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How To: Maximize the Effects of Phentermine

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While phentermine is a proven diet medication which has helped countless numbers of people on their weight loss journey, there are some ways to maximize its effects to really ensure that you are getting the most out of your daily dose.

The Wonders of Water

One sure-fire way to help your phentermine work its magic is to drink lots of water. Drinking plenty of water is known to have many health benefits, but sometimes it can be unclear just exactly how your eight glasses a day (or more, ideally) can help you lose weight. Firstly, it can sometimes be difficult for our brains to know if we are hungry or just thirsty, so it’s often a good idea to have some water and check that you’re not a little dehydrated rather than hungry, especially in hot weather. Drinking water also fills you up, so your appetite is satisfied without the calories. You should drink water continuously throughout the day, but one dieting tip is to have a glass around 20 minutes before a meal so that your stomach has a chance to recognize the feeling of fullness, and you should then see yourself eating less at mealtimes.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for those taking phentermine, drinking lots of water helps you to lose water weight. Your body likes to hoard things; if you’ve been denying your body of the water it needs to function at its best, it tries to hold onto the water it has, which results in water weight. Once your body gets used to having a constant supply of water, it realizes it no longer has to conserve water and let’s go of the water it was holding onto. So, your body will thank you for drinking lots of water and so will your scale!

maximize phentermine

Work the Weight Off

Although eating healthily and taking phentermine will make the pounds come off, it is the winning combination of phentermine, diet and exercise that can really make a difference to how you progress along your weight loss journey. Whether you dance in your living room, sweat it out at the gym, go for a long walk or do a few lengths at the local pool, using the energy boost phentermine gives you to exercise can really help you to achieve the body you want. Exercising whilst dieting helps you convert the fat you are losing into muscle, and while conventional scales can tell you how much overall weight you have lost, it is only by measuring your ratio of lean muscle and bone mass to body fat that can tell you exactly how your body is changing for the better.

Your phentermine doctor should be able to tell you how much muscle you are building using a Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) scale, as often a seemingly small overall weight loss is hiding the fact that you have converted extra pounds of fat into lean muscle. By building up your muscle, you provide yourself with the foundations of the body you want; once the fat has come off you will see the rewards of your hard work as the new toned you starts to shine through. It has also been found by weight loss researchers at the University of Chicago that those who combine diet and exercise are more likely to maintain their new weight than those who rely solely on dieting.

Aim for an Alkaline pH

While drinking lots of water and exercising are perhaps more obvious ways to help your weight loss journey, there is another way to maximize the effects of phentermine which is a little more scientific, and it is based on your urinary pH. Experiments carried out on phentermine, as featured in the 3rd edition of the book ‘Medical Toxicology’ (2004), show that when the urinary pH is acidic (pH 5.5 to 6.0), 84% of the dose is excreted unchanged by the kidney within 24 hours. By comparison, an alkaline urinary pH (pH 7.5 – 8.0) results in just 48% being excreted unchanged in the urine. This means that when your urinary pH is alkaline, your body has a greater chance to process the phentermine and therefore its effects, such as suppressed appetite and greater energy levels, should last longer.

There are many healthy foods which can boost your alkaline levels, although testing is advised as the effects of some foods may differ for some people. Some of the many alkalizing foods include broccoli, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, apples, bananas, berries, grapes, lemons, pears, pineapple, watermelon, almonds, and cinnamon. Unhealthy acidifying foods and drinks, which should be avoided, include alcohol, coffee, soda, butter, and ice cream. A popular tip to boost the alkaline level of your urinary pH is to drink water with a little lemon squeezed into it, as citrus fruits (except for oranges) contain a citric acid which has an alkalizing effect in the system. However, you should not drink this water and lemon with food as it will neutralize stomach acid and interfere with the digestion of the food.

We would love to hear from you if you have felt the benefits of these tips, or if you have any tips of your own you would like to share with us about your experiences with phentermine! Comment below!


