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What to Eat While Taking Phentermine

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At the start of your weight loss journey it can be difficult to know exactly what to eat while taking phentermine. There are so many diets and eating plans to choose from and it’s no different when you’re taking phentermine. Although you will experience a suppressed appetite, it is still very important that you eat well and make the right food choices.

Choose Your Eating Plan of Action

When there are so many contradicting views from one diet to another it can be difficult to know which diets will work better for you, what to eat to lose weight, and which foods you should be avoiding. For example, some diets will praise the benefits of complex carbohydrates whereas others will tell you to avoid carbs altogether, and while it can be difficult to know who to believe, first you need to think about what you feel able to do and whether it will work for you.

Some people find that they cannot seem to lose weight if they continue eating carbs so, if this is true of you, then limit your carbs and fill up on more fiber, protein and vegetables instead. If you’re not sure what works best for you then switch from week to week and see when you make your biggest losses. Whichever route you take, there are some universal dieting truths which will compliment any sensible healthy eating plan you wish to follow.

You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

It is very important that you eat enough to actually be able to lose weight. Not providing your body with enough food will cause your body to conserve any food you do provide it as fat. It is generally thought that the minimum amount of calories you should consume each day is 1200, but the exact amount you should be eating depends on your sex, age, height and starting weight. Your phentermine doctor should be able to advise you on how many calories you need each day. You must also ensure you use your calories wisely and consume the right foods to maximize your weight-loss potential.

What To Eat On Phentermine

Water: The first rule of every diet is to drink lots of water. When taking phentermine you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day in order to improve the functions of your body and assist in the release of water weight, as well as keeping you hydrated and less likely to misinterpret thirst for hunger. Chilled water tastes better and is easier to absorb for the body, or if you want something warming, green tea is similarly hydrating and counts towards your daily quota.

Protein: When dieting, it is important that you consume enough protein. One reason for this is that high-protein foods take more work to digest, metabolize, and use, which means you burn more calories processing them. They also take longer to leave your stomach, so you feel full sooner and for a longer amount of time. Protein is doubly important if you’re exercising as well as dieting, to make sure you’re losing fat and not muscle. Your body uses protein to build lean muscle, which not only makes you stronger and more toned but also burns calories even when you’re not active, unlike lazy fat, meaning your metabolism works at a higher speed. Good sources of protein are skinless chicken and turkey, tofu, fish, low-fat dairy, lean beef, eggs, and nuts.

Fiber: While fiber is not a magic weight-loss weapon, healthy high-fiber foods make you feel full, so you can resist eating more food than you need. Although phentermine will help suppress your appetite, when you are hungry, opting for high-fiber food means that your appetite will be satisfied with fewer calories and fat. Great sources of fiber are beans, whole grains and brown rice, nuts, baked potatoes (but you have to eat the skin), berries, bran cereal and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables: The water and fiber in fruits and vegetables will add volume to your dishes, so you can eat the same amount of food with fewer calories. Most fruits and vegetables are filling while also being naturally low in fat and calories. Choose whole fruits over juices to maximize the fiber content and always make sure your vegetables are cooked healthily and served with healthy dressings.

Alkalizing Foods: To maximize the effects of phentermine it is necessary to have an alkaline urinary pH (7.5 to 8.0), as this means the phentermine will be excreted from your body at a slower rate. Almost all fruits and vegetables are alkalizing so they will help you maintain the alkaline levels in your body, and therefore you will feel the effects of phentermine, such as higher energy levels and a suppressed appetite, for longer throughout the day. Other alkalizing foods are almonds, chestnuts, tofu, stevia, cinnamon, curry, ginger, mustard, chili pepper, and all herbs.

what to eat with phentermine

What to Avoid

Simple Carbohydrates: Foods that contain simple carbohydrates include table sugar, products with white flour, candy, chocolate, cake, jam, cookies, soda and packaged cereals. They are digested quickly by your body, resulting in dramatic changes to your blood sugar levels, and they are not utilized by your body as fuel, often becoming stored as fat instead. If you do include carbs in your diet, make them complex carbs; these take longer to digest and are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Examples include vegetables, whole grain breads, oatmeal, legumes, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

Sugar: Added sugar supplies a large amount of fructose, which can only be processed by the liver. If the liver is already processing foods, the extra sugar gets stored as fat. Sugar directly increases your chance of becoming obese due to elevated insulin resistance, as well as increasing cholesterol levels and your chances of getting diabetes. Sugar can be found in a lot of the simple carbohydrates listed above, and hidden in many processed foods, like frozen meals. Dried fruit and store-bought fruit juices can also have high levels of sugar so fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices are preferable.

Alcohol: Like increased levels of sugar, alcohol can adversely affect your liver functions to the extent that your body’s fat burning systems are inhibited for as long as several days, therefore the liver has less chance to burn any fat.

Acidifying Foods: In addition to being bad for weight gain and inhibiting the burning of fat, the foods above are also acidifying, meaning these foods are particularly important to avoid for those taking phentermine. The reason for this, is that acidifying foods increase the excretion of phentermine, meaning it will not last as long in your system as it should. So, keep clear of soda, alcohol, coffee, sugars, butter, ice cream, and products containing white flour.

While taking phentermine it is important to get into the habit of eating the right foods so that you re-educate your mind into providing your body with the best. When you reach your goal weight it is the changes you make on your weight loss journey that help you to maintain your new body. All that said, the odd treat here and there will mean you don’t feel deprived and end up binging and undoing all your good work along the way.

If you’d like to share these tips, or save them for later, check out this infographic!

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  1. I’ve been on this diet pill, as well as Top I Ramate. Dr said the “combination of the two, will help increase my wt loss.”
    I’ve been taking both, drinking tons of water and I’m a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie girl. Solid foods do not appeal to me at all.
    Question? I have only lost 2 pounds in a month, is that normal?

    • Hey there Sherry, It is hard to judge as everyone loses weight at different speeds, however if on phentermine, 2 lbs in one month seems very small. One thing that comes to mind right away, is if you are just eating smoothies then you are surely not getting enough calories each day, or protein. Smoothies are great, but you should be eating solid foods as well, otherwise that is just unhealthy. I would say to add whey protein powder to your smoothies and incorporate more solid calories, generally it is recommended that you eat around 1200 calories per day. If you are eating too few, it will just slow down your metabolism and you will lose weight much slower. You could also look into other supplements to take with phentermine, like Phen Caps. Make sense?

      • I’ve been on Phentermine for 9 days now. My starting weight was 200lbs and today I am 191.8lbs. I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight tho. I’ve been drinking over a gallon of water a day and having to use the restroom a lot. Am I just losing water weight?

        • Hi Rannie,
          You’ve lost nearly 9lbs in 9 days, and that is a huge amount – well done! It’s not possible to lose that much fat in such a short space of time so some of that is water weight, but this is a good thing – once your body gets rid of the water weight, as long as you keep on drinking lots of water (like you should, to keep your body well hydrated) then it’s gone for good. Keep up the good work!
          Sally, phentermine.com

    • I just got my first 30 pills for 1st time and gonna start taking them in morning. Someone told me I should take them about 10 am. I am up by 5am every morning and go for a 2 to 3 mile run. Come home and take kids to school then eat 3 over easy eggs and 1 to 2 cups, of coffee. I\’m out the door by 830 to be at work at 9am. Any suggestions on what time I should take these pills since I\’m just gonna start tomorrow. Thanks for all input

      • Hi Joe,
        Most people find that taking phentermine as soon as you wake up is best – the earlier the better, due to its tendency to cause insomnia. Taking phentermine at 10am seems too late – we would recommend taking them at 5am when you get up, and you will probably feel an energy boost for your morning run!

        Sally, phentermine.com

        • Thanks you Sally for your input. I’m gonna try this in morning. The last 2 day I do my morning routine. Then go to work and I feel like I’m constantly watching the clock so I won’t pass the 10 am time. So I will try what u said thanks again for your input

        • Hi I just started the combination of phentermine 37.5mg and topiramate 100mg today under the care of my doctor. My goal is to lose 100 pounds (starting weight 250- goal is 150). This morning after starting the combination I got really nauseous and threw up a few times and have had a few other side effects, has any one else had this happen?? Also I’m not hungry at all! Like even the thought of eating makes me want to throw up, I haven’t had anything to eat all day and I’m not one bit hungry. Is this normal??? I have been pushing water so that I don’t get dehydrated. What is a normal day of eating while taking these medicines? Should I be eating? Should I not be eating? I’m just a little confused as to what’s the best thing I should be doing for the best results. Thanks!!

      • you should take the pills 1 hour before breakfast early in the morning for best results.

