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Phentermine Tablets vs Phentermine Capsules

General Phentermine Questions?
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Since phentermine is manufactured by a variety of pharmaceutical companies, it comes in many different shapes and sizes, including both capsules and tablets. You may be wondering what the difference is between tablets and capsules, and which is better when it comes to phentermine, so here we run through why companies choose between the two and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are when it comes to your phentermine prescription.

Phentermine Tablets

The most commonly known form of phentermine is the white tablet with blue speckles, although there are also plain white tablets made by certain manufacturers, all of which can be seen here. Adipex-P, the most popular phentermine brand, comes in the form of white tablets with blue speckles, and it is thought that manufacturers such as Actavis Pharmaceuticals and Qualitest Pharmaceuticals copied this widely recognized design for their phentermine tablets to maximize their selling potential, as people often incorrectly believe that the blue speckles are the active phentermine ingredient.

In order to be effective for their intended use, tablets need to be designed according to the required release time, which can be either quick, delayed, or extended release. As phentermine is required to be released throughout the day in order to be effective, manufacturers design the phentermine tablets with the appropriate extended release dissolution control. This is achieved by the inclusion of inactive ingredients in the tablet, such as the coating, which control how the active phentermine ingredient is absorbed by the body. However, one disadvantage of tablets is that they can pass through the body without being completely absorbed, meaning that it is be possible that some of the phentermine fails to enter your blood stream.

Tablets are cheaper to make and so, patients often find that their prescription is cheaper to fill. Tablets can also be notched for splitting, which is an advantage that patients taking phentermine tablets have mentioned on the forum, as can be seen in this thread here. If you find that your dosage is too strong and that the side effects are difficult to manage, as long as your doctor is in agreement, splitting your dosage by breaking your pill in half can be a good solution. Some doctors may also advise patients to begin by taking half a tablet and then working up to a whole tablet. With tablets there is also the option of taking half in the morning and then half before lunch, which can be particularly useful for people who experience an energy slump after lunch, as this is a key time of day when people are more susceptible to unhealthy cravings for sweet or fatty foods.

Another disadvantage of phentermine tablets is that they are only available in the maximum dosage of 37.5mg, so if your doctor feels that a lower dose is more suitable for you then it is likely you will be prescribed capsules, as these are available in doses of 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg.

phentermine tablets

Phentermine Capsules

Phentermine capsules come in a wide variety of colors, and include the popular phentermine brand Adipex-P, the FDA-approved phentermine and topiramate combination Qsymia, and various dosages of generic phentermine. Adipex-P capsules are available in the 37.5mg dosage, as shown here, while generic phentermine capsules are available in either 30mg or 15mg, as shown here . Qsymia is available in four different dosages, ranging from 3.75mg of phentermine and 23mg of topiramate to 15mg of phentermine and 92mg of topiramate, all of which are shown here.

One major advantage of capsules is that they have a much better absorption rate than tablets as they begin to dissolve immediately in the stomach and there is little to no chance that any of the contents will fail to be absorbed by the body.  Capsules enter the blood stream immediately, so phentermine in capsule form contains slow-release ingredients to ensure that the effects are released throughout the day. Capsules have the added advantage of being able to provide an immediate boost of energy in addition to the extended release of effects, an advantage mentioned on the forum here and here, as patients report feeling the initial boost of energy that is then sustained for longer throughout the day. Furthermore, unique mixes and ingredients are more achievable with capsules, which is why Qsymia is produced in capsule form. Qsymia provides prolonged appetite suppression and energy boosting effects by combining topiramate with low doses of phentermine, which would be difficult to produce as a tablet.

One disadvantage of capsules are that they are more expensive to produce, therefore a prescription for phentermine capsules can sometimes be more costly for patients. Although capsules cannot be split like tablets can, as they are available with lower dosages of phentermine there is more chance for your doctor to prescribe an appropriate dosage rather than just 37.5mg, and therefore there is less need for patients to have to split their dosage. As capsules are coated they are often easier to swallow than tablets.  If you still find it difficult to swallow the capsule, you may want to take the contents of the capsule out and mix it with liquid, but this is not advisable. Capsules are specially designed to be taken whole, including the case which usually contains time-release technology in the coating. By taking just the inner ingredients, you could cause the phentermine to become less effective, especially later in the day, or the medication could be released into your bloodstream too quickly which might worsen side effects. You should speak to your doctor if you continue to have difficulty in swallowing your medication and he or she may recommend that you take Suprenza, a brand of phentermine which dissolves on the tongue.

With phentermine, the decision to prescribe capsules or tablets will be dependent on your doctor and which of the two they believe to be a better option for you. The main advantages of tablets are that they are cheaper and can be split in two, both of which can be preferable to you as the patient. However, capsules are absorbed better by the body and, in the case of phentermine, they are available in a wider variety of dosages and brands, including Qsymia, the phentermine and topiramate combination, due to capsules being better suited to more complex and unique ingredient mixes.


