Raelene’s Journey to Health

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Lost 29 pounds
Start Weight: 180 pounds
Current Weight: 151 pounds
Treatment Duration: 1 – 3 months

“I am no longer on my BP medicine due to the weight loss with phentermine!”

My annual check-up with my doctor was worse than the prior year. My blood pressure had improved somewhat, but only because I was put on a BP med. Plus, I had gained ANOTHER 10 pounds since my physical in September 2015!

My doctor counseled me about losing weight, and I explained that I had been trying with no luck. We discussed a plan, I joined the gym and agreed to be more aware of the food I was eating.

When I went back a month later I had gained 2 more pounds! That’s when he suggested phentermine.

Educating myself about the food I am putting in my body was pretty hard: no processed, pre-packaged foods and being aware of the sugar in my diet, even the hidden sugars.

I gave up sugar and that is probably one of the hardest things to stick to. I do treat myself on occasion. If I feel an urge for something sweet, I will indulge in something I made with Stevia.

But the sacrifice has been worth it. I love the way clothes fit me now and knowing that I can actually buy something “off the rack”.

Although, it was financially tough to keep buying clothes to wear to my office job while losing the weight. I would buy a few items to mix and match as I was dropping weight, but a week to 10 days later nothing fit me anymore. It’s a good problem to have!

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My advice is to educate yourself about the food you’re putting into your body and the supplements that can help with your journey. 

I added a couple of new supplements based on what I learned from other people in the Phentermine.com group, but only after reading about the benefits and risks of those supplements. 


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Lastly carry a water bottle with you everywhere to be sure you are getting plenty of it throughout the day!

My Phentermine Routine

I like to start my day with something sweet but I use plain yogurt paired up with some fresh berries. Later on I prefer to have protein and then a bit of a treat like a creamy whole-grain pasta for dinner. 

6 AM


Wake up & take phentermine
7 AM



Yogurt and berries

1 PM



Roasted chicken and stir-fry

7 PM



Creamy whole-grain pasta

10 PM



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