    • What is top l ramate

      • Hi Robyn,
        Topiramate is prescribed for a variety of conditions, including as a means of counteracting the weight gain associated with numerous anti-depressants, and recent trials indicate that topiramate may have mood-stabilizing properties which can control certain unwanted behaviors and tendencies. It has also been investigated for use in treating various addictions and treating obesity by means of reducing binge eating. It is one of the active ingredients in the phentermine combination Qsymia and is also prescribed separately alongside phentermine to increase effectiveness.
        Sally, phentermine.com

        • Where can I purchase topiramate?

          • Hi Mae,
            Topiramate is a prescription-only medication so you would have to speak to your doctor about getting it.
            Sally, phentermine.com

  2. It does make sense. I’ve begun to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, which is difficult bc I don’t have a appetite:-/
    I’m also taking Topiramate w/ phen, have you heard of anyone else taking the two together?
    I don’t exercise due to disability, so I actually thought the smoothies would be enough, being I don’t burn calories. Its all still new to me and when I was younger, I could drop weight no problem. Being 46 & disabled has really done me in when it comes to losing weight.

    • Yes it is definitely hard to make yourself eat, especially in the morning, however breakfast is so important, especially when trying to lose weight! Scrambled eggs are a great item to eat, eggs are a true superfood when it comes to weight loss! With regards to Topiramate with phentermine, yes I have heard of that, people discuss this in the forum sometimes. Here, I found the link to the thread so you can have a read:


      I totally understand how difficult it must be for you to accomplish your goal weight with having a disability, that must be so frustrating! I know a lot of people on the forum have the same issue, so you should really join the forum (if you haven’t already), you can get a lot of support and advice there!

    • Hi,
      I am taking phentermine and topiramate after steadily gaining weight after my gallbladder was removed- despite HEAVY rigorous workout 5 days a week (yes..and im not lying about the rigorous or the frequency.) my diet was fantastic- and I was gaining rapidly. at a rate of 10 lbs a every month and a half! the combination helped me to shed about 25 lbs and a lot of inches. I am a 32 year old female, my gallbladder was removed 5 years ago. I had never had a problem weight weight before, it’s a constant struggle now. I have to cycle 3 months on, 3 months off. do you have to cycle it? Even though you have no appetite- you have to eat. eat about 1/2 an hour after you take the phentermine in the morning. take the phentermine with a big glass of water. I try to get my calories in as early as I can as I lose my appetite as the day goes on and by lunch/dinner I don’t want anything.
      It’s a weird feeling!!

      • I also recently had my gallbladder removed. Since, i have gained a total of 26 lbs. Absolutely, horrible things as it was be in excruciating pain or be over weight. How long have you been on the phentermine?I just started marking a month today. I tried it about 2 years ago but only took a weeks worth disliking the side effects. Being on it for a month, I have went from 164 to 148 which blew my mind as i have worked out, tried that garcinia stuff, it works wraps, juicing, zumba and running, still unable to get under 160. I know you can not be on it long, so im wondering when you cycle the medication. Do you have an increase in weight once stopping?

  3. I started the Phentermine last year with Prozac, and wanted to know if the two are safe together, only side effect I had was hair loss, does this happen. But I lost weight a lot.

    • Hey there Ethel, I can only recommend that you ask your doctor about that, you should never take advice on mixing prescription drugs from anyone except your doctor or a medical professional. There are so many factors involved that only they can identify, so for your own health and safety, give him/her a call!

  4. When is the best time to take phentermine and how? I’ve been taking this medication for 2 months and I have not lost a pound. I’m doing all the right things so maybe I’m not taking it correctly. Any help would be very appreciated! Thank You

    • Hey there Jennifer, Your doctor will tell you when to take it when you get the prescription, so you should always follow the doctors orders. But, generally, you take phentermine in the morning, and you simply just take the tablet with water. That is very strange you have not lost anything after 2 months, it could be for many different reasons to be honest, so it is best you speak to your doctor! Make sure you are eating healthy, low-calorie and doing exercise, you could also introduce an alternative with the phentermine, to increase the results. We now recommend one called Phen Caps, so you can look into that here if you like: https://www.phentermine.com/phen-caps.htm

      Let me know if this helps, and remember, the best thing is for you to see your doctor and let him know its not effective. Thanks for the comment! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with 🙂

  5. Hi im from australia and have been prescribed duromine, I had a huge hormone imbalance which made me gain 21.5 kgs in less than two months. I was on duromine for 2 weeks and it seemed to be working, ( other medication related to hormones as well) but k had to stop for a few weeks whilst I had an operation, I’ve started it again the last few days, and don’t feel the same effects, I take it in the morning, have a healthy cereal and a banana for breakfast, but two hours later I’m starving again. Is phentermine available in australia without perscription? I’m a chef and work a lot of hours, have Been watching what I eat and the times I eat like crazy for the last month ( which is so hard on my job lol) any info on phen for Aussies and f it’s legal would be great!

    • Hey there Lisa, Thanks for the comment 🙂

      I would say that the effects seem different the second time around because your body may have started to get used to the Duromine. I am in no way giving medical advice, however this is my first thought, as anyone who takes any kind of phentermine diet pill eventually becomes immune to it and it stops working. I think you should give it a few more days and see if it is any more effective, and if not, speak to your doctor.
      Duromine actually is a phentermine-based diet pill, so yes. You really can’t buy any phentermine, anywhere, without a doctor prescription – So be careful of brands that say you can!

      You could most likely help the effectiveness of Duromine by eating certain foods, regular exercise and using an additional supplement. We have recently started promoting a phentermine alternative called Phen Caps, it does not contain phentermine, but has the same effects (suppresses appetite, cravings and increases energy). It is used instead of phentermine, with phentermine (to increase results) or after the phentermine prescription is done. It has been giving good results so far, so maybe it would be good for you as well. Here is the website, if you’re interested: https://www.phen.com/

      I hope this helps, Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

  6. I’ve been taking phentermine for two weeks now and feel great my only concern is, is it Ok to drink tea occasionally with my food. I’m just curious that way I know if I need to avoid it along with soda waters. Thanks

    • I have been drinking iced tea every day. I just drink it VERY watered down, because I was warned not to drink too much coffee because of the caffeine, but I can’t live without my tea. So by making it more watered down, and using more ice, it seems to be a happy compromise. I have been on it for a week and with combined diet change, the extra energy and extra fluids, I have lost 9 pounds!

  7. I have been taking phentermine on and off for 5 years and i have lost over 200lbs my starting weight was 389 n now I’m down to175 i take it in the am n feel great all day i love this pill its amazing i had no type of surgery or nething jst ate only1200 calories a day n I’ve dne great

    • Amanda,
      have you been doing any exercises? i just started my pill april 1st and am looking to loose over 100 pounds

    • I don’t understand, My doctor told me this was a jump start to a good diet, so it can’t be used for longer than 3 months because of a plateau..
      why 5 years?

      • You can take the pill for a three month time. Then you have to take a few weeks off before starting again so that\’s probably what they did

      • Because you get addicted to it

  8. I have been taking the pill for less than a week and I have lost 8 lbs, I know it is too much and it is mostly because the pill makes food sound and smell disgusting, however, I do feel that my body is adjusting to it and will slowly start to work food back into my diet, it has been a few days since i was able to eat..

    • I just started last week (so about a week and a half now) and have been experiencing kind of the same thing. I have lost about 9 pounds, but I have been eating healthy and using those energy boosts to get housework done and play with the kids.
      I DID notice that a lot of foods that I love seem to really stink to me, and if I am not getting good fluid intake, it tastes terrible! I have been looking up more chicken and tuna recipes, and looking into how to make whole wheat taste good, because I love my pasta and potatoes! Yesterday I took the day off from pretty much EVERYTHING because the kids are not home, and last night I was in tears because all I wanted was sweets. And not the good sweets like eat a yougurt and an apple, it was HUGE cravings for donuts, girl scout cookies (samoas!) and brownie ice cream. It hit FAST and HARD. I wanted to go for a walk, but it was dark and rainy..
      I am not taking too much of a problem out of losing the 9 pounds so fast, because I was at over 280 pounds, and it wasn’t over 10. Doctor said if I changed my diet and added more exercise I could expect to seem to lose a LOT in the beginning, but to keep it steady because at about 3 months it will plateau, and is no longer a viable option. I have seen some people have been taking it on and off for quite a while. Since I have 3 children, and have not done a lot of exercise in YEARS (leading to back/knee pain and arthritis in some areas of my body), I want to slowly add more exercise, as I go. Since it’s showing signs that spring has sprung here in Michigan, we are going to go outside and clean the yard, plant some flowers for grandma, and after Easter I will get a bicycle. I figure I will use all the money I am not spending on sweets and fast food to buy it :). I am getting the girls ribbon dancers, jump ropes and one of those rings that has a ball at the end you can jump over for Easter; my hope is that by summer’s end I will be able to have the endurance to do it with them.
      I don’t say all this to bore you or lead you off the original question, but it seems to be all tying in together for me.
      What is your dosage? If it seems like you are starting to feel more nauseated than not; after a couple weeks I would recommend talking to your doctor about lowering the dosage. Until then, try more fluids water and stuff with nutrients (smoothies, protein shakes, etc.) for every other meal. it will work them in.

