Phentermine Results

Lost 21 pounds

Gender: Female
Age: 30
Start Weight: 193 pounds
Current Weight: 172 pounds
Treatment Duration: 1 – 3 months

“There is no magic pill, but phentermine is about as close as it gets... This pill changed my life.”

I tried dieting by myself before I would lose 10-20 pounds and gain twice as much… it was my doctor that suggested to try phentermine. I decided to give it a try.

I was anxious because I read so much about great results from other people, and the first few days were difficult with side effects. But, so far I’ve lost 21 pounds! I went from 193 to 172.

I was always conscious about my appearance, but once I started taking phentermine my life became different. The before and after pictures say it all. I didn’t only lose pounds – I lost inches. My old clothes don’t fit me anymore and this is a small accomplishment that I am proud of.

At the beginning I had to force myself to eat, but after 4 days I got used to it and I had so much energy to work out and make healthy food choices. It’s like something clicked in my brain that I no longer wanted to eat unhealthy food.



The most rewarding part of my new lifestyle is being able to love myself again and not be embarrassed of how I look in pictures.

Taking phentermine is not an easy way out – you still have to work hard. This was a kickstart for me to become a better version of me. Also, I love that my back no longer hurts from carrying all that unnecessary weight and my varicose veins became less visible too.

If I can do it so can you! I am not ashamed to say that I take phentermine. I promote it. People notice the change and I tell them that phentermine changed my life.

What I Eat with Phentermine

I eat very similar things each day. I wake up around 6am, take phentermine and eat breakfast before I leave. For lunch I like to eat meat and veggies, like a burger patty and a salad. Dinner is something easy like chicken salad.

6 AM


Wake up & take phentermine

6 AM

7 AM



7 AM

12 PM


Burger (no bun)

12 PM

4 PM


Apple and peanut butter

4 PM

8 PM



8 PM

9 PM



9 PM
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