lose weight fast with phentermine

How To Lose Weight Fast With Phentermine

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As the leading prescription diet pill in the US, phentermine is the key to rapid weight loss. But, in order to get the most out of your prescription, it’s crucial to know what you need to do to lose weight fast with phentermine. Here we have a four point guide for you to help you achieve the weight loss results you really want with phentermine! If you’re in a hurry, you can also find our guide summarized in the infographic below.

Maximize your weight loss with phentermine using these 4 tips!

1. Drink Water

One sure-fire way to lose weight fast with phentermine is to drink lots of water. Drinking water helps weight loss by ensuring that your body is working at its peak, as water is needed for all bodily functions, including boosting your metabolism and helping you to burn fat.  In addition, it can sometimes be difficult for our brains to know if we are hungry or just thirsty, so it’s often a good idea to have some water and check that you’re not a little dehydrated rather than hungry, especially in hot weather. Drinking water fills you up, so your appetite is satisfied without the calories. You should drink water continuously throughout the day, but one great tip is to have a glass around 20 minutes before a meal so that your stomach has a chance to recognize the feeling of fullness, and you should then see yourself eating less at mealtimes.

Drinking lots of water also helps you to lose water weight; often in the first week of taking phentermine, users see rapid weight loss as a direct result of drinking water. If your diet is high in sodium or you don’t drink enough water, your body holds onto the water that it has to hydrate the body, meaning higher numbers on the scale. Once your body gets used to having a constant supply of water, it realizes it no longer has to conserve water and let’s go of the water it was holding onto. So, your body will thank you for drinking lots of water and so will your scale!

Water also helps to relieve dry mouth, the most common phentermine side effect. However, water isn’t enough to really solve the problem of dry mouth, which is a lack of saliva. To learn about how to cope with dry mouth on phentermine, check out these two informative blog posts:

2. Eat The Right Foods

Although phentermine works by suppressing appetite, it’s crucial to remember that you need to eat to lose weight. The exact amount depends on your start weight, age, height and sex, but you should never eat less than 1,200 calories per day – your doctor can advise you on your target daily calorie allowance for a more personalized figure. Any less than 1,200 calories per day and your metabolism will slow down, meaning that your body will begin to hold onto fat as fuel rather than burning it. To lose weight fast, you need to keep your metabolism running smoothly with healthy meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. These meals and snacks should incorporate healthy filling foods with plenty of fiber, protein, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables, which will all keep your body working to burn fat, build muscle, reduce inflammation, and lose weight fast with phentermine. For a full guide of the foods you should be eating to lose more weight with phentermine, click here.

lose weight fast with phentermine

Many of these healthy foods also have the added bonus of maximizing the effects of phentermine by helping the active ingredients to last longer in your body, making it all the more possible for you to lose weight fast with phentermine. This is because these foods make your urinary pH more alkaline, which causes phentermine to be excreted at a slower rate, therefore helping you benefit from the effects of added energy and appetite suppression for longer throughout the day. In contrast, foods high in preservatives, saturated fat, salt, and sugar, such as ready meals, diet soda, alcohol, butter and ice cream, cause your body to expel phentermine quicker as they make your urinary pH more acidic, so avoid these foods to lose weight fast with phentermine!

However, if phentermine isn’t suppressing your appetite as much as you’d hoped, then these tips on how to suppress your appetite will offer you some great ways to beat your hunger. You can also boost the appetite-suppressing effects of phentermine by combining your prescription with the weight loss supplement Phen Caps. Phen Caps contain different active ingredients which support the effects of phentermine through different mechanisms within the body, helping you to stick to your plan and lose weight fast with phentermine.

3. Combine Cardio And Weight-Bearing Exercise

Although eating healthily and taking phentermine will make the pounds come off, it is the winning combination of phentermine, diet, and exercise that can really help you to lose weight fast with phentermine, and target weight loss in problem areas too. And, while we would encourage you to find an exercise that you love, incorporating both cardio and weight-bearing exercises into your regime is the key to rapid weight loss with phentermine. Cardio such as cycling, running, aerobics or dancing helps you to burn fat and gets your heart rate up to boost metabolism, and weight-bearing exercises such as these toning exercises and lifting weights will help to tone your body and build lean muscle. This lean muscle will contribute to calorie burn and help to boost your metabolism even when you’re resting, helping you to lose weight fast with phentermine. And, the best bit is, you only need to do weight-bearing exercises for around 10-15 minutes three times a week to build muscle and really see a difference!

4. Establish A Healthy Lifestyle

All too often, a healthy lifestyle is the missing link between good results and really great results with phentermine. To lose weight fast with phentermine, you also have to put your health first, which means getting enough sleep, remembering to relax and de-stress, and taking steps to reduce side effects – side effects which might otherwise make it hard to concentrate on healthy eating and exercise, or might be enough to want to make you give up phentermine altogether.