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  1. I am starting this pill tomorrow 8=10=2013. I weigh 249 pounds and have been unconfortable for at least a year. I have been a fit woman most of my life but since turning 50 my body has gone threw changes and trauma. I will keep this websire updated for I can not wait to see the outcome. I am not a lazy woman where I do walk allot reason is I have two dogs. I use to teach fittness classes back and the in day and I want that feeling back of not lugging around allot of body fat. Wish me luck….

    • Congrats on getting back into shape Janet!! I wish you all the luck, and I know you can do it! Our blog has lots of great tips for weight loss, and we have a very supportive community of people as well, on our forum. If you are looking for support and others going through the same thing as yourself, click here and sign up to the forum

      I hope everything goes great for you and don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you need to, keep in touch and best of luck! 🙂

  2. Hi! My name is Lisa I have been on adipex for 5years and I wish I had done more research before now I am going to try the water suggestion. But I have also been very curious about qsymia and topomax to see if it will work better. Does anyone know if this combo drug is better than phentermine??????

    • Hey there Lisa, Whether the drug combination is better or not is definitely a question for your doctor, however if you just want some feedback from people who have experienced this, our forum is a great place to go, click here if you want to check it out.

      Also, it is shocking you have been on it for 5 years, doctors should only be prescribing it for up to 12 weeks! There is a good chance it is not working for you at all anymore, as with phentermine, your body adjusts to it and eventually does not work anymore, that is why it is a short term prescription. has recently started promoting a new phentermine alternative product called Phen Caps, it acts like phentermine but is non-prescription, no side effects and is not a short term solution, see here if you want to learn more:

      I definitely think it’s great for anyone (losing weight or not) to drink a lot of water and generally follow these tips, because they do help lose weight/maintain it. Read through the blog, as we have a lot more great articles on weight loss tips. Good luck with everything and if you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask 🙂

  3. I am a 44 yr old female and also weighed in at 246. I feel absolutely great since i’ve started Phentermine. I was very concerned abour having jitters or heart palpatations.. Nothing!! I have to make myself eat. I walk every evening w my 2 & 4 yr olds so I may also show them that walking is great. If YOU are determined to lose weight.. YOU WILL DO IT!! ITS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

    • Congrats Rita, that’s an amazing accomplishment!! And yes, you are totally right, it is all about a lifestyle change!!

  4. How are you doing with the medication? Have you have any side effects, and if so, did they go away or are you still have any? I’m curious because I started taking Phentermine 37.5 mg 3 days ago. My first day I felt pretty yucky…super hot, upset stomach, and just plain bad. Yesterday was much better, still really hot and kinda “weird” feeling. Today I feel much better, in fact I feel pretty good. I have lost 4lbs., which is amazing since I have tried everything to lose the 60 lbs. I gained over the past 2 years. I”m really determined to stay on the medication since it seems to be working, but I hope that my body adjusts to it. I would appreciate hearing how it is working for you 🙂

    • Hey there, Phentermine works different for everyone so the results vary! Losing 4 lbs is a great accomplishment, so congratulations! Following the tips in this article, as well as general weight loss tips we have on this blog will help you along. The most important thing is to change your lifestyle, as no one can take phentermine long term – It is not meant for that as eventually your body gets used to it and the weight loss stops. Focus on low calorie diet and exercise, this will keep you on track long term! Good luck to you and if you want to show off your before/after weight loss pictures, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page 🙂 :

  5. This confused me:

    “A popular tip to boost the alkaline level of your urinary pH is to drink water with a little lemon squeezed into it, as citrus fruits (except for oranges) contain a citric acid which has an alkalizing effect in the system. However, you should not drink this water and lemon with food as it will neutralize stomach acid…”

    How can an acid raise pH?
    And how can an acid neutralize acid? (Compared to HCl, which is in your stomach, citric acid is pretty weak.)
    Baking soda is alkaline, citrus is acidic.
    And the body maintains itself in a pretty narrow pH range, no matter what we eat or drink.

