Chandra’s Success Story

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Lost 74 pounds
Age: 34
Start Weight: 216 pounds
Current Weight: 142 pounds
Treatment Duration: More than a year

“Don’t give up. Make permanent changes for life. And stay amongst a great support group. If I did it, anyone can do it!”

I started phentermine when I realized that I was cutting years off my life, and in the meantime,  I was losing precious moments of my life by avoiding social functions, avoiding old friends, and worst of all, not having the energy to love life.

Eating out was always my favorite, so it was hard to cut way back on that. But on the bright side, I have saved tons of money, with which I shop for new clothes!

I can’t explain how good it feels to be able to walk into any room and hold my head up high. I don’t feel like people are focusing on my stomach when I enter a room anymore. I feel better inside and out!

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Losing My Post-Pregnancy Weight

My highest weight was at 230 pounds. The funny thing is I never even realized how big I had gotten, and even wilder was how fast the pounds crept up on me…

When I gave birth to my first and only child on August 16th, I assumed that all the weight gained would come off right at the time of his birth. Well, at my son’s first birthday I was even bigger than before – a whopping 230 pounds – 25 pounds heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant.

I swear when I went to the doctor, I said, “That stupid scale is broken”. When I finally realized it wasn’t broken I decided, “Well, at least I don’t look like I weigh 230 lbs!” Well the pictures looking back tell a different story.

I fought and fought with the idea of trying to diet – Did I have the right frame of mind? Was I ready? Was I doing it for me? How would I deal with emotional stress while dieting? The reasons for procrastination were endless.

That October, weighing 229 pounds, I began Weight Watchers. By December, I was down to 206 pounds. Then the holidays hit me and hard. I found that when you lose motivation – IT IS GONE! My motivation was gone and the weight began to pour back on.

Then I began to exercise. That really makes me laugh out loud! I remember when I started walking for the first time in February; I made it to the end of my street which is about a quarter of a mile, and thought – “Someone better call an ambulance because I will never make it home.”

So I battled with the pros and cons of a healthy lifestyle and realized that I had no energy, and came to grips that I had a one-year old and that I couldn’t even get on the floor to play with him. My husband changed more diapers than I ever did and I was avoiding all social functions due to embarrassment. I had lost my life!

So, that next March I started phentermine. The rest is history. In the first week I lost 11 pounds. Within the first month, 25 pounds and it steadily kept falling off.

My energy was through the roof. I could resist cravings for the first time in my life!

Best of all – I had made the most awesome friends here. The support has made me the success I am today! They have taught me about “inner work” and how emotions play such a huge role in an overweight lifestyle. These fellow phensters have been there, walked in my shoes, and can relate like no others. Whenever I lost motivation, I came asked the support group for help.

At first, my husband thought I was online a little too much, but now he would hug everyone to thank them for the new and improved wife that he has gained. You can’t give up when amongst such an amazing group of supporters!

I am now off phentermine and am still steadily losing. I used phentermine as a tool to teach me good eating and exercise habits. I drank my water and I chatted with the others. I listened to all advice and applied what I thought would work for me.

Here I am today, 75 pounds lighter. I want to lose 25 pounds more to reach 130 and be at exactly a 100 loss. I am forever thankful to each and every phenster. My life has changed more than I can ever express in a story!

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