Sleep is a great weight loss aid and it also helps to reduce stress and the effects that stress can have on your waistline. Since insomnia is a common side effect of phentermine, you might feel the need to combine phentermine with other medications, such as sleeping tablets, but some of these can reduce the effectiveness of phentermine by increasing the acidity of your urinary pH. Instead, you should add a supplement with the serotonin pre-cursor 5-HTP. 5-HTP helps to regulate sleep, and has also been found to increase the effectiveness of phentermine in clinical trials, so it will help you to lose weight fast with phentermine by both improving your sleeping patterns and by adding to the effectiveness of your prescription. The benefits of 5-HTP don’t stop there either, it also boosts your mood, reducing other phentermine side effects such as anxiety and depression, and it helps to suppress appetite naturally, so you’ll continue to feel less hungry even when the effects of phentermine begin to reduce.

Supporting your healthy eating with a multivitamin also helps to provide all the essential nutrients your body needs to function at its peak and help you lose weight fast with phentermine, including magnesium, B12, chromium, vitamins A, C, and E, and biotin – many of which are lacking in our modern diets. So, by getting your vitamins, taking steps to de-stress and ensuring you get plenty of sleep, you can help restore the balance, which will in turn help to shift those pounds even faster!


So, here you have it, the four steps to help you lose weight fast with phentermine! How much weight have you lost with phentermine? Let us know by commenting below.

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119 Responses

  1. Today makes two weeks I have been taking the 37.5 tab. I lost nothing! The scale dipped down two lbs briefly but came right back. I\’m eating around 1200 calories. It\’s been a struggle to eat as I\’m not hungry but I\’m making good choices. And I\’m drinking 80-100 ounces of water. I\’m active and exercise at least 3 days a week. I\’m so frustrated. What else can I do?

    • Do you know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) 1200 calories sounds low. Common mistake is people dip too far below the amount of calories they need for weight loss which is just as counter productive as too many calories. So if my BMR is 1800 and I burn 200 calories a day which is 2000 calories you subtract 400 from that number and you get you allotted caloric intake for weight loss which would be in this case 1600. If you go below your specific alotted caloric intake you will constantly plateau. So look up BMR calculator and make sure your not going too low.

  2. I have had good luck until today! I learned from others that Phen dips off in effectiveness so I take breaks like a week or two in between prescription refills. This time I gained I think 3LBS. Now I also really increased my weight lifting so I\’m not sure how that impacts my weight. I\’m on 15mg. I\’m really upset, I went from 261 to 219 and today 223ish. I workout 5-6 days a week. So do others take breaks to ensure continued effectiveness?

    • If you are lifting weights you are probably gaining muscle! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi all I started taking phentermine 37.5 about 2 weeks ago and I have only lost 5 pounds and I don\’t have the burst of energy that everyone seems to experience. I am sure taking a sleeping pill at night does not help. But I would have a replacement meal shake for breakfast and dinner and just a small salad for lunch. So I was a little disappointed that I have not been as successful as a lot of people. I am very active at work (I work in a prison) always on the go. Any suggestions would be great. I am 5\’2 200 lbs and 48 years young. I never was a great water drinker but I force myself to drink 64 Oz. Thank you for your help

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment! If your shakes and salad are pretty light, you may be interested in our articles about calorie needs and eating enough. Even though it sounds weird, your body actually needs a certain number of calories per day to help it lose weight. Also, if you haven’t already, we’d recommend checking with your doctor/pharmacist about combining phentermine and your sleeping pill. This is important to help avoid any unwanted side effects (and find out if the combo has anything to do with your lack of energy).
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  4. Just for encourage to anyone who comes on here. Phentermine works, in 21 days I am down 20 pounds. But with that being said, I have been working out about 6 days a week, twice as much as before. But I have the energy to do so. I find myself eating less and eating healthier because I am not as hungry. Good luck to anyone that is trying to lose weight on the pill.

    • Thanks Adam

  5. Good tips on losing weight. Gym and other workout for losing weight is good because it can reduce weight and also make your body healthy.

  6. Today is my second day on phentermine 37.5 mg
    But I\’m already getting worried because I am having no reaction to it. No insomnia, no dry mouth, no excelerated heart beat. Nothing. When do those kick in?? I wanna know it\’s actually working.. thanks!