  6. I have been on phentermine for a month – going to gym 2-3 days a week, eating a lot of the foods on the alkalizing list, drinking water but I now realize maybe not enough so I’m going to definitely increase my water intake – and I have lost 6 lbs. I think this is a bit lower than most people seem to experience especially when they first start out. Is there a way to maximize results aside from diet? Right now I’m at the best calorie intake and all healthy foods (except my morning coffee which is not going anywhere) so there really isn’t much I can change diet wise. I just wonder if I should be eating when I take it or waiting a bit, or eating a while before I take it? Should I be drinking a ton of water WITH the pill or waiting till later? Currently I take it at 6am when I make my morning coffee and I’m taking it with a minocycline pill too- so I wonder if that could interfere? But I drink my coffee then about an hour later when I get to work I eat oatmeal and a banana. Should I take my pill with me and take it when I eat or what is the best way to maximize the efficacy? I have a extremely low resting metabolic rate so I have been doing a lot of weight training while at the gym to try to boost my metabolism. I just feel like my weight loss over 30 days is so much less then what I see everyone else reporting. Also I will lose 2-3 lbs then gain 4 lbs – with absolutely NO change in my diet/exercise routine. I have been going from 172 – 175 for two weeks and have not gotten under 172 once since starting. I’m just starting to feel discouraged!

  7. Hi. I have been taking phentermine for 1 month and have recently brought a alkaline water machine. Does anyone know if the alkaline water can be drunk when taking phentermine. Does it effect the phentermine?

  8. Hello everyone I have been on phenthermine for about 3 weeks and I have lost 14 pounds but I do drink a gallon of water daily and I also exercise 4 days a week I do not go to the gym I exercise at home for an hour with the video Slim in 6 with Debbie Siebers I also eat chicken salads, any type of veggies and I do nfot leave Apple’s and bananas aside. For those that want to see incredible results drink your water before your meal and this way you will be fool by the time you eat. Phenthermine works great just make sure you eat healthy. I am 5 even I weight 154 when I started phenthermine now I weight 139 and it hasn’t been a month yet. Do it guys. This will give you satisfaction to feel proud to your self. Good luck

    • Thanks for the idea about Slim in Six 🙂

  9. Would you recommend drinking the coffee FIRST thing in the morning, and then taking the phentermine about two hours later?

    • Hi Janet,
      It’s ok to drink a cup or two of coffee per day, but you should try to cut down as much as possible. De-caff coffee also increases the acidity of your urinary pH so it’s not the caffeine that is the cause, but rather the coffee itself. However, drinking coffee or not shouldn’t affect when you take your phentermine – phentermine is most effective when taking first thing in the morning so you should follow your prescription in that respect. Plus, taking it later in the day can increase insomnia so it’s also not advisable for this reason.

  10. Hey there,

    I found this particular post to be most helpful. I followed most of the advice on it (except for the acidity thing — I\’ve got the pH strips for testing, but no matter how green I go, and I can\’t get myself alkaline). Anyway, I\’ve been on phentermine for 12 days. I\’m doing the Slim in Six routine (thank you, Jessie!). And I\’m drinking plenty of water. Sometimes with lemon. And I\’m counting my calories. But the weight is just not coming off and I don\’t understand it. I can\’t figure it out. What am I missing?

  11. I take it back. I lost 2 lbs at the beginning, and then nothing else. Unless it was because I did a cleanse before the phentermine/diet/exercise regimen, and now this is \”real\” weight coming off (versus water)? I hope so. Feeling pitiful. ?:(

    • Hey Bear,
      A lot of people report the same thing, that they’re doing everything right and not seeing results so you’re not alone. The issue could be one of several common reasons for stalled weight loss; one is that you may not be eating enough – 1200 calories is the minimum and any less will slow your metabolism and make weight loss difficult. Secondly, are you exercising? If not, exercise can get weight loss moving and also help with other aspects of your life, such as mood, sleep patterns and energy. Then, there is the issue of your lifestyle, which means taking steps to reduce stress, making sure you sleep at least 7 hours a day, and getting a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Lastly, it could be an undiagnosed health issue, such as anemia, thyroid problems or PCOS. Hopefully this should give you some ideas for what could be causing this stall, and if you want any further info please feel free to come back and ask!