Have you taken phentermine in capsule form or tablet form? If you’ve taken both, which do you prefer? Let us know by commenting below.


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  1. I have taken the phentermine tablets off and on for 4 years. I have pcos and I take them to help manage my weight. I have not taken the phentermine for 3 months and I am slowly starting to gain back a little weight. I expect it, I don’t like taking this medication continuously. I take breaks from them a few times a year. I weighed 189 lbs 4 years ago and now i weigh 159. I am only 5’1 and 32 years old. Ideally, I would love to weigh 120 lbs, but I have lost all I can. I do not eat any starchy foods, fried foods, sweets, or sodas. I wonder why I can’t lose more? Should i try capsules? Or is there something else out there that may I am unaware of?

  2. capsules my doctor prescribed me 37.5 blue and white capsules phentermine… are yours the same as in a Doctor prescription?

    • Hi Glenda, Thanks for the comment! We do not sell phentermine, we are an information website and weight loss forum for people taking phentermine or phentermine alternatives for weight loss. Remember, you always need a prescription from a doctor for phentermine, which you can then get from your local pharmacy or legal online pharmacy. I hope this information help, let us know if you have any other questions! Have a great day!

      • I prefer the capsules over the tablets. The caps to me last longer than the tabs I\’m not hungry taking neither pill, I fill a difference though with the caps.

  3. I liked the black ones I got back in 2009, then tried the blue & white speckled ones pill form. Those did not give me the same results as the black capsules did. It’s been so long since I’ve had the black ones I forget what exactly they’re called. Can you advise?

    • Hi there Vanessa, Thanks for the comment! I believe the pills you are referring to are the Lannett 0597 phentermine brand, so you can ask your doctor about those. If they are not available or your doctor does not think they are suitable, then you can try Phen Caps, they are the #1 alternative to phentermine. They help boost the effects of phentermine, or can be taken on their own for fast and safe weight loss. You can find out more about Phen Caps by clicking here. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else! 🙂


  4. I have taken both tablet and capsule. I lost 30 pounds with the capsule where as I’ve only lost 3 with the tablet. I do not care for the tablet at all. The capsules absorb almost completely into your blood stream, the tablets can pass through without barely being absorbed into your blood stream. I’ve had much better results with the capsules and feel much better while taking them versus the tablet.

    • Thanks for your feedback Brandy! It’s interesting to see how many people respond differently to different dosages, manufacturers and medication types, and especially to read what a difference it made to you taking the capsule as opposed to the pill.


  5. I have taken both caps and tablets and the tablets are horrible for me. I started trying to lose weight after my pregnancy complications and high blood pressure. I lost 50 pounds while taking the capsules and have gained while taking the tablets. I’m asking to switch back the next month

  6. I’ve taken the capsule and tablet. I’m currently taking the tablet and do not like them. I feel they do not curve my appetite at all. Can I crush the tablet and take it to help with the absorption?

    • Hi Steph, it’s not recommended that you crush the tablet plus this would not help with the absorption as a tablet is just compounded ingredients with a coating for ease of swallowing. Instead, we would recommend that you ask your doctor about the possibility of changing back to capsules, or failing that, these tips – will help to maximize the phentermine effects and curb your appetite more. You might also like to add a phen cap to your daily routine as these capsules are recommended for boosting appetite suppression and enhancing the effects of phentermine with different ingredients – here is a link to find out more:
      Hope that helps!

    • I chew my tablets before swallowing and that makes a HUGE difference. Can\’t hurt to try.

  7. I have taken the tablet on and off. The first year I took them were 2010, I lost 50lbs. I recently started taking them again in Nov. 2014– when I picked up my refill this month they were in the capsules, which I have never taken before. Since I started taking the capsules (last week) I started feeling a “flutter” in my heart. It’s making me a little nervous but I talked with other people who have taken it and they say it’s due to the time release in the capsule, I haven’t taken one since Friday and periodically still get this feeling. Is this normal? As of now I prefer the tablet.

  8. I have been taking the Phentermine 30mg capsule for a week now with no weight loss at all. Not sure if my menses the same week is to blame. Anyhow, I am holding out hope I will start to see results soon. In the meantime, I am suffering with a rapid heart rate, low energy, agitation, moodiness, low libido, poor concentration, dizziness, and a lack of motivation. Also, my heart rate goes through the roof when I workout and for a long period afterwards. That is if I can make it through a workout as it\’s been more difficult since I started the meds. With all these symptoms it must seem crazy I am still taking them. Am I on too low or too high of a dose or should I just stop taking the meds all together?

