Crystal Wears What She Wants

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Lost 54 pounds
Start Weight: 172 pounds
Current Weight: 118 pounds
Treatment Duration: 4 – 6 months

When you want to give up, think of the end result! For me it was me imagining myself in those short shorts or that cute sundress – feeling sexy again.

The deciding factor for me to lose weight was that I hated how my clothes started to feel on me. While at work, someone asked me when my baby was due, and I remember how I felt at that moment! I wanted to cry.

I had a 2 year old and I had not made an effort to lose the weight. I was so busy with work and raising a newborn, which felt like by myself since my husband worked a night shift, that I forgot to take care of me.

I feel like a new woman! I turned 35 and was able to reward myself with a trip to Las Vegas and lying out by the pool in a bikini. I went from wearing a size 14/16 to a size 2/4! Now I can wear skinny jeans and not feel fat anymore! And wear cute little shirts in the summer that I had not been able to before.

I have never been prouder of myself. Through all the sweat and tears, I have done it all by myself. I stuck to exercise, phentermine and a low carb diet and IT WORKED.

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Phentermine & Self-Discovery

I never thought I could ever lose this much weight. I have always had a weight problem and being short doesn’t help. 

In 2001, I had lost about 30 lbs. and had felt better than I had ever felt before. That is the year that I met my husband. In 2002 we got married. It had been my dream to get married and have a family but after trying for 4 years what seemed like everything (including clomid), I had become down on myself. 

Then one day in 2005 I found out the reason I had been gaining weight again was because I was pregnant. I had my baby in December 2006. I gained 40 lbs. and in December 2008 I still had not lost the weight.

I had given phentermine a try before, but it gave me headaches and didn’t seem to work but this time I vowed to myself that I would not stop taking it and would work-out while taking it. 

So, on 12-27-08, I hit the gym with my new membership and the treadmill. I also started a low carb diet. It was hard!


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I weighed myself at least once a week and kept a log of my weight weekly. I took at least one picture a month to track my progress of how I looked and posted it to my Facebook.

During this time, I found myself again. I had been down in the dumps, didn’t want to go out anymore, didn’t feel right in my own skin. I was in a marriage in which I was unhappy, and through my workouts and music I was able to think about things.

Actually, the most difficult part of all this was being away from my daughter and husband. As I became healthier and smaller, I grew further away from my marriage. It was also reminding myself that I had a goal that I had set and I wanted to achieve something for “me”.

I set a goal of losing 2 lbs. a week and trying to lose 8 to 10 lbs. a month. In the end, I have lost 54 pounds!

My Advice

Believe in yourself! Set a goal and don’t look back.

Log your weight weekly and don’t rely on a workout buddy. You have to carry your own weight. Don’t let someone else bring you down, believe me, you can do it by yourself. 

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