      • Thank you for the ideas and encouragement, Sally. I really appreciate it. It could very well be the whole stress/sleep cycle thing. OK… I’ll work through each thing and hopefully something will pan out.
        Thanks again!
        – Bear

  12. Actually, I do have another question. I had always thought “1200” was the number of calories you should shoot for when trying to lose weight. But. If you use a calorie calculator for your daily caloric needs (factoring in your goal is fat loss), that number could be higher. And then they say if you go any lower than that, it’s too low and your metabolic rate’s gonna go down. So my confusion is — with which method am I hurting my progress the most? You know what I mean? I’m so confused.

    • Hey Bear,
      1200 is the absolute lowest – any lower and you’ll be hungry, miserable, your health will suffer and you won’t even lose as much weight, if any, as if you ate more than this. But this number is very general and is only a guide, if you start off at a high weight, if you’re tall, if you’re very active etc etc then you will need to eat more. Eating too much and eating too little will slow weight loss, so you have to get the balance right, as with all things in life. If you’re not sure how much you should eating, you can have your metabolism tested at most gyms, your doctor can tell you, or you can use an online calorie-counter to get an idea yourself.

  13. I was on antidepressants for about 4 years for postpartum depression and didn\’t realize that they were the cause of my weight gain. I thought it was just due to having 3 kids close together but after the last was born, I couldn\’t figure out why I couldn\’t seem to lost past a certain number (water weight fluctuated). It took about five months for the antidepressants to be out of my system and then I started phentermine. I\’ve been on it for less than a month and lost 13 pounds. I should add that I was already gluten, dairy, and sugar free and eating a very balanced, healthy diet. If you\’re still on antidepressants and aren\’t losing, google \”antidepressants can\’t lose weight\” or something similar and you\’ll find thousands of testimonials from those that struggled with it, too. Doctors swear they don\’t cause weight gain or that they\’re \”weight-neutral,\” but I can assure you that they are not.

  14. I\’ve been on Adipex now for 30 days. I\’ve lost 25 lbs so far, by only cutting back my portions, eliminating sodas and caffeinated drinks, and alcohol from my diet. I purposely held of on adding a regular cardio routine to my daily changes because I wanted to see the results without it. I\’ve not suffered any of the side effects that I\’ve read about, with the exception of a couple nights of insomnia (which could have been attributed to my mind just being preoccupied), and I\’ve also had an occasional headache. But I wouldn\’t put either of those things solely on the medicine.

  15. I just started on phentermine 2 days ago. I however do like the almost serge of energy that happens about an hour or so after I take it, because I have always seemed to have a lack of energy. Due either my depression or my weight issue or my chronic Vitamin D, which I take a supplement for. I am 33 and weight about 260lbs. Which is 10lbs. over what I was when I was 9 months pregnant with my oldest. I had gain 70 lbs. with her. I really want to loose my weight and be able to join the Air Force guard, to be able to drill with my husband. My Dr. prescribed this medicine which I was relieved for because the military will not let me join if I have any type of weightloss surgery. So any help would be very good for me. How much lemon juice would you put in a glass of water to be effective?

    • Hi Tiffany,
      Good luck with your goals! The water with lemon juice needs to be something you like the taste of so it’s a personal thing really – it’s best to put a little in at a time and then when it tastes just right for you it should be enough.

  16. Hi I’ve taken this medication before and got great results. I have gained a lot of weight since I had my baby back in May this year. I was really hoping i would loose it but nothing seems to be helping so I’ve decided to go back on the pill. Question is since I’ve used it before, will it still be effective or not.