    • Hi Cristi, While the first week is often the worst, and can include all these side effects and more, it may be that your dose is too high, and that you should have started off on a lower dose to get more used to it. Speak to your doctor and see what he or she thinks about halving your dose and building up to 30mg a day when you feel ready. With all these side effects and no weight loss, something’s not right so I think taking it a little slower at the start could really help you. Good luck!

  9. I began with the capsules and they were amazing, i was so productive and lost 8lbs the first month. I\’ve been on the tablet for a week and i\’ve been so tiresome, and energetic at all! Do you think that my dr will switch my prescription even though i already started this one>?

    • Hi Carmen, it’s certainly worth asking your doctor to switch as you had such a good first month on the capsules so it would seem that your body definitely responded to them a lot better than to the tablets you’re currently taking. Hopefully he or she will recognize this and change your prescription for you.
      Good luck!

  10. I started with the capsules 30mg, and it was horrible. It suppressed my appetite a lot and I had energy in the beginning, but after a week my jaw hurt, I was irritable, and very defensive and aggressive and a b**ch to everyone. I hated the way I felt. Today is my first day on tablets with blue specks 37.5mg. So far no \”crazy\” thoughts and I feel amazing almost euphoric, with nothing but positive thoughts and no appetite. I hope this lasts!!

    • I was the exact same way when I started taking the capsules. Please update me with your journey on the tablets. I am curious if you notice any difference. I was very B***** on the capsules as well, also developed some anxiety habits that I hated.

  11. SALLY,
    I started taking the capsules 37.5mgs, and they make me feel horrible. No one can answer me as to why I feel so bad taking them. They are supposed to give me energy, but do the complete opposite. Any idea why? I feel asleep an hour after I took my first pill, and I usually NEVER nap.I read that depending on where you get your script can really help. is that true? I am about 40-50 pounds overweight and I cant get the weight off. Not sure what to do. Will the tablets maybe be better then the capsules?

    • Hey Whitney,
      It sounds like you are experiencing paradoxical side effects, as we explained a little in this article: – this is where, for example, people feel more fatigued when taking stimulants like phentermine, instead of more energized like they should feel. Paradoxical side effects are, however, something that can change over time depending on how your body metabolizes the medication on a given day, so the good news is that phentermine may not always make you feel this way.

      One way to limit these symptoms is to take half your dosage at first rather than the whole thing and then work up, but this is not possible with capsules as they cannot be broken like tablets can. We would advise you to speak to your doctor to see about reducing your dosage or maybe switching to tablets if he or she thinks this could affect how your body reacts to the phentermine.

      Hope this helps, and good luck on your weight loss journey!

      • The capsules make me very sleepy throughout the day. My doctor said the tablets work better. So I\’m bout to see what\’s the difference.

  12. how can i get small pink phentermine

    • Hi Rachel, We’re not sure what brand of phentermine that is, do you know the name of it? As phentermine is a prescription-only medication, you would need a to see a doctor in order to get any type of phentermine, so your doctor should be able to give you more information.


  13. Hello, I have a huge question. I am currently taking 300mg of wellbutrin as well as the tablet 37.5 of adipex. At first this combo worked great, I stopped smoking and was not hungry at all. I lost a total of 17pnds in one month. Now I feel like they do not last quite as long in the day as they used to. I have a prescription for the capsules but they ended up being about $10 more. Do you think that this combo wld work better or do you think if I just take the adipex later in the day this might help? Thanks

    • Hi Adriana,
      You could try taking the adipex tablet later in the day, as long as this doesn’t affect your sleeping, or you could try splitting your adipex tablet and see if taking half in the morning and half before lunch might help you make the effects last longer. If not then taking the capsules instead might work better for you as capsules are usually time-release – this way, the effects can be extended throughout the day without you having to take two half dosages.


  14. Hi about two years ago my doctor prescribed phentermine tablets . So I started taking them along with doing P90x and had great weight loss results twenty five pounds to be exact. I stopped exercising and gained back the weight and now I\’m on the phentermine capsules. I\’m not seeing any results and I feel depressed on top of it. I had so much more energy with the tablets than the capsules so I\’m going to see if he will switch me back to the tablet asap.

  15. Hi! I have been on phentermine 37.5 capsules for 5 weeks, one week off due to appointment scheduling, and have lost a total of 25lbs! I got another prescription today and he didn\’t specify which one so they gave me the white with blue specs tablets. I called the pharmacist and was told it was really just a preference thing. I believe I\’m going to call my doctor tomorrow and see if I couldn\’t exchange them for the capsules because I had such a great reaction. I\’m scared to attempt the new ones and have a different reaction then the first. In addition to the phen, I also exercise regularly, portion control, and cut out sweets and fast food!

