Jaime's Incredible Journey

Lost 72 pounds

Age: 30
Start Weight: 386 pounds
Current Weight: 314 pounds
Treatment Duration: 7 – 12 months

“Stay positive and keep pushing towards your goals!!”
- Jaime

I was sick of hating the way I looked everyday and the pain I was in physically and mentally. I’ve battled anxiety, depression, leg pain, and foot pain. 

I was on medication and gained an insane amount of weight and I was eating candy and cupcakes all the time when I shouldn’t have been! I couldn’t stop eating, my teeth were decaying. It was terrible.

So… I decided to talk to my doctor about phentermine.

It was hard to stop bingeing on sweets and using food as an emotional band-aid, but being able to move around with my husband and children has been wonderful. The whole family suffered due to my weight. I was unable to play as much as I am now!!



A Day in My Life with Phentermine

I take my phentermine first thing in the morning. Breakfast is a protein shake with coffee ice cubes, and then I usually eat something heavier for lunch and make sure to pack a snack for the afternoon so I have plenty of energy for dancing! I exercise 3-4 times per week and I like soups or salads for dinner after I work out.

5 AM


Wake up & take phentermine

5 AM

7 AM


Protein shake blended
with coffee ice cubes

7 AM

12 PM


Quinoa enchilada casserole
or chicken fajitas

12 PM

4 PM


Apple and peanut butter

4 PM

7 PM


I usually burn 490 cals per day

7 PM

9 PM


Salad with shrimp
and avocado

9 PM

10 PM



10 PM
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