Rebecca’s Gorgeous Transformation

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Lost 57 pounds
Start Weight: 226 pounds
Current Weight: 169 pounds
Treatment Duration: 4-6 months

I feel great! I’m fitting back into size 12s and I feel so much more comfortable in my body.

I was naturally thin for the first 25 years of my life, but a couple of years after a traumatic event in my 20s my metabolism came to a screeching halt. For the last nine years it didn’t matter how mindful I was with my diet or how much I worked out, I couldn’t get the weight to come off. 

I even tried two MLM businesses – one completely didn’t work and the other one worked and taught me a lot about nutrition but it was too expensive to maintain. 

So when I saw my PCP and expressed a desire for breast reduction surgery, she suggested phentermine because, in-order to be approved for surgery, my BMI needed to be lower.

Phentermine was different in helping because it directly affects the central nervous system. My metabolism had reduced due to post-traumatic stress disorder. Under stress, our bodies react and one of the biggest things to be affected is our adrenal gland, which controls “adrenaline” aka “fight/ flight/ freeze” responses. When our adrenal glands never get a break, it can’t function the way it needs to. Phentermine was able to jump start my metabolism.

The first two weeks of Phentermine were brutal with side effects: mood swings, feeling drunk/ high and no sleep due to the high energy. I pushed through and dealt with the remaining dizziness (vertigo) for another month, but that too subsided.

I drink more water, I try to do some exercise every day. I also do charcoal to help with body detox. I’ve found my weight loss is more successful with healthier choices. 

Phentermine at first did seem like a miracle pill, but it really only works if we’re willing to make the lifestyle changes NEEDED to actually lose and maintain weight.

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Setting Realistic Expectations

I think it’s very important to read the prescription information in its entirety because if you are just starting and you work full-time, you’ll need to be mindful of the side effects until they’re nonexistent.

Every medication needs two weeks for your body to adjust to it. My doctor was willing to keep me on it because I made the necessary changes for it to be most effective.


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Overall, I’ve averaged about 10 pounds a month. Sure it’s not speedy BUT I’m only just now seeing slack skin areas, and nothing too significant. The weight loss was slow enough that my body has been able to keep up with elasticity.

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