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What to Eat While Taking Phentermine

what to eat on phentermine

At the start of your weight loss journey it can be difficult to know exactly what to eat while taking phentermine. There are so many diets and eating plans to choose from and it’s no different when you’re taking phentermine. Although you will experience a suppressed appetite, it is still very important that you eat well and make the right food choices.

Choose Your Eating Plan of Action

When there are so many contradicting views from one diet to another it can be difficult to know which diets will work better for you, what to eat to lose weight, and which foods you should be avoiding. For example, some diets will praise the benefits of complex carbohydrates whereas others will tell you to avoid carbs altogether, and while it can be difficult to know who to believe, first you need to think about what you feel able to do and whether it will work for you.

Some people find that they cannot seem to lose weight if they continue eating carbs so, if this is true of you, then limit your carbs and fill up on more fiber, protein and vegetables instead. If you’re not sure what works best for you then switch from week to week and see when you make your biggest losses. Whichever route you take, there are some universal dieting truths which will compliment any sensible healthy eating plan you wish to follow.

You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

It is very important that you eat enough to actually be able to lose weight. Not providing your body with enough food will cause your body to conserve any food you do provide it as fat. It is generally thought that the minimum amount of calories you should consume each day is 1200, but the exact amount you should be eating depends on your sex, age, height and starting weight. Your phentermine doctor should be able to advise you on how many calories you need each day. You must also ensure you use your calories wisely and consume the right foods to maximize your weight-loss potential.

What To Eat On Phentermine

Water: The first rule of every diet is to drink lots of water. When taking phentermine you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day in order to improve the functions of your body and assist in the release of water weight, as well as keeping you hydrated and less likely to misinterpret thirst for hunger. Chilled water tastes better and is easier to absorb for the body, or if you want something warming, green tea is similarly hydrating and counts towards your daily quota.

Protein: When dieting, it is important that you consume enough protein. One reason for this is that high-protein foods take more work to digest, metabolize, and use, which means you burn more calories processing them. They also take longer to leave your stomach, so you feel full sooner and for a longer amount of time. Protein is doubly important if you’re exercising as well as dieting, to make sure you’re losing fat and not muscle. Your body uses protein to build lean muscle, which not only makes you stronger and more toned but also burns calories even when you’re not active, unlike lazy fat, meaning your metabolism works at a higher speed. Good sources of protein are skinless chicken and turkey, tofu, fish, low-fat dairy, lean beef, eggs, and nuts.

Fiber: While fiber is not a magic weight-loss weapon, healthy high-fiber foods make you feel full, so you can resist eating more food than you need. Although phentermine will help suppress your appetite, when you are hungry, opting for high-fiber food means that your appetite will be satisfied with fewer calories and fat. Great sources of fiber are beans, whole grains and brown rice, nuts, baked potatoes (but you have to eat the skin), berries, bran cereal and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables: The water and fiber in fruits and vegetables will add volume to your dishes, so you can eat the same amount of food with fewer calories. Most fruits and vegetables are filling while also being naturally low in fat and calories. Choose whole fruits over juices to maximize the fiber content and always make sure your vegetables are cooked healthily and served with healthy dressings.

Alkalizing Foods: To maximize the effects of phentermine it is necessary to have an alkaline urinary pH (7.5 to 8.0), as this means the phentermine will be excreted from your body at a slower rate. Almost all fruits and vegetables are alkalizing so they will help you maintain the alkaline levels in your body, and therefore you will feel the effects of phentermine, such as higher energy levels and a suppressed appetite, for longer throughout the day. Other alkalizing foods are almonds, chestnuts, tofu, stevia, cinnamon, curry, ginger, mustard, chili pepper, and all herbs.

what to eat with phentermine

What to Avoid

Simple Carbohydrates: Foods that contain simple carbohydrates include table sugar, products with white flour, candy, chocolate, cake, jam, cookies, soda and packaged cereals. They are digested quickly by your body, resulting in dramatic changes to your blood sugar levels, and they are not utilized by your body as fuel, often becoming stored as fat instead. If you do include carbs in your diet, make them complex carbs; these take longer to digest and are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Examples include vegetables, whole grain breads, oatmeal, legumes, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

Sugar: Added sugar supplies a large amount of fructose, which can only be processed by the liver. If the liver is already processing foods, the extra sugar gets stored as fat. Sugar directly increases your chance of becoming obese due to elevated insulin resistance, as well as increasing cholesterol levels and your chances of getting diabetes. Sugar can be found in a lot of the simple carbohydrates listed above, and hidden in many processed foods, like frozen meals. Dried fruit and store-bought fruit juices can also have high levels of sugar so fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices are preferable.