  16. Hi I\’ve started on the 30 me capsules and I have a problem digesting capsule can I open them and empty the little pellets in some water

    • Hi Stephanie, it’s not recommended to break up capsules as they are specially designed to be taken whole, including the case which usually contains time-release technology in the coating. By taking just the inner ingredients, you could cause the phentermine to become less effective, especially later in the day, or the medication could be released into your bloodstream too quickly which might worsen side effects. I would advise you to ask your doctor about tablets or Suprenza (this is a phentermine which dissolves on the tongue).


  17. Hi Sally, I\’ve seen 2 different spellings for the pills, Phentermine and Phentarmine. Can you explain the difference? Is one technically a knock off? I took prescribe Phentermine 2 years ago, I was on the tablets and lost 55lbs. Because of life stresses and day to day living I\’ve gained 22 back. My Dr that prescribe them to me originally, no longer takes my insurance. I want to order here thru the website, but am I ready correctly that you need a prescription? Any recommendations Sally to someone who needs the extra kick to get there weight back under control? Thanks

    • Hey Dee, thanks for your message!
      Phentermine is indeed a prescription-only medication. It used to be available online but the regulations have tighten due to people abusing it, so now you would have to consult your doctor to take phentermine again. PhenTARmine and other similarly-named products such as phenTREmine and phenTRAmine are all phentermine alternatives, and due to the ways they are spelled many people buy them thinking that they contain phentermine when in fact they do not. Our FAQs such as this one here: explain more about these products.

      I would first recommend that you register on our forum here: and ask our users if they know of a prescribing doctor in your area that takes insurance, or one that may prescribe phentermine at a more affordable price. If you can’t find one, then we recommend a phentermine alternative called Phen Caps which boost energy and suppress appetite like phentermine, but which are available online as they do not contain phentermine. You can read some testimonials from their customers here:

      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Sally, I’ve read all the review and checked out other websites. Since I do not have a Primary Dr. that can give me a prescription and I can not afford to see a local Dr. that does monitor and will give you the pill but he charges $60 weekly and that is way out of my budget. So on that note I ordered the Phen Caps and I m hoping that it will jump start me to be able to control my cravings and over eating. I know everyone’s body is different and I know I have to do my part as well because this is not a miracle pill, but I do hope and pray that it will help me in my journey.

        • Hey Dee, sorry to hear how expensive that local doctor is. We’ve heard a lot of great reports about Phen Caps so we hope that they can help you achieve success on your weight loss journey too.
          Best of luck!

  18. I have taken both, I was on the capsule last summer on and off for three months, I NEVER knew till this past month they came in a tablet, when I got the tablet I thought, \”well different manufacturers make them different,\” By day three I knew something was wrong with these tablets, I really believed my new doctor with the weight loss program prescribed me a placebo!
    This tablet did nothing for me, when my monthly check came up the other day I told her that I thought she gave me a placebo. She said \”if you want the capsules I can do that.\”
    So after paying such a low price for the tablet vs the capsule I really believed that is was a placebo, So I did this goggle search,
    Now I know why the tablet wasn\’t as effective, I have absorption issues, Now I know the difference and happy to be back on the capsule, I have had no other side effects then hard time sleeping, so I take them very early in the morning,as I\’m a early riser anyway.
    Thanks for this info, I\’m happy to know I didn\’t spend my money on a placebo,
    The doc could have explained this to me,

  19. So I am taking the Adipex tablets and I just don\’t know if I am suppose to swallow them with water in the morning or just put it in my mouth to dissolve. The thing is, I tried to dissolve it but it won\’t work. Only the blue stuff is dissolving. So in the end I have to drink the rest with water. Am I doing this right?

    • Hi Kristina, generally it’s only the Suprenza that you take by letting it dissolve on your tongue. We would recommend that you speak to your doctor but it sounds like swallowing the Adipex could work better.

  20. I was reading in the article above u could take the capsules and pour them in liquid or sprinkle them on food if swallowing Is difficult. But then in one of the comments you replyed to you stated not to pull the capsules apart. My capsules have the powder in them not the little pebbles. So can I spindle a little one something thing sprinkle the rest on something later.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Sorry for the contradictory information – the article was edited by former colleague who was misinformed about mixing the contents of a capsule and taking it in this way. I have just changed the article to reflect our recommendations. We would advise that you ask your doctor to see if it is safe to break the capsule, and if not then he or she may change your prescription to Suprenza if you continue to have problems with swallowing.

  21. I am on amitripiline and was prescribed 15 mgs of phentermine capsules… Yellow & grey… Is it safe to take together?

    • Hi Dawn,
      You should only take medications alongside phentermine if it’s been specifically approved by your doctor. Before you take the two together you should ask your doctor if it’s safe to combine these two medications.