    • Hi Bianca,
      Some people say that phentermine isn’t as effective after the first time but it is still effective for many people who’ve taken it before, so it’s certainly worth asking your doctor for a prescription. Then, if you find that it’s not working for you as well, he or she may be able to prescribe something different.

  17. I have been taking phentermine for about 3 months – I started at 227 in mid October 2015. I weighed myself last week and I’m at 211. I haven’t seen any changes on the scale but in my clothes I have – I was size 18 and now I fit into size 15. How can that be? Also I’m not excising as I should. My goal is to be at 170 by March and work from there until my ideal goal 140

    • Hi Janet,
      In less than 3 months you’ve lost 16lbs which is still really good, and losing inches to fit into smaller clothes is a great sign as this means that you’re losing fat and not lean muscle, which can be the case if people lose weight but don’t see any changes in their body or clothes size. I would up the exercise and try to include both cardio and strength training, as we explain here: and you should be on the way to your goal in time for March. Good luck!

  18. I started on Tuesday and it’s Friday today I just weighed my self I lost 10 lbs. I know it’s water weight but it still got me so excited and the motivation to keep going…

    • Well done Kim, and we’re sure not all of it is water weight if you’ve been eating healthily and working out 🙂

  19. I started phentermine yesterday. I took it late and was up like an energetic zombie allllllllll night. Now, I need to get back in my Cardio mode with weights, and my new 3lb weighted hula hoop. I’m 5’8 185.

    • Who manufactured your phen? I’ve only had good results with Mutual brand but I can’t seem to find a pharmacy that carries them anymore. Thanks!

  20. I take this pill also and have lost 30lbs in 2 mo. My start weight was 193 and I am down to 162. I have a 400 calorie a day diet with a minimum of 30 minutes a day exercise usually walking. Drink LOTS of water.

    • 400 calorie a day ? I’m no expert but, that’s not healthy.

  21. I started back on phentermine about 4 days ago. I was 175 and already down to 168. I’ve taken it off and on for about a year. On 12 weeks off 12 weeks…something like that. The reality is for me that without it, I obsess over food and hungry even when full. I will take it every day for about 5 days, then go off a day or two. Then I cut back to taking it about 3 x a week. I haven’t found anything else that helps. Tried topimax for a while and I had terrible vision problems with it. If it seems it’s not working then it may help to go off of it for a week and try it again. It gives your body a reset. Also, I think it’s important that when you first begin, you seriously have to cut way back on eating that first week to get the weight loss started. Good luck everyone. By the way, My highest weight was 245, and I’m 5″8.

  22. Hi everyone…I’m going to start my diet tomorrow as well as a few other medications due to a pain from a chronic foot injury. is a couple of facts…just to share…I feel your article is inspiring and I’m very grateful…I’m 31 years old – too young to be in pain management..but it is what it is right? I want my life back…but a lot has to change since my mobility has changed…out for a year now healing from 2 foot surgeries and really don’t know if my foot can handle walking and working out since I am unable to walk 10 mins but I pray to get there. ..I’ve gained 50lbs the last year being bed ridden just started a job 2 weeks ago so on top of phentermine…anti depressants..pain pills…anti inflammatory…xanax…sheesh never realized how much medication I’m taking till I type it all out ;)…but it’s a lot..I pray losing weight will help the pain…but ANY suggestions for someone who really can’t work out will be greatly appreciated…if anything I do wish you all success and God bless…I feel being apart of this discussion will lift my spirits. ..thank you in advance. ♡♡♡

    • Hi Val,
      Thanks for you message. It’s difficult for us to know what exercise you are able to do due to your pain and limited mobility so your best idea would be to ask your doctor. We suggest walking as it’s the most accessible exercise since it’s free and doesn’t require any special equipment. However, as putting pressure on your feet isn’t an option then perhaps you could try swimming, as it is low-impact, or just focus on upper body exercises, such as lifting weights to focus on strengthening your back, chest, arms and abs.

    • Is swimming a possibility ?