Alcohol: Like increased levels of sugar, alcohol can adversely affect your liver functions to the extent that your body’s fat burning systems are inhibited for as long as several days, therefore the liver has less chance to burn any fat.

Acidifying Foods: In addition to being bad for weight gain and inhibiting the burning of fat, the foods above are also acidifying, meaning these foods are particularly important to avoid for those taking phentermine. The reason for this, is that acidifying foods increase the excretion of phentermine, meaning it will not last as long in your system as it should. So, keep clear of soda, alcohol, coffee, sugars, butter, ice cream, and products containing white flour.

While taking phentermine it is important to get into the habit of eating the right foods so that you re-educate your mind into providing your body with the best. When you reach your goal weight it is the changes you make on your weight loss journey that help you to maintain your new body. All that said, the odd treat here and there will mean you don’t feel deprived and end up binging and undoing all your good work along the way.

If you’d like to share these tips, or save them for later, check out this infographic!

Did you find this article useful? Or, do you know any other tips on what to eat while taking phentermine? We would love to hear from you! Comment below!

180 thoughts on “What to Eat While Taking Phentermine”

  1. Avatar

    I have been on phentermine for 2 months and have lost absolutely nothing. I have noticed that I don’t seem as bloated in my face or stomach but I assume that is from cutting out soda. Has anyone else had this problem and or know what I can do to jump start the weight loss? I’m starting to get extremely discouraged!!

    1. Sally

      Hi there Lindsay, Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Wow, that sounds very strange and uncommon! Did you get the phentermine from your doctor? You need to make sure you obtained the medication with a legitimate prescription, there are a lot of websites that trick consumers with fake phentermine.

      I would say the best thing you can do, is speak with your doctor and let him/her know that it is not working and see what they suggest. Also, you can look at boosting your phentermine effectiveness by trying Phen Caps, they help to increase your weight loss results.

      Lastly, to connect with other phentermine users for advice and to share experiences, remember to join our Facebook support group!

      I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

      Sally, Phentermine.com

    2. Avatar

      probably u order ur phentermine from amazon or other websites, i had that bad experience and disappointing situation before get prescription from my doctor. my online phentermine was fake and now i hv my phentermine with prescription and start from last 5 days i lost 8 pounds.
      good luck

  2. Avatar

    I just started my first ever adipex Rx this week, and am also on metformin for diabetes, alevothyroxin for hypothyroidism, and amultivitamin (B complex, C, E, Potassium, & Zinc). I am also disabled. My diabetes diagnosis is controversial for me, as my physician diagnosed me based on 1 high A1C result without first taking steps to make sure that the birth cont rol and statin I had been taking weren’t an issue. I had a lowered, but still above normal A1C a month ago without any weight loss. Now I am on Adipex to lose some weight and try to get my diabetes into remission. I am lightly active and have had severe hypoglycemia from the combo of meds and calorie restriction. I have consulted my pharmacist and left messages with my physician about my symptoms. My pharmacist advised me to get up to 1200 net calories as needed to balance my blood glucose until my physician gets in touch with me. Do you have additional advice about combining your product with diabetes meds and/or avoiding hypoglycemia?

  3. Avatar

    I am really disappointed. Today is the 14 day mark and I have only lost 5 pounds. I have no appetite and am counting calories and staying under 1000. I am only 5’2″ and weighed 204 when I started. I see all these great results. I can’t imagine eating more. I do walk 2 -3 times per week. I am 51 so I wonder if it is my age?

    1. Sally

      Hi Lorna,

      5 pounds in 2 weeks is great! Your body can’t physically lose more than around 2 pounds of fat each week, and often when people lose more it’s water weight and even muscle, which you obviously don’t want to lose. Our advice would be to eat more – 1200 is the absolute minimum a woman should eat each day, and this should speed up your results as not eating enough slows your metabolism. Try doing more exercise and some weight-bearing if possible – that includes light weights, pilates or yoga – as this builds muscle, improves losses and speeds up metabolism too. You should also drink lots of water, and stay positive!

