Kody’s All-Natural Weight Loss

Lost 105 pounds
Start Weight: 270 pounds
Current Weight: 165 pounds
Treatment Duration: More than a year

“ I am here to tell you that all of your hard work and determination will pay off in the end!

I lost 105 pounds through hard work, determination, diet, and exercise alone in eighteen months. I have now been 165 pounds of around 4 months and am starting to grasp the differences between health and unhealthy! IT’S AWESOME TO BE HEALTHY!!!

Healthy eating is key to losing weight and this was absolutely the hardest adjustment for me! But it was worth it because now I FEEL AWESOME ALLLLLLL THE TIME!!!

Kody after picture

I am here to tell you that all of your hard work and determination will pay off in the end! The only person to blame for how big or how small you are is yourself. If you wholeheartedly put in the work and don’t cheat, diet and exercise alone can change your life forever! I’ve lost 105 pounds in 18 months with no surgeries and no health problems.

If you want to know the real secret to weight loss it’s not pills and supplements, or starvation, and its most definitely not surgery unless this secret is consciously acknowledged far too late. The secret is not to lie to yourself. If you are gaining weight it is because you are eating more calories on a daily basis than you are burning daily. This will always be true!!! NO FDA Approval Needed! Eat 2000 calories, burn 2500 calories, lose weight! Eat 2500 calories, burn 2000 calories, gain weight! Please don’t blow this off!!! all you will ever need to know about weight loss is right here! All it takes is YOU!!!

Stick with it and stay on track and YOU can do anything!

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