  22. Lost 18 lbs. on 37.5 and it\’s been over a year but I had to sacrifice sleep to stay on the pills. So, I stopped for awhile, and Dr. Suggested 30 mg. capsules. Still, I\’m never tired!! So, I drink Extra Sleeptime tea which contains some Valerian root and it helps a little. I can get about 4-5 hrs. Sleep now. Is the tea safe with Phentermine? I still need to lose 20 more lbs. I\’m 5\’1 and 155.

  23. I previously took the capsules and my doctor said my body would adapt to taking the capsules and they would become ineffective. I refilled my script and was now given the white and blue tablets. Will my body adapt to these too?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Yes because your body is adapting to the phentermine, which is the active ingredient in both the capsules and pills. You may find the pills work better for you, or you may find that they don’t work as well, as people respond differently to the two types of phentermine. Hopefully they’ll work great for you!

  24. I like the capsules much better. The tablets dont help me and might even be gaining weight on the tablets.

    • Hi , I’m going to start taking the capsule 30mg do u think what time u should take them, and can u eat before u take them or after?

  25. I’m a gastric bypass patient. I require immediate release medications because extended arent properly absorbed. However, other medication that I’ve been on for other things, i.e. Seroquel etcetera, have cause me to gain fifty pounds so my GP prescribed Fastin (no longer available) and they gave me a capsule made by Sandoz E5000 that is ER … does Adipex P get released immediately by capsule or tablet?

    • Hi Gerard,
      Tablets are more likely to be immediate release than capsules, although I’m not sure if they would count as immediate release as all phentermine is designed to incorporate some kind of extended release in order to keep the appetite suppression and energy boost going throughout the day. It’s best to ask your doctor which would be most suitable for you.

      • Thank you. I know that Adipex P is the most prescribed. Because, as I mentioned, I require an IR mechanism I wasn’t certain to ask the doctor for Adipex P in tablet or capsule. Last month he prescribed Fastin* (no longer produced) and the pharmacy gave me extended release which hasn’t helped. Just want to know what to ask for. Thanks, again. Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. I started taking the phentermine capsules November 5th and I’ve lost 20 pounds in one month. So the capsules are working for me, and I feel I have more energy and not as tired anymore! Here’s to hoping to more weight loss.

  27. I was currently taking phentermine 30 mg capsule – the black ones. The dr said he was going to put me on a stronger dosage and now it’s phentermine bc 30 mg capsule – it’s a white and blue capsule with small beads in it. Can you tell me the difference between the 2?

    • Hi Brittany,
      The two sound very similar as they are both capsules and both a 30 mg dosage, so there is no difference in strength. The two capsules are probably made by different pharmaceutical companies and may have different inactive ingredients but are otherwise very similar. If you want any more information it would be best to ask your doctor as he will know more about different manufacturers.
      Hope that helps!

  28. I have always taken the 37.5 mg capsules and I love them. Recently my prescription got screwed up and I received the tablets instead of the capsules. I do not like the tablets. They do not suppress my appetite and they make me feel sick to my stomach terribly. Has anybody else noticed this?


  29. Hi I’m on phentermine – 45mg capsules, yellow and white…it’s been 4 days and I’ve only seen 2lbs lost and I’m in the treadmill mornings for 15mins then by 11am another 10mins and at 11pm for 15mins. And I’ve cut soda down…I was drinking 5-7 cans a day….lately I’ve had half of one to one whole can a day depends…..& 4 days later only 2lbs……back in 2011 I was on phentermine 37.5mg capsules blue and white now these helped me but I only took 15 pills and lost almost 10lbs but I stop taking them bc I felt jittery and was not hungry at all….I was not eating at all just drank water and my husband was worried…
    So is anyone taking or is on phentermine 45mg yellow and white capsule? Any ideas for me to lose weight faster….I also got 4 b12 shots that day I was given these pills…

    Thanks !

  30. I went to a diet doctor who gave me Phen 30 mg capsules, red & black. I guess I’m just wondering if they are really phen as I can never find pictures of my capsules and lately they don’t seem to be working as far as weight loss – just insane dry mouth that I can’t get rid of.

  31. I am taking the 30MG capsules. However, I am finding that even when I take them at 6:30AM I have a hard time getting to sleep until about 4AM the next morning. Do you think this may be from too high of a dose?

    • Hi Joann,
      From what you say I think that it could be a little too high, at least to start with. As it’s a capsule it shouldn’t be broken in half or anything so perhaps you could ask your doctor for a smaller dosage to build up more resistance and then move up to the 30mg if and when you need more effect.

  32. I picked up my script today and will start taking the capsules tomorrow morning. I’m really hoping to see the results that I’ve read about online. My goal is 40 pounds. I do take sleeping pills so I’m really hoping that will help with the insomnia that I’ve read so much about. Anything else I should be prepared for?

