Kayla’s Getting Back in Shape

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Lost 29 pounds
Start Weight: 253 pounds
Current Weight: 224 pounds
Treatment Duration: 4-6 months

“I can honestly say that phentermine has changed my life for the better.”

After having my son, I was so upset over my weight. I didn’t feel like myself. It was really difficult for me, so I decided something had to change. With the help of phentermine, I am 29 pounds down now!

I broke my ankle a few years ago, so working out isn’t as easy as it used to be. I struggle a lot in that department. Thankfully, my ankle is feeling better and better the more weight that I lose! I’m now walking a mile every other night with my ankle and plan to start a workout routine in the next couple of months.

I eat so much better now too. I no longer feel upset about my body. Phentermine has helped me soooo much!

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My advice for other people is to set your own goals. Don’t let others decide your goals, your weight or even your methods. Continue to work hard every single day and soon you’ll realize you’re already there, exactly where you wanted to be!

A Day in My Life with Phentermine

Over time I’ve adjusted to my new routine. I eat smaller portions and I snack on low calorie options like seaweed if I feel hungry between meals. I also like to include dishes that my family can have with me because I don’t like cooking two separate dinners.

7 AM


Wake up & take phentermine
10 AM



Smoothie and a small cup of coffee

11 AM




1 PM




7 PM





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8 PM




10 PM



My Lifelong Weight Loss Journey

Back in high school I found myself at 215 pounds, I was devastated with that number. Not only that, but I was completely fed up with the snickers every time I walked into a class room, attempted to do any sort of physical activity in gym, etc.

So I decided to change it and dropped more than 75 pounds by clean eating and exercising and it worked for me! I went from 215 to 138 in less than a year, I had decided that I was going to be a personal trainer and everything.

Unfortunately one day I broke my ankle and had to get a rod and 8 screws in it. I couldn’t walk for 4 months. Obviously if you go from being really active to having to sit there you will gain weight! On top of not being able to walk I got restless and depressed so my husband was always bringing me candy bars which I gladly accepted.

Four and a half months later I found out I was pregnant, which we were very happy about, but a couple of weeks after I had my son I stepped on the scales and saw 253 pounds.

I was so upset, I tried everything I could to get it off, I tried my best to work out but my ankle just wouldn’t physically let me workout like the first time I lost weight. I tried eating healthy but by that time I was used to such large portions and stayed so hungry that I was still eating too much.

That’s when I broke down and went to a weight loss clinic. I was willing to try anything to get this weight off, and that’s when they introduced me to phentermine.

I’ve already lost 29 pounds and my ankle is feeling better and better the more weight that I lose. Now I’m back on-track with my personal trainer goals too!


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