Brandon’s Transformation

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Lost 150 pounds
Start Weight: 320 pounds
Current Weight: 170 pounds
Treatment Duration: More than a year

“I feel a lot more accomplished and feel like I can do anything in life after accomplishing over 120 pounds of weight loss!”

I made a change to save my health. At my age, I didn’t want to die earlier than I had to – especially if I could prevent it by just taking care of my body.

My favorite part about losing the weight has been people’s reactions, plus being able to do outdoor sports, take long walks and not having to worry about people staring in disgust. I like getting compliments on how good I look opposed to the disgusted looks.

The hardest part was my flabby skin. I wish I would have done crunches, and more stomach toning while losing the weight to help contract the skin back together!

Also food. My mind still needed to catch up with my body. I would put a lot on my plate, but wouldn’t eat it. I would want/crave more sweets than my body can take.

Once you start, go full steam ahead and grab something for your motivation. For me it was my picture from start. What’s it going to be for you?

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My Weight Loss Story

I had just moved to a new town, there was absolutely NOTHING to do. I would sit at home and eat tremendous amounts of food/cookies/junk while watching TV. Then one day I saw a commercial about health. I went to my doctor, and he said that I was at-risk. At such a young age (of 19), I weighed in at 320+ pounds. This news got me more depressed each time I went in, which drove me to eat.

One day out of the blue, I told myself I would not drink soda or any kind of fatty drink or high carbonated drink for 1 month! I succeeded to find out I lost 15 POUNDS! In ONE MONTH! Just from not drinking soda! Incredible. It drove me to start slowly and exercise. I eventually gave up ALL fast foods for that month, and what do you know? Another 20 Pounds OFF! JUST FROM EATING RIGHT!

I was starting to get more and more impressed with myself. My whole family started seeing my weight loss in my face mostly, and my stomach (boy, it was huge – look at the pictures!).

I then realized that I should go to a nutrition center and see what I could find to speed up my metabolism so that I could lose weight faster. Or at least suppress my appetite because my stomach was rumbling tremendously! I tried a lot of brand products: Hydroxycut, trimspa, all those… with little success.

My mother has had hardships with weight as well. We ate because we liked the taste and she cooked so good that we ate big portions. So one month I decided to cut down my portions. And that helped as well. Though I was hungry as all hell, I knew this was probably the recommended intake of calories.

Honestly, I would say that I was taking in around 2500-3500 a day before, sometimes more! TOTALLY UNHEALTHY! But they were BAD CALORIES, cookies, snacks, anything that tasted good that I could get my hands on, home baked cakes, etc…

I started slowly with exercise – I would walk on the treadmill in the gym, for about an hour a day. I was not timing mileage at this point, I was just estimating how much I could walk per day, and how much my body could take….

After a couple weeks of a strict diet, and walking an hour a day for 6 days, the pounds started melting off me. But I’m just like everyone else, I wanted to see the flat stomach in less than a month…. (wasn’t going to happen).

I did take some turns and road blocks and discouragements, but then I found a picture of me right before I graduated high school and I put it up on the mirror and compared my smile. MY GOD, there wasn’t as much fat on my face as I had before! What a motivator! So I kept that picture nice and close to my side, reminding me of how far I had come already and not to let it go! With only about 100 Pounds to go, I was more than determined to push myself. I had already lost 35-40 pounds, I wasn’t going to let it escape that easily.

I had no idea my mother was on phentermine and she was losing weight a bit faster than me, even though I’m young – it just didn’t seem fair. When she explained to me what she was using, I thought I’d give it a shot.

I talked to my doctor and decided to try weight loss medication. My gosh it helped soooo much… The weight was melting off me, gave me more energy than ever. It didn’t feel like I was on crack or anything: it was a more calm, subtle feeling, but full of energy!

I got to a point where I lost enough weight to set myself on a low carb/high protein diet because I was so young! As a result, I noticed that I wasn’t that hungry, but when I ate, I dropped even more weight. You need fuel to feed your body, and when that’s fed my gosh, look out!

Anyway, I decided to go to the gym 6 days a week, and promising myself to either walk, jog or even run 20 miles a week. In 8-9 months, I was down to where I wanted to be…..


The reaction of my family was awe as I showed off my new body. Now I can walk more often and longer, my blood pressure was normal and my fat percentage dropped from 30-40% all the way down to 16%! I was so happy and felt so great! My high school friends DID NOT recognize me, and people treat you differently as well….

But remember one thing, you knew how it was to be fat and once you lose all your weight, you look at the world in a different way. Watching others react to obese people, mostly in disgust, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what is on the outside: it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Just because you are a bit overweight or obese doesn’t mean you are nothing. I have an even bigger heart now than I did before.

To get back on track, I feel a lot more accomplished and feel like I can do anything in life after accomplishing over 120 pounds of weight loss!

Thanks to the support this site has given to many and to me, many thanks!

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