Mayling Lost Weight for HERSELF

Lost 33 pounds

Age: 45
Start Weight: 175 pounds
Current Weight: 142 pounds
Treatment Duration: 7 – 12 months

“Make sure above all, that you're doing this for yourself first.”

My before picture was definitely my wake up call – LOL!

My words of advice are to first decide why you want to embark on this lifestyle change. No matter how hard it may seem, please do not give up!

You are that much closer to reaching your goals than it may seem. I’ve had stalls but I haven’t given up. 

Just continue every day.

The most difficult adjustment was to not letting others (including my husband, my family & my friends) dictate my goals. They all want the best for me, but I have to do this for myself.

This weight loss has changed my life. Being able to wear smaller clothes has been so amazing. I feel pretty. I also love having more stamina, energy and self control. Big plus!



My Goals, My Routine

I usually take my phentermine first thing and then have a protein shake for breakfast. I eat chicken or beans with veggies and avocad for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I have fish instead. If I feel a bit hungry I have a healthy snack before bed. This helps me sleep better. 

7 AM


Wake up & take phentermine

7 AM

10 AM


Protein shake
and plain greek yogurt

10 AM

1 PM


Grilled chicken,
small avocado and veggies

1 PM

7 PM


Black beans,
small avocado and veggies

7 PM

10 PM



10 PM

11 PM



11 PM
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