  33. I have been prescribed 15 mg capsules which I take twice a day. I do feel like hunger is more under control than normal but I am NOT experiencing the boost of energy everyone keeps talking about! In fact, after I take, I feel sleepier or more sluggish. Two years ago I did take phentermine tablets and did experience that energy boost. I wonder why I am not experiencing it now?

    I do have pcos and gained about 30 lbs after having my baby. He’s now one and I have been trying desperately to get the weight down. I am also on metformin and occasional hydrochlorthyzade for water retention. I wonder if my dosage is too low? Do I need the full 37.5 for the energy?

  34. I have been prescribed 15 mg capsules which I take twice a day. I do feel like hunger is more under control than normal but I am NOT experiencing the boost of energy everyone keeps talking about! In fact, after I take, I feel sleepier or more sluggish. Two years ago I did take phentermine tablets and did experience that energy boost. I wonder why I am not experiencing it now?

    I do have pcos and gained about 30 lbs after having my baby. He’s now one and I have been trying desperately to get the weight down. I am also on metformin and occasional hydrochlorthyzade for water retention. I wonder if my dosage is too low? Do I need the full 37.5 for the energy?

  35. I was originally given the white tablet with blue specs. It was not for me. Heart felt like it was going to pop out my chest and extreme dizziness. After 5 days the doctor gave me 30mg yellow capsules. Only side effect dry mouth which is good causing me to drink more water. Lost 50 lb in 11 months. I stopped losing weight and appetite increased so i was told to start taking 2 in the morning. Still no more weight loss actually gained 7 lbs. now im taking 1 capsule 30 mg along with 1 75mg tenuate. Been 1 week not sure if lost any weight but started having bowel issues resulting in bloody stool. Not sure if its related. Will be contacting doctor today since I’ve been taking phentermine for 17 months and the blood has only been since adding the new pill

  36. I have been on the 37.5 tablet for 2 plus weeks now and so has my sister. She feels very good and energetic. I, on the other hand feel absolutely nothing! I have been doing everything Dr told me such as journaling all my intake daily, drinking lots of water but I just have no energy at all. My sister can\’t believe I don’t have the same results as her. What can possibly be going on with me? I can feel a little appetite control but zero energy which I need very much to work out, walk etc. Do you guys think I should try the capsules? I need more energy badly. Also I take vitamin supplements and follow my diet very well. I’m disappointed in myself.

    • Hi Kim,
      This is nothing you’ve done wrong so you shouldn’t be disappointed in yourself. This is simply a demonstration of how phentermine (and all medications and supplements) affect people in different ways. We think you should ask your doctor about changing to a different brand or switching to capsules as these could work better for you.
      Good luck!

  37. I know it’s not recommended to crush the tablets, but I’m wondering why. Does it change the effectiveness of the pill?

    • Hi Kay,
      It’s because the tablet is set and coated, which allows it to pass to your stomach without the ingredients dissolving before it reaches there, and also helps the ingredients to be released gradually so that it is effective for you throughout the day. By crushing it, the ingredients start to dissolve on the way, which can result in a lower dosage of phentermine and a shorter period of effectiveness. If you find it hard to swallow tablets then there is the brand Suprenza, which is a dissolving pill:

  38. Hi. I recently went to the doctor and was out on 15 mg capsules twice a day. I was still hungry after taking them so when I went back the next time he doubled my dose. So now I take 2 15mg capsules in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon. I’ve read a lot of reviews and I’m afraid my dosage is too high… What do you think???

    • Hi Brittany,
      This dosage is very high – 60 mg total per day is almost twice the typical maximum of 37.5 mg. We obviously don’t have the medical training and knowledge of your doctor but this doesn’t seem like a good idea to us. Is it possible to get a second opinion?

  39. 4 months ago my doctor prescribe the Phentermine tablets they’re white with blue specks. Anyway they are working great for me, lots of energy, not much of an appetite, I was starting to feel so good about myself. Only negative side effect I experience was “dry mouth” any every once in awhile if I got up too fast from sitting down, I would get a little lightheaded. Other then that, no other side effects. My doctor told me to always take the phen in the morning 1 hour before breakfast. One morning I was in a hurry, forgot to take the phen and just taken it later. Big mistake! I couldn’t sleep at all. I even experience “leg restless syndrome”. I was reading some of your comments…FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING ON PHENTERMINE, try “MELATONIN 10 mg) it’s an all natural sleep aid, non-habit-forming and really works!
    I was 179 at my biggest. And I’m 5’2”. I didn’t like to go out. I didn’t like who I became. I was always tiny (110 pounds) my whole life. Started taking some medications for depression that made me gain so much weight. I also had the IUD, the IUD alone made me gain 25 pounds. I knew I needed to do something different. My doc slowly deceased me off the meds that making gain weight. Got the IUD removed! I started the Phen 37.5mg tablet @ 179 pounds! 4 months later, I weight 134! my goal is 125 Pounds!! Phentermine really works! It helped bring me back confidence.

