Barbara’s Amazing Weight Loss


Lost 102 pounds
Start Weight: 237 pounds
Current Weight: 135 pounds
Treatment Duration: More than a year

Take your time… Don’t overuse the pill and listen to your body.

Round two of 100-pound weight loss here….

I kept the weight off after losing 115 pounds when I was 20. Afterwards, I gave up the 3x a day workout after leaving the Marine Corps about 8 years ago. I went back into the ‘sit on your bottom’ job environment and started gaining weight quickly.

The first year 10 pounds, then the next year another 10 pounds. Four years into my desk job and I was back up to 180 lbs. Seems like every day I looked in the mirror, I began to recognize myself less and less. Until I hit “bottom” fitting back into a size 18 jeans, I said ‘NO, NOT AGAIN’ and reached for the phentermine. I had been a comfy size 10 all those years (age 20-35) and being that large again was really hard for me. I had gotten used to be a ‘normal weight and size’.

Barbara after picture

After about 3 months, the weight really started to come off. I’d plateau, go off the pills for a while, then start them again and then the weight would start to come off aggressively. Seems like the pills work better that way.

I had no problem with food when I gained the weight. If anything I didn’t eat enough which is why I was hesitant to take phentermine: you don’t want to eat! But I didn’t eat sweets on the phentermine. The sweets kill your diet; well, mine anyway. So, what I do/did eat is nothing that will create a glycemic increase over the norm. That combined with walking, gardening and general MOVING faster (i.e. parking the car further, etc.) helped the weight come off.

When I got to 150 pounds at a size 6, I thought I would stop. But I was looking so good, I thought, let me go for a size 4. Ha! At 142 pounds a size 4 looked great, but hey why not go for the goal weight of 135 and see what happens (it was getting pretty hard; those last few pounds). It took SIX months, but I got there. Funny thing though I ended up with a size 2 at a 128 pounds, not a size 4 and I didn’t feel that good. I felt that it was too small…so I put on about 7 pounds, got back up to a size four….and that’s where I have been now for about 2.5 years.

I feel healthy again. I love wearing a bikini at 40!

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