Shelby’s Incredible Journey​

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Lost 87 pounds
Start Weight: 226 pounds
Current Weight: 139 pounds
Treatment Duration: 7 – 12 months

It’s so satisfying seeing people that I haven’t seen in a long time and they almost don’t know who I am because I have lost so much weight. The look of shock is what keeps me going.

I saw number on the scale go over 200lbs and just knew I had to do something, because I always said I’d never let myself get over 200lbs.

Phentermine made it pretty easy to adjust in general, but I had a little trouble getting used to my “new” appetite. I would still order the same amount of food or cook the same amount as I always had for myself and I would only actually maybe eat a quarter of it.

The most rewarding part of my new lifestyle is that I feel better. I’ve learned to love myself inside and out, and my health is much better. Knowing I’m at a healthy weight and not having to worry if I’ll be around to see age 50 is a wonderful feeling to finally have.

As far as advice goes, all I can really say is, don’t give up. Phentermine does its job, but you have to do yours as well. It’s not a miracle pill, but if you put in the effort to get started, phentermine will do the rest.

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Losing Weight as a Student

I take phentermine first thing in the morning, and then usually eat some oatmeal for breakfast around 9am. If I’m hungry I grab a parfait for snack and then at around 1pm I have lunch – usually a salad. Dinner is typically light like soup and toast. I also try to make time to exercise.

6 AM


Wake up & take phentermine
9 AM




10 AM



Fruit parfait

1 PM



Caesar salad with grilled chicken

6 PM



Broccoli soup and a small avocado toast

9 PM



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