    I wanted to share my story, Thank you.
    Now for the actual reason i searched for this forum was…
    Yesterday I went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy, I have always received the PHENTERMINE 37.5 tablets white w/blue specks. I told the pharmacists, “I’ve never seen them in a capsule before” he said they switched manufacturers. Than followed to say, you should happy! You usually pay $52 for the tablets. Its only $30 for capsule. I decided to research more about it and I found this form. I took a capsule this morning, no appetite I guess that’s good, but not much energy!! I used to blast some music and clean my whole house or jog outside for an hour. There’s no energy :\’ -( . I want the tablets back. Could I bring the RX bottle with the phentermine back to pharmacy and tell them I want the “tablets”. Or ask them for my script back and go elsewhere. Could I do this? Or am I stuck with 29 pills that I don’t want. I’m not scheduled to see my doctor for a whole month. What should I do?

    • At 179 LB. Before phentermine:

      At 134 LB after only 4 months on phentermine:content://media/external/file/41015

      It really works!

    • Hi Victoria,
      You could try at the pharmacy to see if they will swap them or if not then request your script back. It’s strange that they have given you capsules when your prescription was for pills. This can be a huge difference for some people – the cost isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to certain meds, which a pharmacist should know.

  40. I originally was prescribed phentermine 37.5 that was a blue tablet. I had previously taken the generic Adipex, the white tablet with blue specs, and was miserable daily with a horrible headache. The last time I received my prescription, the pharmacy had changed vendors/suppliers for this medication, and it was the white tablet with blue specs. I’ve been taking those for almost two weeks now, and I’ve had a headache about everyday. Do you know the name of the light blue oval pull? Is this a normal side effect? Does the light blue tablet have toparimate in it, as well, so that can help with preventing headaches? I am only 15 lbs away from my goal and want to continue, but I can’t stand the daily headaches.

    • I started taking phentermine 37.5….I have horrible head aches. I stopped taking the pills. Years ago I was on phentermine and had no head aches . Wish I was able to take them.

  41. Hi, I am currently prescribed the 40mg capsules and finding them a little strong for some days so I bought some empty gelatin capsules and put half the contents of a pill in that making a 20mg pill. I was wondering if you could tell me what the capsule coating is made of and if gelatin is a sufficient substitute coating for time release or will this effect the absorption? Thank you!

    • Hi Violet,
      It depends on which capsules you’re taking as different manufacturers may coat their capsules with a substance to help with time-release. It would probably be best to ask your doctor for more information on those capsules specifically, or maybe they could tell you more at the pharmacy where you got them.

  42. Do the regular pills have time release? I have a hard time swallowing pills so I have been crushing them for a few days

    • Hi Stephanie,
      The pills don’t have the same kind of time-release technology that the capsules have but they are still designed to last throughout the day. If crushing them works better for you and you can still feel the effects later in the day then this is fine.
      Sally, phentermine.


    • Hi Kim,
      You don’t need to worry about requesting a pill, your doctor is trained to prescribe you the phentermine most suited to you, so just explain all of this to your doctor and you’ll be given whatever he or she thinks is best.

  44. I started Phentermine 37mg white and blue speckled tablets. I weighed 226lbs when I started, I was on them for a few years on and off, and lost a total of 60lbs. Maintained my weight for the most part. I am now taking 15mg capsules to try and get my weight back down after having my son four months ago. I’m waiting to see the difference that everyone’s talking about.

  45. I was on the combo 15mg phentermine and 25 or topirimate- 3 mo later and im only down 7 lbs – so being discouraged i called my dr about a possible increase and she doesnt think its a good idea, i ve done some research and found that the max dose for the phen 15mg is 2x a day but i was only doing 1 in the am and it would curb my appetite just slightly during lunch , but come dinner i over eat as usual, is the dosing ok to do 2 at a time at lunch or 1 in am and 1 in pm ? thanks so much for the feedback

    • Hi Christie,
      It is generally fine to take 30mg of phentermine per day, which in your case would usually be prescribed as one 15mg in the morning and one around half an hour before lunch. However, since your doctor doesn’t think it’s a good idea, there could be something about your medical history or health which makes taking any more than you are now a bad idea or possibly dangerous. We would strongly discourage you from self-medicating against your doctor’s advice. Instead you could see if taking the 15mg you have later in the day would help you more, since dinnertime seems to be more of a problem for you.