    • Hi Kaitie, thanks for your comment! Not everyone experiences negative side effects when they start phentermine – you may just be lucky and responding well to the medication. As long as your appetite is suppressed and your weight is trending down, then phentermine is probably working.
      Rachel, phentermine.com

    • It took me between 5 to 10 days before the benefits of appetite and hunger suppression started. In some people, it needs to build up first. I never did feel full of energy on 15 mg. I did increase water intake to between 8-10 (8 oz.) glasses of water a day. No dry mouth. Then it worked really well. I ate low calorie and fairly low carb and I lost about 20 pounds in three months. (I can\’t exercise.) Have been off for a month because it wasn\’t working even on an increased dose (which made me feel too jittery). I will go back on tomorrow to get off the rest of the weight I need to lose. This makes it really easy. But you must eat less and exercise if you are able.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Ann! Good advice and interesting to hear that it had to build-up for you. Good luck with round two 🙂
        Rachel, phentermine.com

  7. Does phentermine come in dissolvable form? I\’ve read a few articles saying some will disintegrate under the tongue. Is this true? I do not swallow pills well at all and I\’m trying to find alternative ways.

    • Hi Allison! Suprenza provided phentermine in the the form of an orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), but was discontinued last year. Still, we would encourage you to speak with your doctor about options – he or she may know of a new medication or option that could serve as an alternative to pills!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  8. just starting taking this in 2 days i was wondering if I walk a mile every other day will it help im not a person that exercise a lot I do work in health care on 3rd shift so it is hard for me to exercise much.I do drink 3 plus liter of water a day and was wondering if that is enough or do i need to drink more my current weight is 227 and my goal is 150

    • Hi Tina! Yes, walking will help – incorporating any type of exercise into your weekly routine will help you reach your weight loss goals. Regarding hydration on phentermine, the general guideline is to drink enough water so that your urine stays light yellow (not clear, not dark yellow). Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  9. Hi Guys
    This is my third time on when. The first time I allowed my schedule to really get in the way. Second time I went strong for a month and then dropped off. Now, i back at it. Trial and error. Taking my time this time. 1/2 a pill at 7am daily. 30min workouts. Added protein shakes to my diet. And LOTS of water. Starting weight: 230/height 5\’7. Will keep you guys updated

    • Good luck arduous26!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes this time around 🙂
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  10. I think the bigger you are, the faster it comes off

    • I think so too

  11. Hi I just started Phentermine today. I\’m 6\’6\” and weigh 299. I\’m hoping to get down to 240 by this time next year. 60 pounds in a year is a pretty lofty goal but my health depends on it. So goodbye to beer (I\’m gonna miss you!!) and hello to healthy choices. I\’ll also continue working out at Planet Fitness 3 times a week.

  12. Hi, I am 51, and my Dr. started me on Phen 15mg-2xday on Oct.3, 2017 at 261lbs. My only side effect has been a dry mouth but it helps me drink my gallon of water every day! She increased me to 37.5/day on Nov 4 and at that appointment I had lost 24 pounds (237lbs). She and I looked at my FitBit stats and realized that I am not eating enough calories to keep me in \”the Zone\” so I am increasing those calories and have increased my workouts. In 3 days I have lost 7 additional pounds(230lbs). I work a very sedentary job so every 45 minutes I get up and move at least 300-500 steps. I do either cardio, weight training or HIIT 6 days a week. I eat a High Protein/Low Carb diet and ALL of my carbs are from natural foods. I havent had a soda since 10/3, I don\’t eat any sweets, and no pasta, bread etc! Its tough but because I feel full all of the time it really hasn\’t been a problem. It helps that I have no kids at home and my husband is also following my diet plan and exercise regime. We feel great and I hope that very soon I can come off of all of my meds for HBP, statin for stroke, etc!!

  13. I have been on and off Phentermne for years! They do work and I’m going to go back on them. I weigh 264 lbs and am 59! Very unhappy with all this extra weight! I am on a Cpap machine and on depression medication. I can honestly say that I have tried every diet program out there. I would love to be under 200 lbs! I guess that this time I need to have a stronger mind set that I can and will do this. My goal is to be Cpap free!

  14. Hi every one !!Good luck to all in the journey. To loose weight. I stared on phentermine back in may 2017 weight 286 I was on it for 4 months I lost 38 pounds my weight 248 I been off the phentermine for the last 7 months and keep my last weight 248. I went to the doctor on 4/09/2018 to start phenthermine again and to help me loose this weight what help me the first time was to drink water. Eating vegetables. Fish and breast chicken. Since I’m obese for my size I’m a 5.3 I only did 20 minutes walking and 20 min of low cardio 3 times a week take it slow and y’all will see results. So don’t get discourage be Positive and good luck.

