Chrissy: The Blushing Bride

Lost 50 pounds

Age: 29
Start Weight: 290 pounds
Current Weight: 240 pounds
Treatment Duration: More than a year

“Nine months before my wedding I decided to go to a weight loss clinic to get my life back on track. And it worked!”

The deciding factor that made me want to change my lifestyle was my wedding. When I started on Jan 1st I was determined to stay on track. I didn’t want to feel fat on the most important day of my life.

The most rewarding part of my new lifestyle is the extra energy I have, and being able to feel good about myself. This year I’m planning a trip to an amusement park and a trip to go zip lining! I wouldn’t have even thought about that last year because of the weight restrictions.

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My Weight Loss Advice

Work on it one day at a time. Take your pills and listen to your body. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat as much. My doctor explained to me that I have enough calories in me that skipping a meal here or there won’t hurt me.

Also, take before and after pictures. You see your body everyday so it gets hard to judge. Take measurements as well even if you’re not loosing weight on the scale doesn’t mean you’re not loosing inches! Inches are what you want to loose. And ask questions… the phentermine forum has been a big help. If you don’t know – ask! Everyone is here to see you succeed.



Phentermine: One Day at a Time

On a typical day, I wake up around 7am and take half a pill of phentermine. I then have my protein shake and a plain yogurt at about 10am, which holds me over until my snack (usually fruit or veggies) at 1ish.

My schedule is a little hectic, so I tend to eat a late lunch of chicken and broccoli around 4pm, followed by dinner at 7pm. Lately I’ve been loving tuna salad for dinner! After finishing my homework, I try to go to bed around 10pm.

7 AM


Wake up & take phentermine

7 AM

10 AM


​Banana Cinnamon Protein Shake​​
and plain yogurt

10 AM

1 PM


Fruits and vegetables

1 PM

4 PM


Grilled chicken
and broccoli or corn

4 PM

7 PM


Green Salad with Tuna

7 PM

10 PM



10 PM
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