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To maximize your results with phentermine then it is recommended that you include some kind of physical activity in your new, healthy lifestyle. Exercise is an important part of your weight loss journey, not just to encourage weight loss and toning but also to boost energy levelssuppress appetite, minimize side effects and menstrual cramping, and improve your mood and outlook on life. However, for many of us that can mean starting to work out for what could be the first time ever – so, where do you begin? Here we have the top five phentermine exercise rules for you to follow, including how to set goals, and how to incorporate exercise into even the busiest of lives.

1. Start Small

When it comes to setting phentermine exercise goals for yourself, start small. Drastic changes will see you so far out of your comfort zone and you’ll find it difficult, feel miserable and possibly risk injury or illness. This will lead to disappointment and you’ll get discouraged and find excuses to give up. At this first stage, begin with something you know you can achieve now to give yourself confidence, then build up slowly based on how easy you found this first goal. Walking is always a good place to start. For example, first aim to walk round the block. If that was too easy then don’t expect to run three miles the next day. Instead, walk round the block two or three times, or try walking once and then jog the next lap. Set weekly or bi-weekly goals, always take your lifestyle into account and don’t stretch yourself too thin.

2. Quality Not Quantity

To ensure that your work-out program is going to be successful, you need to make sure it has all of “the three Cs”: commitment, convenience, and consistency. First, exercise takes commitment; we’re always busy with work, school, holidays and all the other things that we use to excuse ourselves from exercise but it’s time to test if you have what it takes to go the distance. Planning is the key to weight loss success; you have to plan time for exercise just like you would plan to do anything. Put it on the calendar and make exercise a part of your daily schedule because later always turns to never. Convenience means choosing a gym that’s close by, an activity you can do at home, or a time when you’re not likely to be interrupted. You know your routine and whether you can fit in your plan to work out, so if it’s not convenient, change it. Lastly, there’s consistency; ten minutes a day is better than an hour a few times in a month, so make sure it’s something that you can do regularly, even if only in short bursts.

3. Forget Calories Burned

All too often, people new to exercise will focus on how many calories they’ve burned during a workout. Although it can be motivational for some people to have something numerical to aim for, calorie burn counts are neither particularly reliable nor helpful when it comes to establishing a workout routine for long term weight loss. Instead, you should focus on improvements in strength, ability, speed, and in how you feel while you gradually get better at something you enjoy and look forward to doing. Finding an exercise you love is not only great for improving health, boosting weight loss, and toning up, it also makes you feel and look great and gives you lots of extra energy. What’s more, weight-bearing exercises such as lifting light weights, yoga, and Pilates don’t necessarily help you to burn lots of calories but they do help you to build lean muscle which then improves metabolism and contributes to calorie burn even when you’re not working out. Focusing on calories burned indicates an short-term outlook and greater potential for gaining weight back without phentermine, or having to resort to taking phentermine again. In comparison, focusing on the fun factor, making your body more efficient, and the other benefits of exercise indicate a long-term outlook towards health and weight loss.

phentermine exercise

4. No More All Or Nothing

When it comes to setting goals, you should avoid those which don’t allow for a little flexibility. If you say you’ll go to go to the gym every day this month, then what happens when you break that because you were stuck at work on Thursday night, or your kid was sick on Saturday, or one of the many other reasons that life stops us from fulfilling our promises? With these ‘all or nothing’ goals, you set yourself up to feel like you’ve failed when you inevitably break the perfect pattern you were aiming for. This then causes de-motivation and an unwillingness to get straight back into it again, meaning all too often we end up doing nothing rather than the something we should have been aiming for. The big picture counts for more than a few mistakes or missed days of exercise on the way,  so just aim to do something, and to do it as often as you can, keeping in mind the 3 C’s of commitment, convenience, and consistency as mentioned above. And, if you find yourself making excuses rather than time to exercise then it’s time to change the exercise you’re doing!

5. Constantly Challenge Yourself

As Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi famously found in his many studies on happiness, we are happiest when we’re doing something that we find challenging yet achievable; if something is too hard, we’re frustrated and give up, and if something’s too easy we get bored and give up. So, while you should keep it in mind to start slow, break down goals and do what you can, in order for your phentermine exercise plan to succeed, it’s also important to change it up so that you don’t get bored and head back to the couch. Success on your weight loss journey will involve you saying no to a lot of the foods you loved to eat, but exercise gives you something proactive and positive you can do to improve your body, mood, and outlook on life. So, say yes to exercise and yes to new challenges; if you’ve been walking for two weeks, add some jogging, or add some speed-walking intervals, or plan a weekend hike. Maybe you feel confident enough to join a gym and try a group class, or you could also sign up for a charity walk or run – you’ll get the added benefits of training for a goal, helping a charity, and a huge sense of achievement when you finish the race – it’s win-win!

Now you know the phentermine exercise rules, you can play the game and be a weight loss winner…ready, set, go!!


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