Kristy Saved Her Knees & Regained Her Energy

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Lost 42 pounds
Start Weight: 234 pounds
Current Weight: 192 pounds
Treatment Duration: 7-12 months

“Always remember that you deserve to feel good… You deserve to be healthy and no food is worth that. Whatever you do, just don’t give up.”

I hurt my knee after falling down the stairs and it wasn’t healing even after physical therapy so I knew that I had to lose the weight that was putting extra pressure on it. No one told me to lose the weight… It was purely a decision I made on my own which needed to happen.

The most rewarding part about losing 40 pounds has been not feeling tired or out of breath when doing things, plus my knee being able to heal. I’m not in shape by any means, but I feel so much better when doing activities. I love being outside now and just enjoying life.

If you need to take a day to have your favorite meal whatever it may be, that’s okay as long as you don’t give up. It’s such a mental hurdle that you have to get over but once you do it’s all up from there. 

Home from College to Lose Weight

I was never overweight as a kid but once I hit puberty, I seemed to be on the fast track to obesity. After high school, I put on 50 lbs in less than 6 months (and have the stretch marks to prove it).

Still, I was very much in denial and felt like, “if someone is going to like me, I want them to like me for what is inside and not the outside.” I didn’t want to admit that I was becoming unhealthy because honestly, the food was just so good!

I maxed out at 234 lbs when I fell down the stairs in my house and hurt my knee. After going to physical therapy for it and still not recovering I realized that I needed to lose the weight in order to get that extra pressure off of the knee.

I lost 20 lbs in roughly 3 months simply from cutting out ALL sodas and fast food. This was super hard! I still ate some junk food but after maxing out at 20 lbs lost, I knew I needed to become more serious because I loved the thrill I got from 20 lbs gone and a whole jean size down. I knew I could feel so much better if I kept losing the pounds!

I went to my family doctor (whom I have been going to since middle school – about 8 years now), and he put me on phentermine as well as a diet that is a bit like no carbs.

The diet is essentially no white foods (with exceptions). No corn or starches like potatoes, no corn syrup, no white flour, limited sugar and no white rice. If you want bread then it should pretty much crunch because of the whole grains. A lot of breads will say “whole wheat” but look carefully at the ingredients for the white flour. (Nature Valley has a great bread for the diet and it tastes good – I’m a picky eater). I eat a lot of strawberries for the anti-oxidants and bananas for the potassium. Eggs are great too. I found that if I eat 2 eggs a day (and other sensible things as well) than I lose a pound a day.


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I also drink a lot of ice cold water because I find that it curbed my appetite because at that time I wasn’t on this medicine. I’ve heard that your body tricks you into thinking you are hungry when you are really just thirsty, so that’s a good thing to try.

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At the beginning, I weighed myself multiple times throughout the day on the same scale in the same place. Some people have said that it’s obsessive, but to be honest, it has helped me figure-out which foods do what to my body.

I feel like everyone’s system is different and you have to figure out which foods react with your body. I have been on the medicine and the diet for 2 months now and I lost 10 lbs the first month and so far this month, I have lost 12. My doctor said that he only expected me to lose 5 lbs a month, but was pleased that the diet with phen is helping.

I am very pleased with the medicine because I can definitely feel it give me a boost of energy that lasts all day long as well as the appetite suppressant.

I know people who will read this may be skeptical because so many diet sites have these “testimonials” but if you ever only trust one testimonial I ask you to trust mine. I have struggled with my weight throughout my teen years and though I may only be 21, I have to say this is the only diet that I have ever succeeded on.

I used to crave food so bad that I would eat even when I was so full that my stomach hurt. I don’t do that anymore thanks to this medicine; I eat when I’m hungry and when I am full I know it and I don’t continue to eat what’s left on my (usually oversized) plate just because it was good and it’s there!

I also just want to point out that I haven’t worked out a single day on this weight loss journey and though I plan to when I move in the next month (free gym at college) it’s not like one of those MUST do things. I know they recommend it, and I do too so that your skin gets tight again and the muscles tighten back up so you minimize the risk for saggy extra skin, but you will still lose weight without doing it.

I have so much more energy now, not just from the medicine, but also because I am 40 lbs lighter and it just feels amazing. I used to feel like I shouldn’t have to lose weight for people to like me and I now realize that losing weight isn’t for other people – it’s for myself. It’s so that I can live a longer and healthier life and so that, one day when I have kids, I will be able to run around with them without gasping for air every 2 minutes and I can be there for them without worrying that I might die from a heart attack from the next cheeseburger!

I wish everyone who is dieting “luck”, because I know how hard it is, especially during the first few weeks. Please don’t give up because the reward of feeling better is far greater than any cake/brownie/pizza/soda/etc. could ever be.

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Fitting into jeans that you thought you would have to give away because they simply didn’t fit anymore feels like winning the jackpot and it feels so great on the inside! Please don’t give up, you deserve to feel great!

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