  9. i started my pill april 1st, starting weight 288 now april 8th i am at 269. So far i have only walked for 15 minutes a day and on a strict diet no more then 1200 calories, i try to keep it under 1200 though, at times i feel hungrey but i try to drink water and if i still feel hungrey i eat something small.

    • Hi Heather
      How do you count your calories. That\’s one of the things I struggle with

      • you can track your calories by down loading fitness pal on your phone,or laptop, or home computer.

  10. I have been taking phentermine for a week, have lost no weight and am extreemly sleepy. Whereis this energy boost everyone is talking about?

    • Sadi, did you ever find anything out about feeling extremely sleepy when you take the phentermine? I’m currently in the same boat that you inquired about. Thank you.

      • Me too! I’ve never been more tired and still have an appetite. I took it years ago and it was effective. But this time around I am getting no results.

    • Me to just started yesterday and im sleepy

  11. I just started this diet yesterday I am really excited to see some results I weighed in at 176 pounds I have 12 weeks before I go on my cruise I would like to b about 135 to 140 i had a headache yesterday on my first day taking the pill and had to pee a lot due to the water I was drinking here is my question I get up at 6:10 every morning and get ready for work I get to work at 7 so do I eat first in the morning and then wait thirty minutes to take the pill or do I take the pill in the morning then eat

    • The instructions on my prescription say take it one hr before eating breakfast.

      • Hi there Lesli, Thanks for the comment! You should always follow what your doctor suggests, this is simply a general guideline 🙂 For more tips on how to lose weight with phentermine, make sure you browse through our blog by clicking here. Or, if you want an extra boost to your weight loss with phentermine, check out Phen Caps, they are the #1 complement and alternative to phentermine… You can find out more my watching this 2-minute video, all you need to do is click here. I hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else! Have a great day!

        Sarah, Phentermine.com

  12. Hi everyone. I am 21 yrs old and my starting weigjt was 170. I have been on the medicine for a week and lost 6.5 pounds. I was wondering if any one had a good diet plan to help me? Im looking for cheap healthy foods because we arw a little short of cash. I have been eating a lot of fruit but when it comes to lunches and dinners i dont know what to eat. My problem is i eat to much carbs.. pasta is my biggest issue. My goal weight is 140-145.

    • Get the boil-in-bag brown rice from Success or Uncle Ben’s and make a couple bags, split it into 4 plastic containers. Then, get steamer-bags of veggies (in the freezer aisle) and microwave one larger one and divide that among the 4 containers. Next, get chicken or fish or pork and cook it like usual and put 3-4 oz. (it helps a lot to weigh your food and kitchen scales are very cheap) of the meat in each container. That is lunch to go. Bring low-fat cheese sticks, light yogurt (preferably greek), green apples with almond butter, and protein bars with less than 14 g of sugar and more than 7 g of protein. This all packs nicely for school or work. If you’re in a hurry, have some Lean Cuisines (ones without pasta, white rice, bread, or tortillas) as back-up. For dinner, the best thing to do is make a big salad with veggies and a little cheese and 3-4 oz. of meat again. Extra virgin olive oil and red wine or balsamic vinegar are healthy and taste great. For snacks, have lowfat cottage cheese, carrot sticks and lowfat ranch. Never eat breakfast cereal. They are all heavily processed. Try steel-cut oats instead. You can make a big batch, stir some almond butter and cinnamon into it and scoop out a serving of it, heat it up with milk or a splash of water in the micro and there you go. Just add fruit or nuts or both. Eggs make the best breakfast, tho. If you don’t drink a lot of water, phentermine dehydrates you pretty fast, so always have a water container with you and keep sipping and refilling. If you don’t like water, get some Mio flavors or Crystal Light. Make sure it has no sugar in it, just sweetener. Never drink calories unless its kombucha or kefir. Both are awesome for your gut. Okay, that’s enough for now. I’m a nutrition nerd and have been on phentermine for a month now. My addiction was icecream. Ben and Jerry’s, at least one pint per day.

      • Wow that is such a great guidline. While dieting you do get bored with the variety of choices.Thank you for sharing. I’m just starting phentermine today and i’m so excited. Starting weight is 389 and I have eliminated all white carbs from my diet. I only eat multigrain wheat bread usually toasted with peanut butter. for breakfast and a boiled egg. I have been making turkey burgers, and baked chicken breast with stir fry veggies for dinner and lunch is usually soup or smoothie. My biggest hurdle is going to be the coffee for me and half and half. I have to get used to not drinking it anymore ughhh. Any suggestions to kick the habit?

        • Hi there Kristina, Thanks for the comment and congrats on getting started with your weight loss journey! 🙂

          Sounds like you are doing really great and see that the most important part of weight loss with phentermine, is making a lifestyle change while you have the extra help to healthy diet and moderate exercise.

          I understand how it must feel to give up coffee, I could never do it! That said, maybe you want to try green tea, or chai tea? That could be a good replacement! We also recommend a green tea drink mix that you can add to water, it has no calories, sugar or carbs and actually boosts tour metabolism! You can find out more by clicking here.

          You an also check out our forum, the users there exchange all different tips and tricks for weight loss with phentermine, as well as supporting each other, it’s great! Check it out by following this link.

          I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

          Sally, Phentermine.com

      • Hello Christie,
        I just got my phentermine and topmax pills today. I have been reading up on different meal plans; however, yours is the best so far so many choices. I tried phentermine about 3 years ago, I lost weight pretty good I just got tired of the same foods. I currently weigh 182 and I\’m looking to get down to 140. With your meal options and moderate exceeds hopefully by Oct I\’ll reach my goal.


  13. I started phentermine five weeks ago my starting weight was 270 I am now at 239. And have plateau now and haven’t lost or gained a pound in five days. What do I need to do to kick start my weight lose again?

  14. Is anyone working out? my doctor emphasized working out…..eating healthy
    I have been on phentermine for about a month. I have only lost 6.5 pds. my starting weight was 211. I feel like the weight is coming off slower. my body is looking better. I have had compliments on the small changes….just worried that being 40 its going to be harder to shed this weight

  15. I started Duromine about 14 days ago, starting off at 83kg, 165cm. my first week i had great results, lost 3.2 kg, but in my 2nd week ive lost 0.1g only.
    I think it might because im not following a proper eating plan, does anyone have a diet i could follow or suggest a good eating plan to help with losing weight while on Duromine. also does walking for 20mins everyday also help or should i increase my excersice??

  16. I’ve been on and off Phen for 3yrs. Took off almost 80 lbs. The diet that worked best for me was the 17 day diet. I don’t have the author s name but it’s awesome.

  17. If you reached a plateau start exercising also . Drink more water and possibly up your calories from 1200 to 1400 for a week. A boost in calories often kicks up your metabolism for weight. If you unsure of what to eat. Avoid WHITE, bread, sugar, pasta and rice . No simple sugars . Only complex carbohydrates. Try to focus on a 1200 calorie diet, examples are available On the Internet . Hot tea or coffee for breakfast And for lunch salad and couple ounces of meat. Sensible dinner with veggies and meat. Snack on fruits like berries , Apples, grapefruit and melons.

  18. I’ve been taking Phentermine for a month now. The first 2 weeks i lost a total of 11 lbs. The next 2 weeks i lost 9 more. I went from 229 to 209. Great success with this pill,

  19. I just started back on Phentermine after a few years. I’m 25 years old, 5’3, 172 lbs. When I was on it the first time, I was 21 and my starting weight was about 170. I took the prescription for a few months, ate healthy, stuck to the 1200 calorie diet and tried to exercise at least 15 minutes every other day. I did lose a little weight (about 15 pounds), but I always felt hungry still. I tried taking the phentermine later in the day, because I never had a problem with it keeping me up at night. When I told my doctor this, he didn’t seem to have an opinion either way.

    So a few years later, I’m back up in the 170s and I just filled my prescription to try phentermine again. I’ve been on the Keto diet for about a month (you basically eat less than 20g of carbs and 20g of sugar per day, training your body to function by burning stored fat. My boyfriend lost 90 pounds in 7 months on this diet). So, on the keto diet, I haven’t lost a single pound. It’s an easy diet for me to stick to, because we live together and he is very determined not to cheat. But since I haven’t lost any weight on this diet, I thought adding phentermine and going back to my exercise routine might help me kick the weight loss into gear. My question is this: Due to his work schedule if I get up and eat breakfast with him at 5:00 am, do I wait and take the phentermine before my lunch (considering my past experience)? Or do I need to take it while fixing breakfast, and hope it doesn’t wear off by noon?? My biggest meal is always breakfast (usually 3 eggs and 3 strips of bacon).