      Hope that helps!
      Have a great day
      Sally, phentermine.com

    2. Avatar
      Noreen Guregian

      Hang in there Lorna! Every one has completely different bodies, and different results. If your not sure where you feel your going wrong, keep a daily journal and log everything you eat and drink. You may find your eating or drinking things that are sabotaging your weight loss.

  4. Avatar

    This has been my second week on phentermine and i’ve only lost 5 pounds. I know that the first week I kept eating fast foods but yet would drink plenty of water and only went to the gym for about 2 or 3 days and it was great I went to 175 to 170. However, now I eat less and its my second week on it and I have not lost a pound. then again I am very limited when it comes to food. I cant eat everything. I can only eat certain foods, which aren’t quite healthy. and I don’t have enough money to go to the gym so I just walk around my house for about 1-2 hours. And since im a full time college student, its really difficult since my classes start at 10a.m. and end at 8:30p.m so I basically eat fast foods everyday… I really want to loose weight. I just don’t know what to do anymore. my goal is to get to 140. what diet could help me loose weight and eat better… please help!!! 🙁

    1. Sally

      Hey Lucero, the first-week people find that they do lose more due to dropping water weight but around 1-2lbs per week is good. As for advice, you really need to stop eating fast food – you will never lose weight if you continue to eat this type of food. You need to find foods you can eat which are also healthy – foods which contain fiber (veg, beans, whole grains, brown rice), protein (lean meat, dairy, nuts, beans) and healthy fats (oily fish, nuts, olive oil, seeds) plus eat fewer foods which contain salt, saturated fat, and sugar. As for exercise, you don’t need to join a gym and there are lots of things you can do at home, like weights, pilates, yoga, jumping jacks, etc, but getting outside for a run or walk is also a good idea as it gives you fresh air and more space to run or walk around in.

      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  5. Avatar

    I am just starting phentermine and I am 28 and weigh 355 and have type 2 diabetes.I do belong to a gym which is included in my disability insurance plan. I go 3 times a week. Now I find the biggest problem is I am not hungry all day and I know we have to eat but I dont wanna lol. I do not know what to eat because yes I will say I am picky and dont do cottage cheese, yogurt, or whole wheat pasta and I tried and hate brown rice so I am screwed I guess. Is there hope for me to lose if I dont eat those food and I eat what I like in smaller portions? Also my doctor says this is a start to losing weight not a full time thing and that its temporary but I see people on it for 5 years or so per in here and I am confused how? Thank you

    1. Sally

      Hi Tia,
      You shouldn’t eat what you don’t like but it’s important to remember that your taste buds are constantly changing so it might be worth giving things a try sometimes, especially if they have been cooked a different way or are seasoned well with spices etc to make them more tasty. That said, you don’t have to eat certain foods to lose weight – you should eat the foods you like that are also healthy and cut out the unhealthy foods you may have eaten before, like fried foods, simple carbs like white bread, rice, pasta and cakes, and anything else with high levels of salt, saturated fat or sugar. Phentermine is a temporary aid to start your weight loss journey, and with this help the idea is that you can then continue to eat better and live a healthy lifestyle permanently. Some people are on phentermine for years but this is not advisable as phentermine is not intended to be used in this way and carries greater risks the longer you use it for.

      Hope that helps, and good luck!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  6. Avatar

    Another question please. My insurance company refused to cover the drug so I had to buy borrow money to buy it. Is there a department in the company that helps people who either have no insurance (which a friend is running into as she has no insurance) or a plan that wont cover it?

      1. Avatar

        It is really cheap if you buy the generic adipex 37.5 #30 from Walgreens with the GoodRX coupon. I pay 12.00 for my monthly prescription. All you have to do is google Goodrx.com and type in Phentermine 37.5. Click the medication, choose your pharmacy, make sure your quantity and day supply is correct usually #30 30 days and press get coupon/code. It will give you an rx #, rx group, pin etc and all you do if give that information to the pharmacy it will discount itself.