  23. I started phentermine a week ago and I lost 6 lbs but seemed to gain 2 back in a day. I’m very frustrated by it but think it is because I slacked on water intake this weekend. I’ve been moving more but not hard core exercise. I need this to work. I need to lose weight so I feel better about myself emotionally and physically. I’m heavier than I’ve ever been (247lbs at the doctor) and not willing to be that. My goal is at least 50lbs. I tend to diet for a week and when I don’t have the big loss I give up. What else can I do to maximize the results?

    • Hi Lynn,
      Exercise doesn’t have to be hard core – one way to really help weight loss for now and the long term is to lift weights, and as little as 15 minutes two or three times a week is enough to show improvements to your lean muscle mass and metabolism. This article also has lots of ways to improve your chances of weight loss on phentermine by explaining where you might be going wrong:
      Hope that helps!

  24. I am one of those people who has tried for years to eat the right things and stay active. I am now 52 years old, and I have been a night nurse for 2 years. Since then, my metabolism has been jerked around. I have started putting on weight that won’t come off. Since I work nights, I am often tired during the day or two after my last shift, which, of course interferes with exercise. My hunger pangs get really severe at 4am; not only at work, but EVERY night when I am home! I actually wake up at that time starving….my endocrinologist started me on a low dose of phentermine to see if it will help. So far, it seems to work for the first several hours, but I am still battling the “super hunger” at 4am. I am curious to know if this will go away after a while, and if I will actually lose those extra pounds. BTW I am trying to secure a daytime job.

  25. I’ve been on Phentermine and topamax together now for three months. The first month I dropped 15lbs no problem. Since then the scale hasn’t budged a single pound no matter what I do. Two full months with nothing. The past few weeks I haven’t eaten healthy, but I haven’t been eating terribly either and I haven’t gained, which I thought was strange. My sister is doing the same thing, but is doing a gluten free diet she wasn’t doing before and has dropped 50lbs! There’s got to be something to this… I may have to look into it, but I was thinking that even without the gluten free aspect I would be having more progress. I am a pretty active gal too, certainly more than she is. Any pointers?

  26. Hello, I’m starting phentermine again but can’t remember if you should eat an hour or 2 after taking it…

    • Hi Raven,
      It depends on what your doctor advised you. You should contact him or her to make sure when is best for you to take it. In the mean time, it’s probably better to eat an hour after taking it until you’re sure, since waiting two hours might make you overly hungry and you might get dizzy or nauseous as a result.

  27. Hello and Happy New Year!!!
    I am starting my Phetermine tomorrow…I am a little bit nervous but I am definitely ready!!!

  28. I started taking Phentermine on January 5th. I started by taking 1/2 a tablet (37.5mg) for the first 4 days then on the 5th day started taken a full pill. I have not been hungry at all, no cravings for sweets. I have been getting in the recommended amount of protein that the doctor stated and I am drinking about a gallon of water a day. I am 5’4″ and my starting weight is 205 lbs. I am not experiencing any of the effects but noticed I am sleeping like a baby at night. I stepped on the scale this morning (even though I know I shouldn’t) and I was down 5 pounds!! My goal is to lose 30 pounds by July.
    I am totally excited about my weight loss so far, but after seeing people post that they have lost 10 or more pounds in their first week, any pointers on how I can accelerate my weight loss?

  29. I am starting phentermine tomorrow for the second time in my life. Current weight is 190 I’m trying to get to 165, I am working out 3-5 days a week to help with this weight loss journey. I cant wait to see the results.

  30. I’ve started taking phen today I am at my biggest of 278 lbs. I will not waiver it is a must I lose. I am also trying size me up with shawn t. Wish me luck!!!

  31. I began taking Phentermine March 3, 2017 and today is March 11, 2017 and I’ve lost 5 lbs. I’m not sure if this is in line with what I should be losing. Is this average or a little low?

    • Hi Anita,
      Losing 5lbs in 8 days is a good rate and about average for most users.

