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Weight loss vitamins and supplements are a beneficial component of many people’s weight loss journeys. Click here to learn more about weight loss supplements!

7 Natural Weight Loss Foods

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Phentermine is great at suppressing appetite and boosting energy, but sometimes you want an extra little boost. If you prefer the more natural route, we have good news – science shows certain plants possess beneficial properties that make them superfoods for weight loss! While none of these additions will provide automatic results, incorporating one or …

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The Truth About Taking Water Pills On Phentermine

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Many people losing weight with phentermine search for ways to increase their weight loss potential by adding supplements like Phen Caps, 5-HTP, and B12 injections to their daily dose of phentermine. Worryingly, it is also becoming more common for phentermine users to take water pills alongside their phentermine prescription thinking that this will increase weight …

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What Is Natural Phentermine?

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For those of you unable to get a prescription for phentermine, the idea of ‘natural phentermine’ might seem like the perfect alternative: the weight-loss benefits of phentermine, all-natural ingredients and no need to get a prescription. However, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying into, and what you’re putting in your body when it …

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Phentermine Side Effects: Losing Weight, But Not Feeling Great?

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We all know that trying to lose weight by exercising and following a healthier diet is beneficial to our health, but even when we’re experiencing success on our weight loss journeys, it’s not uncommon to feel less than your best while you’re on the way to better health. Coping with phentermine side effects, eating healthier, …

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