  46. 4 years ago I was taking phentermine tablets 37.5 and I lost 50 pounds in 8 months and now I went to a different doctor to lose weight and they prescribed me phentermine 15mg but the pharmacist gave me phentermine hcl 15 mg capsules. Can you explain the difference between those three?

    • Hi Chis,
      Phentermine tablets and capsules contain the same active ingredient, which is phentermine HCL. The only real difference between capsules and tablets is that some capsules include ingredients to release the phentermine HCL into your body at a slower rate. For this reason, lower dosages of phentermine in capsule form can be as effective as higher dosages in pill form. Ideally, doctors should prescribe the lowest effective dosage, so if the 15mg works for you then this is a good sign as it means that if and when the phentermine starts to become less effective then you would be able to have a higher dosage, while the 37.5mg dosage is the highest so there is nowhere to go from there. Lower dosages are also less likely to cause side effects and withdrawal symptoms after the course of medication. The phentermine HCL you were given by the pharmacist is the same as phentermine in terms of active ingredients but it may have fewer or no inactive ingredients, such as fillers and colorants.
      Hope that clears it up for you!

  47. I have always taken the tablet (37.5). It is becoming less effective. Should I try the capsules (30)mg?

  48. Started on 15mg capsule, for 2 weeks went up to 30mg capsule for 2 weeks, side effects of 30s were too much, really bad, felt like a dried prune, seriously dry mouth, dry eyes, 3 hours sleep per night, couldn’t function due to exhaustion. Back to the 15s now -14lbs in 4 weeks

  49. Hi I’m Hadiyah. I just started taking the 15mg phentermine capsule with victoza. So far I lost 10lbs on victoza which I started in Oct 2016. It’s now Jan 2017. Have you heard of any great weight loss from these 2 together?

  50. I was on 37.5 tablet only lost a total of 20 pounds since Dec 6 I ran out in April and just went back yesterday and she prescribed me the tablet I had been getting but also the yellow 30 mg capsule, I was suppose to take both at 6 am, I\’m a little apprehensive of this so yesterday I took the tablet this morn the capsule, but I am curious is taking them both at the same time safe?

    • Hi Kandi,
      I would recommend sharing your concerns with your doctor and double-checking that this was the dose and schedule that she intended.

  51. I have been on Phentermine for 5 months now and have lost 36 pounds. I was taking capsules. Just recently picked up new prescription and they gave me tablets instead of capsules. Have been taking these for 5 days , and I can definitely tell the difference between the two. I even went back to pharmacy and asked pharmacist if there was a difference between the two. She told me No there wasn\’t and I knew she was wrong. I told her they were time released and she said they weren\’t. I really like capsules Better than tablets!!!!!!

  52. Was on phentermine for 10 months on and off..highest dosage and lowest dosage.My starting weight was 253lbs. I exercised daily, changed my eatting habits, and in 10 months, was down to 163lbs. Was in a car accident that well left me with only a cpl things to workout on in the 8 months I gained back 28lbs. I have quit smoking whick i know some is from that.. I am going back on the 30 mg capsules. What i am curios about is this… I usually try to take my phentermine 8-9am.. Is it possible to get the 15mg ones and take the first 15 mg 8-9am and the second 15mg between 2-3pm??

  53. I was on the white and blue speckled tablet for 2 months, when I went to refill my script, I received the white and blue capsule. Having a hard time getting used to them. It\’s only been 4 days but they\’re making me feel weird. A little dizzy, my throats burns a little and belching a lot. Will my body adjust to the capsules soon?

    • Hi Jen! It’s not unusual for people to have some trouble adjusting to a change from tablet to capsule. So, your symptoms will most likely decrease soon. Still, we recommend speaking with your doctor (and possibly your pharmacist as well) about your negative reaction to the medication change. They may have more specific or immediate suggestions to ease the symptoms.

  54. I have just started taking the phentermine 30 mg capsules and have had good success. I have dropped about 20 lbs in one month.
    I have noticed that after taking the 30 mg capsule around 12 noon that I start getting hungry around 6 PM.
    My doc has suggested that I take the 30 mg capsule in the morning and take an additional 15 mg capsule around 4 pm? I\’m a little worried that I won\’t be able to sleep? This medication has caused some sleeping issues. Other than that I have had no other side effects.
    Please let me know your thoughts!

    • Hi Walt! The typical recommendation is to avoid exceeding 37.5mg per day, so the most common solution for late-night cravings is to simply split a 30mg or 37.5mg tablet into 2 and take one half in the morning and the other half in the early afternoon (at 1-2pm, usually). I would be especially cautious of taking the extra 15mg so late if you’re already having trouble sleeping. Still, we’re not medical professionals, so make sure to check with your doctor (or seek a second opinion) before adjusting your phentermine dosage or schedule. Best wishes!

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