Hannah’s Stunning Metamorphosis

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Lost 53 pounds
Start Weight: 185 pounds
Current Weight: 132 pounds
Treatment Duration: 9 months

“Losing weight was the first and biggest step into a new lifestyle that I desperately needed.”

I’ve never been an insecure person, my mother raised me to be very confident no matter how I looked or appeared physically. It was more important how you carry yourself, and she was right! But I wasn’t able to carry myself so confidently anymore because I did not feel good, I ate fast food and junk food all the time, and sodas constantly. Several a day if I could. Eventually that lifestyle weighs you down mentally even more so than physically.

So I went to my doctor and we discussed phentermine and I told him my goals and he helped me create a diet plan. He was extremely supportive. I think that it is really important to have a doctor that hears you and is willing to actually help.

One of the biggest challenges with weight loss in my experience has been seeing the change of my own body. Some days I will be bloated and I will literally feel like I’m at day 1 all over again and that can make you feel so defeated even though you know you’ve been doing so well.

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Losing weight was the first and biggest step into a new lifestyle that I desperately needed. I really had no idea how much my health depended on my eating habits. I was eating so much but I wasn’t fueling my body, it took me a long time to realize how my diet changed my body and the way I felt.

My biggest advice to anyone trying to lose weight, would be to identify how much of this relies on your mindset. And I think everyone should know that it is normal to hit a plateau, and to fluctuate! That’s just natural! Don’t stress over every pound, and listen to your body. Make short term and long term goals.

How I Lost 53 Pounds With Phentermine

I wake up around 6 AM every morning and I take my phentermine by 6:30 AM. I’ve been taking phentermine for 9 months, skipping weekends and I take a week break every 4 weeks.

I don’t usually eat breakfast because I tend to have a sensitive stomach early in the morning. I’ve always been that way! But if I do want something to eat that day I will have a banana or granola bar. I only drink one cup of coffee a day. I like to drink fruit-infused water or I will have a zero sugar Mountain Dew.

For lunch, I will have a cheeseburger with lettuce and no bun or a salad. Through the day, I will have a snack like peanuts or veggies. For dinner, most of the time, I will make one of the meals from a meal subscription service me and my husband love. The most recent meal we tried (and loved) was apricot glazed chicken breast with green beans.



Wake up & take phentermine

Take phentermine




Banana or granola bar




Vanilla cold brew coffee




Bunless burger or salad




Peanuts or veggies




Chicken breasts with beans





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