  7. Avatar

    Hi I started phentermine on Dec 14th its now Dec 18th, my start weight was 207 lbs and four days later i’m down to 203 lbs I have been exercising for 2 days only but I plan to exercise 5 to 6 days a week, cardio and strength training I take my pill an hour and a half after I wake up and before work I drink a yogurt and an apple or pear I also take lunch like chicken with mushrooms or green beans but my lunch bowl is very small so that helps to keep the portions to a minimum I snack on almonds grapes or pineapple (which is a plus) and for dinner I eat something very small like a cereal or a boiled egg with a slice of toast or something like that I don’t eat after 7 which is fine because I don’t feel hungry with the pill or what I eat throughout the day I just drink a lot of water, I am cutting out all fried food junk and candy but im not on a very strict plan because I feel like we need to still eat calories in order for our metabolism to get going and burn calories I feel good I have a lot of energy and Just looking at the number at the scale go down is very motivating and quick tip Weight yourself on the same scale at the same and with the most minimum amount of clothes on because your weight can fluctuate from 5-7 lbs through the day which is normal.
    Hope this helps !

  8. Avatar

    Hi. I started taking phentermine just under a month ago. I’ve only lost 5 pounds. I weigh 260 pounds. I lost a lot of weight before, I lost 85 pounds and gained it all back due to an injury. This injury still has me unable to exercise. I’ve tried walking. I think I might not be doing the best I can. I wake up and take the medicene, and within 10 minutes I usually eat breakfast, then at other times I wait hours upon hours. Could this be affecting it? Also, I drink water but maybe only 2 bottle a day. I’m just not thirsty. I know your body gets used to the medicene quickly. I’m supposed to start taking topamax with it as well. However, what can I do to really optimize my weight loss?

    1. Sally

      Hi Kelsey,
      First you should take your phentermine and then always wait the recommended time before eating – if you’re not sure what your doctor told you then we’d advise you check as people are often prescribed differently. You should drink more water as this really helps to suppress appetite and boost metabolism, and it also helps to maximize the effects of phentermine. It’s great that you’re going walking despite your injury but if you injury allows you to, swimming and Pilates help to strengthen the body without putting a strain on your joints and injuries. Lastly, small regular meals like those in the article 7 easy meals to eat while taking Phentermine will help to boost metabolism and reduce hunger.
      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  9. Avatar

    I had 2 children,and my gall bladder removed. Pushing my weight from 105 to 138 to 164lbs. Nothing fits, I feel unhealthy, and It is almost impossible to shed more than three pounds it seems. I started with Phentermine a month ago today. I don’t think i’ve ever finished a medication in my life, including a measly 5 – 7 day antibiotic. however, i stuck with the phentermine and to my surprise I lost weight from 164lbs to 148.6lbs today.I have never had such a huge drop in weight ever. I am 10 lbs away from my post baby goal, and shooting for at-least 130 max. Any meal advice would be great. I also can not wait to start Zumba again now that the holidays are over, I am hoping an intense work out will help shed some lbs. Only bad side effect to this medication is the dry mouth, dislike that but i can tolerate it.

  10. Avatar

    I just Started phentermine Jan 7 2015 im excited im reading everyones results really motivates me to a better tomorrow im 29and weigh220 my goal weight 160 seams so far off but i can do ir for myself and my fam because i hate going anywere because of my weight

  11. Avatar

    Hello I started phentermine last Wednesday and have not weighed myself yet, I go back to the doctor Tuesday . I take the pill every morning and drink tons of water all day my issue is not having any desire to eat until dinner time and I know that’s not good. I try to eat at least a protein bar for lunch to get some sort of calories in but I’m so full in the morning and after the bar for lunch, any recommendations of how to make myself eat ?!

    1. Sally

      Hey Kaitlyn, thanks for your message. This is a common problem for people just starting out on phentermine as we covered in our article, How Does Phentermine Suppress My Appetite?, whereby people experience such strong appetite suppression that they have to force themselves to eat and often struggle to eat more than a few hundred calories a day when they should be aiming for at least 1200. Our advice would be to ask your doctor about halving your dose while you get used to the phentermine as any weight loss you do experience while eating such a small amount is not likely to last once you start eating normally; the key to weight loss is a case of the less you eat the better, you have to eat to lose weight. On Tuesday I would explain this to your doctor and he or she may advise you to reduce your dosage to half a day and then you can work up to a whole pill. Good luck!

      Sally, phentermine.com

  12. Avatar

    Hi am sara I have been on phentertmine for 2 months now start weight was 290 now I am 255 I eat healthy and exercise 4 to 5 days a week 30 min to a hour

  13. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the the above information: I have been taking phentermine for a little over a month now, am into my 2nd prescription bottle. My 1st two to three weeks was very hard to work thur, due to the side effects of the phentermine, I don’t know how much I have lost, will return to the Dr in another four weeks, then I will know how much (I don’t think it’s been a lot). From the above information I have been help to see that I need to eat and what I need to eat to work along with the medicine. I love the fact that am not eating and I do see a big differents in my food choices. I would love to buy this that and the other, but noice that I don’t reach for it when shopping, I look at it, but I don’t seem to have the energy to put it in the basket, so I keep moving on. I know it’s foolish thinking, but I wish I could lose faster…. I said it was foolish “Thinking”. Once again thank for the above information…..