  20. i have been on phentermine for two months now and i have lost 30 pounds and i dont take it eveyday good luck everyone

    • Irene, What’s your diet and exercise like? I’m 56, have Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. So I can\’t exercise. Walking is about it. I just started taking Phentermine Monday. Thanks.

  21. I have been on phentermine for 2 months and have lost absolutely nothing. I have noticed that I don’t seem as bloated in my face or stomach but I assume that is from cutting out soda. Has anyone else had this problem and or know what I can do to jump start the weight loss? I’m starting to get extremely discouraged!!

    • Hi there Lindsay, Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Wow, that sounds very strange and uncommon! Did you get the phentermine from your doctor? You need to make sure you obtained the medication with a legitimate prescription, there are a lot of websites that trick consumers with fake phentermine.

      I would say the best thing you can do, is speak with your doctor and let him/her know that it is not working and see what they suggest. Also, you can look at boosting your phentermine effectiveness by trying Phen Caps, they help to increase your weight loss results, you can learn more by clicking here. Also, you could consider a multivitamin, check out one we recommend at this link here.

      Lastly, you should join our forum, you can discuss any upcoming issues you are having with your weight loss, as well as get great tips and support. You can check it out at this link here.

      I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

      Sally, Phentermine.com

    • probably u order ur phentermine from amazon or other websites, i had that bad experience and disappointing situation before get prescription from my doctor. my online phentermine was fake and now i hv my phentermine with prescription and start from last 5 days i lost 8 pounds.
      good luck

      • 8 lbs in 5days
        How? What\’s ur eating routine

  22. I just started my first ever adipex Rx this week, and am also on metformin for diabetes, alevothyroxin for hypothyroidism, and amultivitamin (B complex, C, E, Potassium, & Zinc). I am also disabled. My diabetes diagnosis is controversial for me, as my physician diagnosed me based on 1 high A1C result without first taking steps to make sure that the birth cont rol and statin I had been taking weren’t an issue. I had a lowered, but still above normal A1C a month ago without any weight loss. Now I am on Adipex to lose some weight and try to get my diabetes into remission. I am lightly active and have had severe hypoglycemia from the combo of meds and calorie restriction. I have consulted my pharmacist and left messages with my physician about my symptoms. My pharmacist advised me to get up to 1200 net calories as needed to balance my blood glucose until my physician gets in touch with me. Do you have additional advice about combining your product with diabetes meds and/or avoiding hypoglycemia?

  23. I am really disappointed. Today is the 14 day mark and I have only lost 5 pounds. I have no appetite and am counting calories and staying under 1000. I am only 5’2″ and weighed 204 when I started. I see all these great results. I can’t imagine eating more. I do walk 2 -3 times per week. I am 51 so I wonder if it is my age?

    • Hi Lorna,

      5 pounds in 2 weeks is great! Your body can’t physically lose more than around 2 pounds of fat each week, and often when people lose more it’s water weight and even muscle, which you obviously don’t want to lose. Our advice would be to eat more – 1200 is the absolute minimum a woman should eat each day, and this should speed up your results as not eating enough slows your metabolism. Try doing more exercise and some weight-bearing if possible – that includes light weights, pilates or yoga – as this builds muscle, improves losses and speeds up metabolism too. You should also drink lots of water, and stay positive!

      Hope that helps!
      Have a great day
      Sally, phentermine.com

    • Hang in there Lorna! Every one has completely different bodies, and different results. If your not sure where you feel your going wrong, keep a daily journal and log everything you eat and drink. You may find your eating or drinking things that are sabotaging your weight loss.

  24. This has been my second week on phentermine and i’ve only lost 5 pounds. I know that the first week I kept eating fast foods but yet would drink plenty of water and only went to the gym for about 2 or 3 days and it was great I went to 175 to 170. However, now I eat less and its my second week on it and I have not lost a pound. then again I am very limited when it comes to food. I cant eat everything. I can only eat certain foods, which aren’t quite healthy. and I don’t have enough money to go to the gym so I just walk around my house for about 1-2 hours. And since im a full time college student, its really difficult since my classes start at 10a.m. and end at 8:30p.m so I basically eat fast foods everyday… I really want to loose weight. I just don’t know what to do anymore. my goal is to get to 140. what diet could help me loose weight and eat better… please help!!! 🙁

    • Hey Lucero, the first week people find that they do lose more due to dropping water weight but around 1-2lbs per week is good. As for advice, you really need to stop eating fast food – you will never lose weight if you continue to eat this type of food. You need to find foods you can eat which are also healthy – foods which contain fiber (veg, beans, whole grains, brown rice), protein (lean meat, dairy, nuts, beans) and healthy fats (oily fish, nuts, olive oil, seeds) plus eat fewer foods which contain salt, saturated fat and sugar. Since it sounds like you have a limited variety of foods you could also benefit from adding a weight loss multivitamin to boost your phentermine – this is the one we recommend – https://www.phen.com/phenvites?utm_source=phentermine-blog&utm_medium=reply&utm_campaign=phenvites-page. As for exercise, you don’t need to join a gym and there are lots of things you can do at home, like weights, pilates, yoga, jumping jacks etc, but getting outside for a run or walk is also a good idea as it gives you fresh air and more space to run or walk around in.

      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  25. I am just starting phentermine and I am 28 and weigh 355 and have type 2 diabetes.I do belong to a gym which is included in my disability insurance plan. I go 3 times a week. Now I find the biggest problem is I am not hungry all day and I know we have to eat but I dont wanna lol. I do not know what to eat because yes I will say I am picky and dont do cottage cheese, yogurt, or whole wheat pasta and I tried and hate brown rice so I am screwed I guess. Is there hope for me to lose if I dont eat those food and I eat what I like in smaller portions? Also my doctor says this is a start to losing weight not a full time thing and that its temporary but I see people on it for 5 years or so per in here and I am confused how? Thank you

    • Hi Tia,
      You shouldn’t eat what you don’t like but it’s important to remember that your taste buds are constantly changing so it might be worth giving things a try sometimes, especially if they have been cooked a different way or are seasoned well with spices etc to make them more tasty. That said, you don’t have to eat certain foods to lose weight – you should eat the foods you like that are also healthy and cut out the unhealthy foods you may have eaten before, like fried foods, simple carbs like white bread, rice, pasta and cakes, and anything else with high levels of salt, saturated fat or sugar. Phentermine is a temporary aid to start your weight loss journey, and with this help the idea is that you can then continue to eat better and live a healthy lifestyle permanently. Some people are on phentermine for years but this is not advisable as phentermine is not intended to be used in this way and carries greater risks the longer you use it for.

      Hope that helps, and good luck!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  26. Another question please. My insurance company refused to cover the drug so I had to buy borrow money to buy it. Is there a department in the company that helps people who either have no insurance (which a friend is running into as she has no insurance) or a plan that wont cover it?

    • Hi Tia,
      The best place to ask would be on the phentermine forum as you can speak directly to other phentermine users who have had a variety of different experiences with phentermine prescriptions etc. Here is a link to register if you haven’t already: https://www.phentermine.com/forum/register.php

      • It is really cheap if you buy the generic adipex 37.5 #30 from Walgreens with the GoodRX coupon. I pay 12.00 for my monthly prescription. All you have to do is google Goodrx.com and type in Phentermine 37.5. Click the medication, choose your pharmacy, make sure your quantity and day supply is correct usually #30 30 days and press get coupon/code. It will give you an rx #, rx group, pin etc and all you do if give that information to the pharmacy it will discount itself.

      • I get my prescription through the Good RX it only cost around $20.00.

  27. Hi I started phentermine on Dec 14th its now Dec 18th, my start weight was 207 lbs and four days later i’m down to 203 lbs I have been exercising for 2 days only but I plan to exercise 5 to 6 days a week, cardio and strength training I take my pill an hour and a half after I wake up and before work I drink a yogurt and an apple or pear I also take lunch like chicken with mushrooms or green beans but my lunch bowl is very small so that helps to keep the portions to a minimum I snack on almonds grapes or pineapple (which is a plus) and for dinner I eat something very small like a cereal or a boiled egg with a slice of toast or something like that I don’t eat after 7 which is fine because I don’t feel hungry with the pill or what I eat throughout the day I just drink a lot of water, I am cutting out all fried food junk and candy but im not on a very strict plan because I feel like we need to still eat calories in order for our metabolism to get going and burn calories I feel good I have a lot of energy and Just looking at the number at the scale go down is very motivating and quick tip Weight yourself on the same scale at the same and with the most minimum amount of clothes on because your weight can fluctuate from 5-7 lbs through the day which is normal.
    Hope this helps !