  32. Hello, I\’m taking the Phentermine Hydrochloride 30Mg yellow pills. Started March 15th along with a Vitamine B12 shot I get every 3 weeks. (Dr.Gupta) So far I\’ve lost 11 pounds. It\’s only been a few days. Must be the whole water weight everyone keeps talking about. I did start drinking lots of water, eating way better. I take my pill early early morning with a full glass of water, after an hour I eat a healthy breakfast. Haven\’t started my cardio work out yet but plan to starting today for at least an hour 5-6 times a week. Being a female, mother of 2, 32 years old. Obese category 3 yeah I will stop the madness once and for all. From 268 down to 257 and many many more to go God willing. Will not give up, neither should you all!!! Best wishes!!!

  33. I have been taking Phentermine for 3 months. I lost 17lbs the first month, 9lbs the second month, this last month I have only lost 4lbs ~ nothing in the last 2 weeks. I have heard taking 5 htp along with Phen helps with weight loss. What are your thoughts on 5 htp and Phen? Will it help to get the weight loss going again?

  34. I am starting phentermine tomorrow- I\’ve got 40lbs to lose. Hoping this helps! I\’ve lost 50lbe over 6 mos prior to this. I just felt I needed help moving forward. Hoping this goes well!!

    • Hi Heather! Thanks for your comment and best of luck on your phentermine journey!!

  35. I\’ve been taking phentermine since 2005. Off and on of course. It\’s been a wonderful addition to my life along side of exercise and diet. I found that since having kids exercise and diet is impossible to lose weight alone. I will be interested in using the phen caps after my 12 weeks is over. Love how everyone is so supportive here.

  36. Hi i just started taking this today im 200 lbs but i have a question how many calories am i suposed to eat does it matter if i eat 500 a day?

    • Hi Eidy!

      500 calories a day is not a healthy or safe number of suggested calories. Data suggests that the bare minimum caloric intake you should have, if you’re on a weight loss plan, doing exercises, etc, is 1200 calories per day.



  37. Hi, just started taking phentermine today again. Second time in a year and a half. First time really helped to get me started on a great weight loss program with good diet and exercise and only took phen for about a month. I\’m reading a lot about calorie intake, but I was planning on taking phen mixed with a low carb diet. Any comments/feedback are appreciated.

    • Hi Debbie! There’s been a lot of debate about what’s best in terms of diet for weight loss with phentermine. Newer research suggests that low carb diets may promote faster or more significant weight loss than other diet plans (e.g. low fat), but the most important factor remains overall calorie intake. Our phentermine forum users seem to agree. Regardless of which diet you choose, best of luck with your phentermine journey!

  38. Hi every one my name is Maggie. Good luck to all in the journey. To loose weight. I stared on phentermine back in may 2017 weight 286 I was on it for 4 months I lost 38 pounds my weight 248 I been off the phentermine for the last 7 months and keep my last weight 248. I went to the doctor on 4/09/2018 to start phenthermine again and to help me loose this weight what help me the first time was to drink water. Eating vegetables. Fish and breast chicken. Since I’m obese for my size I’m a 5.3 I only did 20 minutes walking and 20 min of low cardio 3 times a week take it slow and y’all will see results. So don’t get discourage be Positive and good luck.

    • Hi Maggie 🙂 Thanks for your comment, and good luck on your phentermine journey!! It sounds like you’re already doing lots of things right. If you’d like to share your experience with other phentermine users, plus ask questions and give advice, you may be interested in our forum or Facebook support groups (English / Spanish)! Best wishes 🙂

  39. After losing 180 lbs and my position being eliminated at a 14 year long career, I regretfully gained back 40 lbs. I have now to turned to Phentermine for help. I am really excited to get started and pray this helps me get back to my healthy weight. Good luck to all in this journey to healthier bodies.

    • Good luck Kymber! We’re all rooting for your success 🙂 If you’d like to connect with other phentermine users on similar weight loss journeys, check out the forum and/or our Facebook support group. Best wishes!

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