    1. Sally

      Hey Sylvia,
      You’re more than welcome, we’re glad you’ve found the info helpful!
      Best of luck on your weight loss journey!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  14. Avatar


    I just started the puente remind 37.5 on Tuesday April 21st. My doctor did not really give me any instruction. She just told me no fried foods, no caffeine, no sweets. She said to eat one protein and two veggies.. Plus I could have 10 almonds as a snack. . When asked about exercise she said it was not necessary and I would see results.

    I started at 232.4 and have only lost .4 lbs. I have also been very “blah” lately, I don’t want to do anything or eat. However, I don’t sleep too long throughout the night.

    Do any of you have any suggestions for curving this and creating weight loss?

    Thank you!!

    1. Sally

      It seems that the info your doctor gave you was a little limited. With respect to eating, we would advise you to eat a wider range of foods than she suggested, but we agree that it is a good idea to cut out the fried foods and sweets as she said. We have several articles with tips on what to eat while taking phentermine, from healthy snacking ideas to simple meals.

      You can achieve weight loss without exercise but many studies have shown that a combination of diet and exercise is the most effective way to lose weight in the long term, and to improve your body, energy levels, mood, and sleep patterns – so, exercise can also help with the side effects of phentermine. Another good way to improve your motivation and also regulate your sleeping patterns is to add the supplement 5-HTP.
      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  15. Avatar

    I been taken phentermine for a month and lost about 20 pounds which is awesome! I had one question but I’m out of town all the time and never have time to see the doctor so I thought maybe someone could help me with this question… can you take viagra while taken phentermine? Let me asap if you can help thanks so much!

    1. Sally

      Hi Joe,
      We strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor before combining medications with phentermine, especially as both Viagra and phentermine can affect the heart.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  16. Avatar

    I have been taking phentermine fo 2 weeks now. I have not weighed myself just yet, however i do see a difference in the way my clothes fit. I have a pair of pants that i have not worn all year becauase i could not zip them. But now i can pull them up and put a belt on with them. I follow all the rules as far as eating. I also walk every day now. I feel so much better. My blood pressure has been great. Hopefully i can loose enough weight and my doctor will take me off the blood pressure pills.

  17. Avatar

    Hi, I have been taking phentermine 37.5 for almost 2 months. I am 28 and have always been skinny (130s) until I had my first child in 2007 then I kept going back up to 171 which was my delivery weight. I lost in 3 times in 3 years without effort and always put it back on. I have 2 more babies since then, 2012 and just a year ago in 2014. I went up to 198ish my both pregnancies. But came down to the 170s quickly. I just couldn’t seem to get under that. I got prescribed the phentermine and lost 10 lbs in 10 days. Then another 4 lbs in the next week. I was stuck at 14lbs down for about a week and a half. I feel that after the first 2 weeks my hunger came back some. I found that if I skip a day once a week it kind of jump starts my metabolism. I have lost a total of 16 lbs in the 6 weeks that’s I have been on it. I am pretty healthy with my meals. I definitely don’t over eat anymore. I don’t like the taste of pop anymore at all and have had maybe one in 6 weeks and hated it. I don’t really want sweets except on a rare occasion. Everything is too sweet. It has helped me with portion control a lot. Sometimes I find it hard to eat or drink enough in a day. Not only does it give me food aversions but also drink aversions. I have to force myself to drink. I feel like my weightloss is so slow now and I’m not sure why. I do exercise (not as much as I should) with 3 small children, It’s hard to find the time. I do use my elliptical though a few times a week. Will drinking more fluid help my weightloss? I just don’t know what else to do to help drop the weight. Why 14 lbs in the first month and only 2 in the second so far?