  28. Hi. I started taking phentermine just under a month ago. I’ve only lost 5 pounds. I weigh 260 pounds. I lost a lot of weight before, I lost 85 pounds and gained it all back due to an injury. This injury still has me unable to exercise. I’ve tried walking. I think I might not be doing the best I can. I wake up and take the medicene, and within 10 minutes I usually eat breakfast, then at other times I wait hours upon hours. Could this be affecting it? Also, I drink water but maybe only 2 bottle a day. I’m just not thirsty. I know your body gets used to the medicene quickly. I’m supposed to start taking topamax with it as well. However, what can I do to really optimize my weight loss?

    • Hi Kelsey,
      First you should take your phentermine and then always wait the recommended time before eating – if you’re not sure what your doctor told you then we’d advise you check as people are often prescribed differently. You should drink more water as this really helps to suppress appetite and boost metabolism, and it also helps to maximize the effects of phentermine. It’s great that you’re going walking despite your injury but if you injury allows you to, swimming and Pilates help to strengthen the body without putting a strain on your joints and injuries. Lastly, small regular meals like these: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/7-easy-meals-eat-taking-phentermine/ will help to boost metabolism and reduce hunger.
      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  29. I had 2 children,and my gall bladder removed. Pushing my weight from 105 to 138 to 164lbs. Nothing fits, I feel unhealthy, and It is almost impossible to shed more than three pounds it seems. I started with Phentermine a month ago today. I don’t think i’ve ever finished a medication in my life, including a measly 5 – 7 day antibiotic. however, i stuck with the phentermine and to my surprise I lost weight from 164lbs to 148.6lbs today.I have never had such a huge drop in weight ever. I am 10 lbs away from my post baby goal, and shooting for at-least 130 max. Any meal advice would be great. I also can not wait to start Zumba again now that the holidays are over, I am hoping an intense work out will help shed some lbs. Only bad side effect to this medication is the dry mouth, dislike that but i can tolerate it.

  30. I just Started phentermine Jan 7 2015 im excited im reading everyones results really motivates me to a better tomorrow im 29and weigh220 my goal weight 160 seams so far off but i can do ir for myself and my fam because i hate going anywere because of my weight

  31. Hello I started phentermine last Wednesday and have not weighed myself yet, I go back to the doctor Tuesday . I take the pill every morning and drink tons of water all day my issue is not having any desire to eat until dinner time and I know that\’s not good. I try to eat at least a protein bar for lunch to get some sort of calories in but I\’m so full in the morning and after the bar for lunch, any recommendations of how to make myself eat ?!

    • Hey Kaitlyn, thanks for your message. This is a common problem for people just starting out on phentermine as we covered in our article, How Does Phentermine Suppress My Appetite? – https://www.phentermine.com/blog/phentermine-suppress-my-appetite/, whereby people experience such strong appetite suppression that they have to force themselves to eat and often struggle to eat more than a few hundred calories a day when they should be aiming for at least 1200. Our advice would be to ask your doctor about halving your dose while you get used to the phentermine as any weight loss you do experience while eating such a small amount is not likely to last once you start eating normally; the key to weight loss is a case of the less you eat the better, you have to eat to lose weight. On Tuesday I would explain this to your doctor and he or she may advise you to reduce your dosage to half a day and then you can work up to a whole pill. Good luck!

      Sally, phentermine.com

  32. Hi am sara I have been on phentertmine for 2 months now start weight was 290 now I am 255 I eat healthy and exercise 4 to 5 days a week 30 min to a hour

  33. Thank you so much for the the above information: I have been taking phentermine for a little over a month now, am into my 2nd prescription bottle. My 1st two to three weeks was very hard to work thur, due to the side effects of the phentermine, I don\’t know how much I have lost, will return to the Dr in another four weeks, then I will know how much (I don\’t think it\’s been a lot). From the above information I have been help to see that I need to eat and what I need to eat to work along with the medicine. I love the fact that am not eating and I do see a big differents in my food choices. I would love to buy this that and the other, but noice that I don\’t reach for it when shopping, I look at it, but I don\’t seem to have the energy to put it in the basket, so I keep moving on. I know it\’s foolish thinking, but I wish I could lose faster…. I said it was foolish \”Thinking\”. Once again thank for the above information…..

    • Hey Sylvia,
      You’re more than welcome, we’re glad you’ve found the info helpful!
      Best of luck on your weight loss journey!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  34. Hi.

    I just started the puente remind 37.5 on Tuesday April 21st. My doctor did not really give me any instruction. She just told me no fried foods, no caffeine, no sweets. She said to eat one protein and two veggies.. Plus I could have 10 almonds as a snack. . When asked about exercise she said it was not necessary and I would see results.

    I started at 232.4 and have only lost .4 lbs. I have also been very \”blah\” lately, I don\’t want to do anything or eat. However, I don\’t sleep too long throughout the night.

    Do any of you have any suggestions for curving this and creating weight loss?

    Thank you!!

  35. I been taken phentermine for a month and lost about 20 pounds which is awesome! I had one question but I\’m out of town all the time and never have time to see the doctor so I thought maybe someone could help me with this question… can you take viagra while taken phentermine? Let me asap if you can help thanks so much!

    • Hi Joe,
      We strongly recommend that you speak to your doctor before combining medications with phentermine, especially as both Viagra and phentermine can affect the heart.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  36. I have been taking phentermine fo 2 weeks now. I have not weighed myself just yet, however i do see a difference in the way my clothes fit. I have a pair of pants that i have not worn all year becauase i could not zip them. But now i can pull them up and put a belt on with them. I follow all the rules as far as eating. I also walk every day now. I feel so much better. My blood pressure has been great. Hopefully i can loose enough weight and my doctor will take me off the blood pressure pills.

  37. Hi, I have been taking phentermine 37.5 for almost 2 months. I am 28 and have always been skinny (130s) until I had my first child in 2007 then I kept going back up to 171 which was my delivery weight. I lost in 3 times in 3 years without effort and always put it back on. I have 2 more babies since then, 2012 and just a year ago in 2014. I went up to 198ish my both pregnancies. But came down to the 170s quickly. I just couldn\’t seem to get under that. I got prescribed the phentermine and lost 10 lbs in 10 days. Then another 4 lbs in the next week. I was stuck at 14lbs down for about a week and a half. I feel that after the first 2 weeks my hunger came back some. I found that if I skip a day once a week it kind of jump starts my metabolism. I have lost a total of 16 lbs in the 6 weeks that\’s I have been on it. I am pretty healthy with my meals. I definitely don\’t over eat anymore. I don\’t like the taste of pop anymore at all and have had maybe one in 6 weeks and hated it. I don\’t really want sweets except on a rare occasion. Everything is too sweet. It has helped me with portion control a lot. Sometimes I find it hard to eat or drink enough in a day. Not only does it give me food aversions but also drink aversions. I have to force myself to drink. I feel like my weightloss is so slow now and I\’m not sure why. I do exercise (not as much as I should) with 3 small children, It\’s hard to find the time. I do use my elliptical though a few times a week. Will drinking more fluid help my weightloss? I just don\’t know what else to do to help drop the weight. Why 14 lbs in the first month and only 2 in the second so far?

    • Hi Kathy,
      While I think that drinking more water could help boost your losses, from what I can understand of your weight loss history, the key to you losing weight in the long term lies in the type of exercise you’re doing. You say you lost weight without problems in the past, but now you’re struggling to get back to where you were. The trouble is, your metabolism slows down over time, and every time you lost weight, if you didn’t also build lean muscle then you might have lost some of that muscle, meaning that your bodyfat percentage didn’t lower like it should have, again slowing your metabolism. My advice would be to use whatever time you have to do exercise and prioritize weight training, then add cardio whenever you can. Around 10-20 minutes three times a week will help you to build muscle, which in turn improves metabolism and slims down your body for now and the future, so no more yo-yoing. This article explains it in more detail: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/build-muscle-lose-weight-phentermine/ As for the food and drink aversions, you have to make sure to eat and drink enough each day. If you can only eat a selected number of foods then eat just them but make sure to get at least 1200 calories a day minimum – eating too little stalls weight loss a lot.
      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  38. hi i just started phentermine 07/27/15(day1) im 25 yrs 5\’1 and weigh 237 im not a breakfast person so do yall reccomend smoothies in the morning like for example today i had 2handful of spinach a little bit of pineapple and less then half of a banana and some oats with almondmilk …..idk i just need help …oh and another question im so confused most ppl tell me not t0 eat alot of fruits because the sugar is bad…and thats the only thing that i want right now i dont feel like eating meat or any of that

    • Hey Maribel,
      Your breakfast smoothie sounds good, and it’s great that it has spinach in it too – just make sure the almond milk is unsweetened. Fruit has sugar and fiber, which is why it’s better to eat fruit instead of just drinking juice as the fiber fills you up and compensates for the effect the sugar has on your blood sugar levels. Fruit is a good option and healthy but you should also try to eat vegetables too and not just rely on fruit for fresh produce. Plus you should also be sure to eat healthy fats, protein and other sources of fiber – even if you’re not keen on meat right now.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  39. I have been taking the phentermine for about 10 weeks. I lost 24 lbs. in the first 6 weeks. But I have to say I log everything I eat and workout 5 to 7 days a week. Both cardo and strength and workout with a trainer one to two times a week. I have only lost 6 lbs. in the last month. I know that is still a loss, but I will go weeks without losing. so I kick up the cardo and workouts. I did find that if I get less than 4 hours of sleep I don\’t lose. My question is I also take synthroid for underactive thyroid. Both need to be taken before breakfast. So I have been taking the phentermine wait a hour, take the synthriod, wait a hour then eat. Will taking the synthriod so close to the phentermine be counteractive? I want to be sure both are working the best they can.