  15. Hi I just started taking this on yesterday and not sure how i feel. I\’m 5\’2.5 39 and about 225 so that\’s too heavy for my height. What can I expect on this med?! today I didn\’t eat bc I had NO appetite…but I did have a sub sandwich at about 730ish. I\’ve been pushing water and I do love aloe Vera water as well. I\’m a very picky eater so ANY suggestions and pointers would be GREAT! PLEASE HELP. I want to lose at least 40 pounds. I\’m an African American woman so I do wanna keep my thickness lol JUST HEALTHIER !!

    • Hi Mocha, thanks for your comment! You may be interested in our Phentermine Ultimate Guide to learn more about this medication and what to expect. Drinking lots of water is a great place to start! To talk with other phentermine users about their journeys, ask questions and find support, check the Facebook support group. People post daily and offer each other lots of great tips!! Best wishes for your weight loss journey 🙂
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  16. Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has tried to combine Phentermine with another weight loss pill? I’m interested in taking RapidTone in conjunction with Phentermine. Their site describes it as “RapidTone contains a bunch of fat busting ingredients including Forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia, Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine and Ginseng! All working together to suppress your appetite and prevent fat from being made!”

    I’ve been taking it for a week and I haven’t noticed any side effects like increased energy or appetite reduction.


  17. I have been on phentermine for almost 2 months only lost 3 lbs! I am 46 5’7. 248
    Want to weigh 170. Have a healthy diet but found out not eating enough so changing that. But I really don’t like water but like propel would that be the same??
    Thank you

    • Hi Tina! Propel is an electrolyte-replacing sports drink, so it gives you lots extras that you don’t necessarily need if you haven’t been working out hard. It’s also sweetened with Splenda and some people think that artificial sweeteners worsen your sweet tooth and/or increase cravings later in the day. For those two reasons, Propel isn’t the best water replacement (but it’s definitely not the worst either, and perfectly fine to have sometimes). Instead of Propel, I’d recommend infused water (let some berries, cucumber and/or mint soak in the water overnight) or unsweetened herbal tea (like mint, peach or lemon). For more ideas about how to stay hydrated while taking phentermine, you may enjoy this article. Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  18. i have officually been on this for 30 days, i have lost 15lbs. i am 5 ft 7in and starting weight was 231. i got an elliptical 1 week into the pulls, i work out for 12 short minutes every day (5 days a week), the other two days a week my kids keep me busy outside. I am increasing water intake as thats one of my weakest points right now, and have cut portions down alot. i take pics and measurements every thursday, i do my weight every morning and evening.

    • Congratulations on your weight loss, Samantha! Keep up the great work!! 🙂
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  19. Hi every one. So back in Jan 2014 my Dr put me on this for a three month run . my starting weight was 259 and by the end of the 3 months I was down to 200 pounds . I didn\’t do no crazy excercising just house cleaning and chasing my then 2 year old. And stayed hydrated . by Jan 2015 I had lost a little over 80 pounds and kept it off untill I ended up pregnant with my third son who was born September 21 2016
    Nov 9 I had another Dr apt I knew I was around that weight again . I was right. I weighed 248 pounds . he sent me for blood work and test. And on Nov 27 he started me on it again.37.5 once a day. 6 days ago I weighed my self and I am at 237 pounds . this time I am working out. I do light weight lifting (5pound in each hand) lots of arm Excersize with them. Also I walk on my treadmill 30 min a day 4x a week … My next apt is on the 28 and I will post a update then

    • Hi Pauline! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us 🙂 Best of luck this time around!!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  20. Hi all,
    Happy New Year!!
    I just started (12/30/18) Phentermine 37.5 per day (morning before breakfast). I have found that I have an increase in energy and motivation. I gained weight rapidly from 9/2015 to 12/2017…59lbs. There was no indication as to why I gained that fast. Many blood tests were done so none of the usual culprits were to blame (thyroid, diabetes, etc). I’ve never been overweight and have always been active. The doctor believes possibly premenopausal weight gain as I am now 47 years old but agreed it was too much. I’ve already lost 5lbs in the 3 days (likely water weight). I find it hard to eat as I haven’t been hungry at all. Just “picking” here and there, maybe one full meal per day, I drink plenty of water, and I exercise 3-4x per week. I haven’t had issues falling asleep but I can’t seem to stay asleep no matter how tired I feel. I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue and what I can do to get more rest. Also wondering how fast the weight comes off. The doctor said only 5% will likely come off in the 3 months (7-10lbs). I’m already close to that in 3 days! Any ideas would really help. Thanks

    • Hi Amanda! Thanks for your post and congrats on your weight loss so far 🙂 Are you still having problems staying asleep? If so, you may be interested in this article about insomnia from phentermine. Rate of weight loss varies from person-to-person but you’re correct that (as a result of water weight) it’s common to lose a dramatic amount of weight in the first week. From there most people report losing around 1-2 pounds per week. Best wishes with your phentermine weight loss journey!!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

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