    1. Sally

      Hi Kathy,
      While I think that drinking more water could help boost your losses, from what I can understand of your weight loss history, the key to you losing weight in the long term lies in the type of exercise you’re doing. You say you lost weight without problems in the past, but now you’re struggling to get back to where you were. The trouble is, your metabolism slows down over time, and every time you lost weight, if you didn’t also build lean muscle then you might have lost some of that muscle, meaning that your body fat percentage didn’t lower like it should have, again slowing your metabolism. My advice would be to use whatever time you have to do exercise and prioritize weight training, then add cardio whenever you can. Around 10-20 minutes three times a week will help you to build muscle, which in turn improves metabolism and slims down your body for now and the future, so no more yo-yo-ing. This article explains it in more detail: Build muscle to lose weight with Phentermine. As for the food and drink aversions, you have to make sure to eat and drink enough each day. If you can only eat a selected number of foods then eat just them but make sure to get at least 1200 calories a day minimum – eating too little stalls weight loss a lot.
      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  18. Avatar

    hi i just started phentermine 07/27/15(day1) im 25 yrs 5’1 and weigh 237 im not a breakfast person so do yall reccomend smoothies in the morning like for example today i had 2handful of spinach a little bit of pineapple and less then half of a banana and some oats with almondmilk …..idk i just need help …oh and another question im so confused most ppl tell me not t0 eat alot of fruits because the sugar is bad…and thats the only thing that i want right now i dont feel like eating meat or any of that

    1. Sally

      Hey Maribel,
      Your breakfast smoothie sounds good, and it’s great that it has spinach in it too – just make sure the almond milk is unsweetened. Fruit has sugar and fiber, which is why it’s better to eat fruit instead of just drinking juice as the fiber fills you up and compensates for the effect the sugar has on your blood sugar levels. Fruit is a good option and healthy but you should also try to eat vegetables too and not just rely on fruit for fresh produce. Plus you should also be sure to eat healthy fats, protein and other sources of fiber – even if you’re not keen on meat right now.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  19. Avatar

    I have been taking the phentermine for about 10 weeks. I lost 24 lbs. in the first 6 weeks. But I have to say I log everything I eat and workout 5 to 7 days a week. Both cardo and strength and workout with a trainer one to two times a week. I have only lost 6 lbs. in the last month. I know that is still a loss, but I will go weeks without losing. so I kick up the cardo and workouts. I did find that if I get less than 4 hours of sleep I don’t lose. My question is I also take synthroid for underactive thyroid. Both need to be taken before breakfast. So I have been taking the phentermine wait a hour, take the synthriod, wait a hour then eat. Will taking the synthriod so close to the phentermine be counteractive? I want to be sure both are working the best they can.

    1. Sally

      Hi Kathy,
      This is something you would have to check with your doctor about, as he or she would know best when it comes to when to take your medications. We know that phentermine works best when taken first thing but we don’t know how or if taking synthriod can affect your results with phentermine.

      Also, there is a strong link between lack of sleep and weight gain/inability to lose weight, so you should be sure to get at least 7 hours sleep a night.

      Lastly, well done on your results so far – 30lbs in 10 weeks is great!!

      Sally, phentermine.com

  20. Avatar

    I just started the phentermine 37.5 along with the fat burner this past Saturday now I’m on day 3. Well I can give you a little history about me, I’m 5’2 41 was 266 lbs now I’m 264 before the phentermine. My weight has always been a yo-yo since I had my daughter, I lose big gain bigger this time I gained 30 lbs due to pregnancy and I noticed it’s been very hard to lose and I do get discouraged so my supervisor told me about this weight loss clinic, at first I didn’t want to go but what changed my mind was I was I was having health issues such as high and low blood pressure, pre diabetic, frequent dizziness and i was just tired of being overweight for my height. Now since I’m on day 3 of the phentermine I notice I drink 2-3 bottles of water per day, I get full quick so I cut my intake in half, I now walk at my pace, I do sweat a lot, and eat small snack every 2-3 hours then eat small portions of dinner and I almost forgot the clinic prescribed 2 water pills and yesterday I took one and mind you “aunt flow” came and I was nonstop urinating so my question is my weigh in is this Friday will it show I lost a little weight even though my “aunt flow” will end by Wednesday?

    1. Sally

      Hey Nisha,
      Your period can make your weight fluctuate but you shouldn’t let this discourage you if it turns out that you haven’t lost weight this week. Your period causes bloating and water retention so it can appear that you haven’t lost weight when really you have. Once you get back to normal you should see results. This article explains how to minimize weight gain on your period and not let PMS cravings ruin your weight loss goals.
      Sally, phentermine.com

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