    • Hi Kathy,
      This is something you would have to check with your doctor about, as he or she would know best when it comes to when to take your medications. We know that phentermine works best when taken first thing but we don’t know how or if taking synthriod can affect your results with phentermine.

      Also, there is a strong link between lack of sleep and weight gain/inability to lose weight, so you should be sure to get at least 7 hours sleep a night.

      Lastly, well done on your results so far – 30lbs in 10 weeks is great!!

      Sally, phentermine.com

  40. I just started the phentermine 37.5 along with the fat burner this past Saturday now I\’m on day 3. Well I can give you a little history about me, I\’m 5\’2 41 was 266 lbs now I\’m 264 before the phentermine. My weight has always been a yo-yo since I had my daughter, I lose big gain bigger this time I gained 30 lbs due to pregnancy and I noticed it\’s been very hard to lose and I do get discouraged so my supervisor told me about this weight loss clinic, at first I didn\’t want to go but what changed my mind was I was I was having health issues such as high and low blood pressure, pre diabetic, frequent dizziness and i was just tired of being overweight for my height. Now since I\’m on day 3 of the phentermine I notice I drink 2-3 bottles of water per day, I get full quick so I cut my intake in half, I now walk at my pace, I do sweat a lot, and eat small snack every 2-3 hours then eat small portions of dinner and I almost forgot the clinic prescribed 2 water pills and yesterday I took one and mind you \”aunt flow\” came and I was nonstop urinating so my question is my weigh in is this Friday will it show I lost a little weight even though my \”aunt flow\” will end by Wednesday?

    • Hey Nisha,
      Your period can make your weight fluctuate but you shouldn’t let this discourage you if it turns out that you haven’t lost weight this week. Your period causes bloating and water retention so it can appear that you haven’t lost weight when really you have. Once you get back to normal you should see results. This article explains how to minimize weight gain on your period and not let PMS cravings ruin your weight loss goals: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/surviving-time-of-the-month-on-phentermine/
      Sally, phentermine.com

  41. I am currently on the Phentermine 30mg and haven\’t lost weight. My only concern is I have PCOS and I have had PCOS since I was little. This has caused me to struggle with not just weight but with a number of issues. I can\’t seem to loose any weight. I have been going to the gym Three to four times a week, taking walks, cutting soda out of my life and increasing water. At this point i am concerned. I also have started making very low carb meals seeing as how one of my family members is Diabetic. Is there a reason as to why nothing is coming off? Or could it be the PCOS?

  42. Hi Sally
    I have been on Phen for about two months now and it doesn’t seem to be helping.
    I started taking it because I had hit a plateau that didn’t budge for about 4 months. I literally retrained myself to eat better and exercising. My weight at the beginning was 60 kg and is only at 58 currently.
    I gym for 45 minutes – an hour about 4 times a week, I take the pill (30mg) as soon as I wake up at 5:30 yet I am sleepy by lunch and funny enough I struggle to sleep at night. I am eating complex carbs and increased my protein intake because carbs kill me efforts.
    There are no huge side effects, but the energy and the appetite suppression is not that much.
    I’m now getting frustrated indeed. What could be the problem.

    • Hi Anna,
      If you weigh 58kg, which is around 128lbs, you’re probably already at a healthy weight unless you’re under 5 feet (150cm) tall, so that is most likely why you can’t lose any more weight. I’m surprised a doctor prescribed it to you since it’s meant to be for obese patients who are unable to lose weight on their own. It sounds like you have a healthy lifestyle and as you’re at a healthy weight, I would just suggest you continue to exercise and eat well to maintain your healthy weight, and to help you tone up (if necessary), but it doesn’t sound like weight loss is something you need to strive for.
      Sally, phentermine.com

      • Thank you Sally, yes I’m quite short, 143 cm and my BMI is a little over. My journey started last year at 68kg and it was hectic for me to even get to the 60 kg in April. I do have trouble sleeping though, work a 8h00-16h00 day and I study afterwards so it’s hectic for me to get even 7 hours of sleep at night. I think that maybe the problem too.

  43. Hi , my name is sid. My auntie took phentermine and lost weight, but she only took it for a month – I just wanted to ask if we can drink milk, tea (which is water, milk and a lipton tea bag). In vegetables and fruits, which can we not eat like apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons, strawberries , (if in fresh orange or apple juice) in vegs like carrot , green peas. Also, what about plain unsalted peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, dried fruit – which can we eat? So no bread, not even brown bread, and what about rice? Appreciate it, thank you.

    • Hi Sid,
      The article is quite general so we weren’t able to write too specifically about all foods. However, I think you’ve misunderstood about the bread etc – we personally believe that you should be consuming all foods in moderation, but we also have to recognize that some people limit their carbs as a method to lose weight. We do say in the section on fiber that you should consume healthy sources such as brown rice and whole grain bread, as well as legumes, cereals, fruit and veg. We mention in the section on protein that nuts are a good source, and all the nuts you have listed are great, but you should always eat nuts in moderation as they are high in calories, so be sure to portion them out and not just eat them mindlessly. With respect to the fruit and vegetables you’ve mentioned, all fruit is fine and is a great source of fiber and nutrients. We would advise against fruit juice however as this is the fruit minus the fiber, which is mainly sugar. So, stick to eating whole fruits and vegetables. Milk is a great source of protein and calcium, and tea is also a good alternative to water, any type of tea is fine but green tea (if you like it) has more weight-loss-boosting properties. Let me know if you have any other questions, or if anything isn’t clear for you.
      Sally, phentermine.com

      • Thank you

  44. I just started phentermine 37.5 on 01/29/2016 the doctor also prescribed a water pill and topiramate 25mg and a water pill. My biggest concern is she told me do not exercise which I am not really sure about. Also I’m not sure why I’m on a water pill. Has anybody had the same advice or what do you suggest.

    • Hi Felicia,
      It’s strange that your doctor has advised you against exercising – did she say why? In my experience, patients are only told not to exercise if they are at risk of heart issues when exercising or injury due to extreme obesity. Water pills are usually prescribed to expel excess water in your system, but they do mean that you need to be drinking even more water than usually advised. It could be a good idea to check with your doctor to see why she’s prescribed you them and what you need to do to make sure they work for you as she intended. Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  45. Hi, I have been taken phentermine for almost 2 months – I was 152 and I am down 142. I do notice I get a lot of headaches and everything bothers me and my heart feels like there is a lot of fat around it is that normal?

  46. I have been taking qsymia for 2 and a half weeks now prescribed by my doctor. I just started the 30 day supply last week. I lost 5 lbs the first week taking the medication. And then all of a sudden I gained it all back over night and have not lost a pound since the first week. I eat 3 meals a day. Fruits for breakfast salads for lunch and salads or various portioned meals for dinner all under 1200 calories daily. I drink only water green tea and pepper mint tea. I have had no pop since i started this diet and pill. It just taste horrible. I workout 3 to 4 times a week. I’m around 215. 5’7. Even my Dr is kind of stumped by why I have not lost any weight. I’m curious for other opinions.

  47. The water of life. Drinking fresh/filter water is essential for good health. I read all your article and understood that how that 8 glass water is essential for everybody per day. I’m happy to read it. Now I bookmark your site and visit again for new article.

