On average, that’s almost 60 pounds per person!

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Phentermine Reviews

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Phentermine reviews reveal how real users feel about this medication

Hundreds of phentermine users have shared their thoughts and experiences with over the past ten years. Whether you are considering phentermine, just starting, or already taking phentermine and wondering if your experience is unique, these phentermine reviews will give you the insight you need!

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