  48. Hey my name is Rashad and I just started taking the pills today, but if I was to just drink a lot of water and not eat a lot but eat a little bit, will I lost weight? I currently weigh 184 I wanna be like 160 and I don’t really have time to exercise

    • Hi Rashad,
      Eating well and drinking lots of water can both help you to lose weight, but exercise is often found to be the factor that helps people to lose weight and keep it off. What’s more, exercise helps to tone your body and burn fat, so that you’ll achieve both the weight and the body shape that you want. Exercise doesn’t have to take up a lot of time – it’s better to be consistent and do 10 minutes every day if that’s all the time you can spare, so whether it’s a brisk stroll at lunchtime or a few toning exercises at home, we would really recommend that you try to fit exercise into your day.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  49. I’ve been taking phentermine for 3 months. 18.75 mg per morning. 20 pounds down in three months — awesome.

  50. I have been on Phentermine for 2 weeks now and have lost 13 pounds (started at 175). I am keeping an Excel spreadsheet to track my progress. Weight, measurements, calories consumed, calories burned (which I get from FitBit since it incorporates your BMR with your activity…makes it easy) and calorie deficit (3,500 calories is 1 pound of fat. I am aiming for a 7,000 calorie deficit per week), fiber, fat, carbs, and protein, and water plus a small space to journal my food choices and anything else I feel is pertinent to my journey. I eat 1200 calories per day and keep my nutrient content amounts (fiber, protein, etc) in the range recommended for me. I make sure to drink at least 12 cups of water per day. I have found that adding a little grape steiva or orange stevia has been really helpful to get me to drink more. I realize that Phentermine is not for long term use so I am trying to make the most of my time on it to forge new habits that will allow me to continue making good choices after my prescription is done. Good luck all…

  51. Hi I have been on phentermine now for 2 months and 11 days and I started at 398 lbs and am now at 342 lbs, so 56 lb weight loss and my doctor was pretty shocked with this. I can’t tell other than in certain pants I wear they are a little loser. I’m up at 5 am to go to work then take my pill at 7am and I drink a protein shake at 8am then by lunch at 11:30 am I’m not hungry so I force myself to eat lunch then I don’t eat again till 6pm at dinner. It seems to be working and I can definitely tell my stomach has shrunk because I don’t take the pills on the weekend and I still can’t eat very much. My question is does anybody know if it’s safe to lose that much weight in that amount of time?

    • Hi Jessieca,
      You have lost a lot of weight very quickly but you started off at an extremely high weight, so percentage-wise, this is similar to someone who weighs 200lbs losing around 25lbs. Generally it is easier to lose weight quickly at first on phentermine because of the sudden change of lifestyle and eating habits, although your losses will probably slow down. If you’re not currently exercising we’d advise you to ask your doctor about starting as this will help to ensure that you’re losing fat and not muscle, which will help your metabolism and make it easier to keep the weight off for good.
      Sally, phentermine.com

      • Ok thank you and when I first started for the first 3 weeks I was in the pool exercising 4 days a week for 2 hours a day but I had to stop due to personal stuff I had to deal with but fixing to start again. I started the pills to get my motivation up along with making myself eat less and eat better and so far it has worked I just need to make more time to work out.

        • I also drink a bottle of water with every meal and keep up with my water through out the day.

          • Hi Jessieca,
            That’s great – water helps a lot with weight loss, and swimming is an excellent exercise to work the whole body, but remember not to overdo the water or the exercise – as we explain here: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/going-extremes-phentermine/, too much of anything isn’t good for you, so remember not to drink more than around 2.5 liters of water a day and try to alternate swimming with other forms of exercise, as 2 hours per day is quite a lot.
            Sally, phentermine.com

  52. Hi i have been taking half of a 37.5 mg phentermine tablet since July 13th. My start weight was 220.8. Lost 7 pounds by July 27th. By July 29th I had gained 4.8 pounds. I have been doing 1 hour of boot camp 3X a week. Doing 1 hour brisk walk 5x a week. Just incorporated weight lifting last Thursday. I have been eating high protein low carbs plenty of water. Drinking a total soy protein for breakfast. Had changed the soy protein shakes for Whey protein (premier) last Monday. What could be causing the weight gain. I think it was the whey protein. Thank you in advance for your input.

    • Hi Rofelina,
      Your weight can fluctuate depending on water intake, salt intake, monthly cycle etc, and gaining 4.8lbs in 2 days would suggest that this isn’t actually weight gain, but more like fluid retention or something similar, so we’re sure that your weight will drop again if you continue to make healthy choices. However, we don’t think that protein shakes are any substitute for real food, especially as you are working out so much. In addition, your body needs carbs to fuel these workouts so we think that it could be a good idea to eat more carbs, especially before a workout – without the proper fuel before exercise your body doesn’t end up burning as much fat and calories and often uses lean muscle for fuel instead.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  53. Sally,

    I read your detailed and supportive response and could not help but to say – thanks for your efforts.

    My situation is quite similar to Rofelina and I was wondering if cherries/mangoes are negative foods to intake on the Phentermine life change journey. I a fin·ick·y eater and very health conscious so I am doing my proteins, my fruits, 6 small meals (eggs fruits, nuts, grilled chicken salad, fruits, water, activa yoghurt, 2 sliced cheese – just a scenario). I drink lots of water but gained back some of the weight I losses.

    Could it be the grapes, banana, cherries, mangoes?
    Yoghurt since it has 18 grams of sugars?
    Coconut water is being substituted for water in some instance.

    Thanks a million!

    • Hi Erin,
      Cherries and mangoes shouldn’t cause any problems losing weight with phentermine. Most fruit is alkalizing (except blueberries, plums, prunes and cranberries) so cherries and mangoes are fine in that regard. Bananas can be quite high in sugar so they are best consumed with something to neutralize the sugar, such as nut butter or cinnamon. Yogurt should always be sugar free – it’s more important to watch out for the sugar content than the fat content, although ideally low fat unsweetened yogurt is the best option for weight loss. What about vegetables? These are often a better option than fruit as they provide fiber, nutrients and no sugar.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  54. I just starting taking phentamine 2 days ago, which I normally take at 5am. I was wondering if it’s safe to drink iaso tea or apple cider vinegar & water?

    • Hi Vivienne,
      I’m not sure what iaso tea is but tea is fine with phentermine, and if you can stomach it, apple cider vinegar is said to have many health benefits, so it certainly won’t do you harm to drink it alongside phentermine.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  55. Hi Sally,
    This is a very informative article. And all the comments are most helpful. Thankyou.
    I just started taking Phentermine again for the 3rd time. The 1st time I was 326 in September of 2014 and by December 2014 I had lost 48 pounds! I was so happy! Then in January of 2015 I found out I was pregnant. So I had to put my diet on hold for a while. I ended up gaining back 30 pounds. Very upsetting. When my baby turned a year old in October 2015 I went back on phenterine and lost about 10 pounds only to find out in December of 2015 I was pregnant yet again! Very frustrating I must say but I do love my babies. I just had my baby this year August 2016 and now I went back to the doctor to restart my phentermine. I’m not waiting a year again. Started on Friday October 7th at 309 and today is Tuesday October 12th and I’m already down to 300. I really love taking phentermine because I feel full all day, have the extra energy I need, and it works! The weight definitely comes off! Interesting story I know. Now my questions for you is, Is it ok or good to drink Arizona Green tea with Ginseng and Honey? Will grapefruit help or harm while taking phentermine? And is okay to use phentermine longer than 3 months? Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi Angela,
      We’re glad that you found the article helpful! Green tea is fine with phentermine, as is grapefruit. Green tea helps to boost metabolism and is hydrating too so it’s a great drink choice other than water, and grapefruit is an alkalizing food so it won’t cause phentermine to be expelled from your system quicker like acidic foods do. In reference to your last question, although phentermine is designed to be taken short-term, we talk about the 12 week period as this was the original length of time that phentermine was tested and approved for. Phentermine can be taken for longer but loses its efficacy after several months, and for some people this happens even sooner. For this reason many doctors advise customers to take it for 3 months and then have a break from it for a month, although some will prescribe it continuously for longer. So, while it can be taken for longer than 3 months, it is not intended as a long term solution and should only be used as a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  56. Hello Sandy
    I been taking phentermine 37.5 for 6 days now, the 1st day I felt the dry mouth & super enegy in 2 days I lose 4 lbs none ever since. No side effect I feel as if its not even working. I start to feel hungry in the evening. How much calorie I should be consuming, I feel that’s got to be something wrong that I’m doing. now I went from start weight 203lbs in 2 days 199lbs and 199.8lbs. I am not happy.

    • Hi Ivette,
      Your calorie limit depends on your height and activity level as well as your weight, but it should never be less than 1200 per day. It could be that you’re not eating enough, although phentermine isn’t meant to completely take away all hunger, as that would be counter-productive to your ability to keep the weight off. It’s meant to reduce your hunger to a manageable level so that you can learn how to eat better, so maybe rather than concentrating solely on calories you should ensure that you eat enough protein and fiber to keep you feeling full, as well as drinking lots of water. As far as the weight loss goes, 4lbs in six days is great, and shows why you shouldn’t weigh every day. Had you waited a week you would have been happy to lose 4lbs. Ensure that you’re getting plenty of sleep, that you’re taking care to manage stress and prioritize health as well as continuing to eat nutritious food and exercise daily and the weight will start to come off again, you just need to be a little more patient.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  57. I just started phentermine today my worry is the side effects I’m on blood pressure medicine but with it my blood pressure is under control. How can phentermine effect your heart rate and blood pressure?

    • Hi Tiffany,
      You can see more about how phentermine affects the heart here: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/how-phentermine-affects-your-heart/ If your doctor is happy to prescribe phentermine alongside your BP medication then he or she must consider it safe to do so, but just keep an eye out for side effects that cause concern and report them to your doctor as soon as possible.
      Sally, phentermine.com

    • I was told by the Dr. that they monitor your BP while on Phentermine because it does raise the BP & your heart rate. You’re basically taking legal speed. Don’t plan on taking a drug test for work, etc while taking it because it will show up.

  58. Thanks for the information,

    • Hey Yvonne,
      You’re welcome! We’re glad you found it useful 🙂
      Sally, phentermine.com

  59. Thanks for info

  60. I started phentermine 10 days ago and have only lost 3 lbs. so far. I have been eating a low calorie, healthy diet with protein, vegetables, 1-2 servings of fruit, etc. and have not been seeing the results my doctor said I would. I know everyone loses weight differently, but what can I do to see the results I want? I also cannot exercise right now because I am recovering from ankle surgery.

  61. Hi my name is Margaret Mccurrie I just start my pills and I want to know what is the best food to eat I do drink a lot of water I need some to tell me

  62. My weight is 376 I want to lose100LBS or more

  63. So I just started with my first one this morning. I had two kids and a job where I am not to leave my desk but a few times, I was just gaining weight and it wasn’t healthy. This pill in just one day has changed my life I took it, started falling asleep this morning about 9 because I was just so tired from not sleeping much that night and I work late, all the sudden I just felt this tendency to get up. I made my husband take me to the state park and we walked 6 miles and the only reason we stopped is because we had to go to work, I ate about 900 calories today and cant wait to see what tomorrow holds.

    • Hi Brittany,
      It’s good to hear that you felt the energy boost and motivation to get active and a suppressed appetite, however you should try to eat more than 900 calories each day as this is a low amount – ideally no less than 1200 is recommended for most people.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  64. Hi I am about to start this but I really don’t want to stop my morning coffee, can I substitute w decaf?

    • Hi Gior,
      Firstly, the effectiveness of phentermine can be limited by the consumption of coffee, but this effect is seen with both regular and decaffeinated coffee. So, as we explain in other articles, it is the coffee rather than the caffeine that negatively effects phentermine. But, this effect is not the same for everyone and is more for general guidance than as a strict rule; if someone complains that their phentermine wears off quickly then it is a good idea to look at their diet to see if they are consuming lots of acidic products which could make this effect worse. But for people who like coffee, one or two cups a day is not a problem when taking phentermine, so you can continue to drink coffee in the morning without any problems.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  65. I have been on this diet pill several times. I will tell you that the Phentermine from Walmart is NOT as effective as the one at Winn Dixie Pharmacy. I have no idea why but its true. Change pharmacies next time and see if you can tell a difference.

  66. This is day 4 of taking it…..and I also take 10mg of Lexapro. My dr didn’t seem too concerned about the combination…what do you think?

    • Hello Carrie,

      Thank you for reaching out. We can’t offer you medical advice, you should ask your doctor about it as soon as you can. You are welcome to join our Facebook support group and connect with other phentermine users, today! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1069871763087734/

      Best regards

      Rebeca, Phentermine.com

  67. Started taking Phentermine 30mg yesterday after consulting my Dr. My Dr. is confident I will lose 30 lbs by Oct. I am 57 yrs young, 5\’8\” weighing in at 215 lbs type O blood with Mesomorphic body type. I had a hysterectomy in 1995 and have steadily gain weight since then. I have tried every weight loss program/diet/fat coach out there and spent more $$ then I\’d like to admit.
    I walk an average of 2 miles 4 times a week, pilates twice a week, hand weights…nothing has worked for any length of time. I eat \”clean\” my body is soooo stubborn. I hope this time it will be different and I can reach my true goal 163. Is this realistic?

    • Hi Bobbi!
      Well, it really depends on what your doctor orders and how well you stick to the right loss plan. This is because the diet and workout which works for one person might not work for another; even scientific comparisons of diets have found that no diet is better than any other.

      But we are also inspired by your commitment; don’t give up! Here are some suggestions to help you along the way.

      We would love to hear more from you in the future….hopefully as a phentermine success story on the front page!



  68. Is it OK to take super aminos and phentermine together?

    • Hi Bobbi!
      We definitely recommend you consult with your doctor about any other medications or supplements you are currently taking, even if they are non-prescription, as there is a possibility these could interact and cause the phentermine to be less effective, or worsen side effects.



  69. Hello! I just got prescribed phentermine. And this weekend is mine and my husbands anniversary. So we have planned on a date night in the house with a bottle of vodka.
    Would I not need to take the medicine that day? Or what will happen if I take it and drink alcohol?

    • Hi K! It’s really not recommended to drink alcohol while using phentermine. The problem with combining alcohol and phentermine is that phentermine is a stimulant while alcohol is a depressant. The combination can increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects, such as increased heart rate, chest pain or changes to blood pressure. You may also be more likely to experience symptoms such as dizziness, drowsiness, depression and difficulty concentrating. Your doctor can give you more information on phentermine and alcohol, so we also suggest speaking to him/her about this concern. For more online information about the interactions between phentermine and alcohol, you can check out our blog post at https://www.phentermine.com/blog/need-know-phentermine-alcohol/
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  70. Why can\’t you take more than one a day? Wouldn\’t it work better?

    • Hi Marcia, great question! Each person’s phentermine dosage and schedule is set by their doctor, but people on higher dose (mg) pills can only take one per day because phentermine HCl (the active ingredient in phentermine) is a highly powerful and controlled substance. Taking more than the recommended amount could be very dangerous and/or habit-forming. Sometimes patients are put on lower dose pills and asked to take these smaller pills multiple times per day, but they still do not exceed the maximum dose per day for safety reasons. Most importantly: you should work closely with your doctor to determine the best dosage and schedule for you, and always follow your doctor’s exact instructions. Never take more than the prescribed dose. If you’d like to read more about dosage, you may be interested in this page: https://www.phentermine.com/phentermine_dosage.htm
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  71. I have been on phentermine for a wk now and a day after start useing it i have been having trouble urinating and low stream is this normal and will it go away read on internet were some people have had the same problem

  72. im just starting the medication and want to know if i can also drink sparkling water as well as just water? and also what is a good breakfast to eat being that i can not eat eggs.

    • Hi Latricia! Yes, sparkling water should be fine too – just be careful the sodium and sugar content. Sometimes companies add lots of extras to sparkling water to increase flavor, so make sure to read the nutrition label on your favorite brands if you’re drinking lots of it. With breakfast, aim for something with a balance of lean protein, whole-grains and healthy fats. For a little inspiration, check out these articles on breakfast ideas, brunch ideas and choosing a better breakfast cereal.
      Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  73. Hi I take probiotics and multi vitamins.. is that fine with this drug? And if so, should I space them out or can I take them all together? Also, I drink on an empty stomach lemon water with cayenne pepper every morning, is that ok?

    • Hi Nancy! Yes, it’s typically fine to take those together with phentermine. We’d suggest taking the phentermine first thing in the morning, and then the multi and probiotics later with breakfast. The lemon water water with cayenne should be okay too, just be aware that phentermine sometimes causes stomach upset and this drink could make it worse. Regardless, if you have any concerns about specific medication-supplement interactions, don’t be shy about checking with a medical professional like a doctor or pharmacist to confirm that it’s okay!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  74. Hi I have been on adipex-p for 3 days now. I must say I\’m not hungry at all. An I do eat some, but I\’ve counted an it\’s no where near 1200 each day.

    So should I make my self eat 1200 a day, or just eat what I feel like (Which has been less than 1000?

    Thanks Pam

    • Hi Pam, thanks for your comment! It’s best to aim for at least about 1200 calories per day, so that your body has the fuel it needs to carry-out basic biological functions and focus on burning fat instead of muscle. It’s also common for the phentermine to be strongest at the very beginning of your prescription, so you may find that it’s easier to eat a little bit more as time goes on. To read more about why it’s important to eat this minimum number of calories, check out our article on eating enough while taking phentermine.
      Rachel, phentermine.com

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