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How To: Avoid Withdrawals with Phentermine

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Phentermine is the most widely prescribed and frequently encountered diet pill on the market, however phentermine has the potential to become very addictive and should only be used on a short-term basis, along with exercise and a healthy eating plan. As phentermine can only be used for a limited amount of time, many of those prescribed it may find that they experience side effects following cessation of the medication. Trying to manage your weight without the help of phentermine while you are also experiencing withdrawal symptoms can make this a very difficult period for those who have recently stopped taking phentermine. Here, we explain why withdrawal occurs in the first place, what kinds of symptoms you may experience, ways to help you manage them whilst also working to maintain the weight you have lost with phentermine, so you can proactively avoid withdrawals with phentermine

Why Do Withdrawals Happen In The First Place?

Withdrawal symptoms occur when an individual stops taking a medication or recreational drug after having taken it for long enough to develop a mental or physical dependency. Phentermine is typically prescribed for no more than 12 weeks at a time, although it is highly possible to experience withdrawal symptoms after this period, since it is a very addictive medication.

The sustained use of many drugs causes adaptation within the body that tend to lessen the drug’s original effects over time, known as drug tolerance. Many phentermine users experience a reduction in effectiveness of the medication over time, which indicates that tolerance is occurring within the body. It is important to always follow the instructions of your doctor, so if you find that your phentermine prescription does not produce the same effects, you should not increase your dosage in an attempt to manage your increase in tolerance. Doing this will only lead to a greater dependency and therefore a greater chance of withdrawal symptoms once your prescription ends. This adaptation and tolerance to phentermine is the core reason for withdrawal symptoms, as strong medication can be highly reactive and addictive to the body.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Phentermine Withdrawal?

Most people use phentermine for a limited period, ideally until they have established a healthy routine that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, if phentermine is misused or abused it can become habit forming, resulting in a greater chance of several withdrawal symptoms. These are some of the most common:


Phentermine acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system, which causes your blood pressure to rise and energy increases. Once the medication has been discontinued and the drug is no longer stimulating your body in this way, it is possible that you will experience feelings of weariness and fatigue. The best solution for this is to ensure that you are getting proper sleep, diet, and exercise, and the tiredness should diminish within a few days.

Weight Gain

Weight regain is common after quitting phentermine, which may be due to an increased appetite and lack of exercise from withdrawal symptoms, like fatigue. However, it is important to stress that phentermine is used as an aid for weight loss in obese patients and that relying on this medication to make you lose weight will only result in long-term disappointment. Phentermine is prescribed to suppress your appetite on a short-term basis, with three months of continuous use being the maximum advised. It is the patient’s responsibility to use this pill as a tool to help control appetite while following a sensible diet and exercise program. If phentermine is taken without any effort to change the lifestyle in other ways, then it is to be expected that weight gain is high on the list of side effects once the medication is no longer being taken.



Insomnia, or the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, has been linked to phentermine, both as a side effect of taking the drug and as a withdrawal symptom. As phentermine stimulates the nervous system, most patients recognize the insomnia while taking the medication. However, insomnia can also be related to depression, which is a dangerous side effect that dieters may face after finishing their prescription. If you continue to suffer from insomnia for more than a few days, speak to your doctor to determine if further action is needed.

Low Mood

Phentermine helps suppress appetite and cravings by altering the levels of the mood-regulating neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine. After quitting the drug, it often takes time for the brain to return to its normal state of functioning. Due to this, depression symptoms like sadness, low mood and fatigue are common symptoms of phentermine withdrawal, and for people with an underlying mental illness such as depression, these symptoms can be particularly harmful. Exercise and proper nutrition can alleviate some symptoms, and your doctor may prescribe appropriate medication if the problem persists.

How Can I Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms?

While withdrawal itself is not always avoidable, there are ways to help minimize symptoms. You should follow the prescription instructions as set out by your doctor, and you should also consult your doctor before attempting to discontinue phentermine so that you can discuss together how to manage and minimize any potential withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, gradually tapering down to a lower dose can reduce the severity of withdrawal, and as phentermine is available in doses ranging from 37.5mg down to 15mg, you should be able to taper down your dosage before stopping it. If you want to reduce your dosage before stopping it entirely, you should always check with your doctor before deciding to do so yourself, in order to ensure that this is an appropriate course of action for you.

While still taking phentermine, you should build yourself up towards the inevitable end of your prescription by using phentermine as a tool to help you achieve a maintainable healthy lifestyle. As well as eating healthily and exercising, it is important to establish a good sleeping routine and to take time to relax and look after your own well-being and emotional needs. This balanced routine will help you adjust to life without phentermine, both in terms of maintaining the weight loss you have achieved and in terms of managing any withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

A great way to continue this balanced routine is to use a weight loss supplement such as Phen Caps to manage the end of your phentermine prescription. Like phentermine, Phen Caps suppresses appetite/cravings and increases energy, meaning that the withdrawal symptoms of fatigue, low mood and weight gain are all less likely. Furthermore, you will benefit from further assistance with weight loss management, therefore extending the likelihood of successfully reaching your weight loss goals.

If you’ve experienced withdrawal symptoms following the end of your phentermine prescription, or if you have any great tips for how to minimize these symptoms, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch by commenting below!


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  1. How do I know it will be tolerant with my medicines?

    • Hi there, Thanks for the comment!

      Phentermine.com can’t answer that for you I’m afraid, only your doctor can tell you that. It is SO important that you speak to your doctor about phentermine and how it effects your other medications, as phentermine is a very strong prescription. You should definitely call your doctor’s office now and make an appointment, this way there are no risks you’re unaware of!

      Best of luck, and thanks again for reading!

      Sarah, Phentermine.com

      • Hello I am coming off slowly but I am busy all the time I work at a busy country club I cannot be having with drawls was wondering can I take 1/2 phentermine in am and then 30 minutes later take 1/2 of a zofran for nausuue


        • Hi Jennifer! Always check with your doctor and pharmacist before combining phentermine with any other medications or supplements.
          Rachel, phentermine.com

    • Hello please help if you can:
      I have taken phentermine over a period of about 8 to 19 years. I want to ween off of the drug, but I am afraid. In the past there were times I could not get my prescription refilled for reasons that are not important. I found my self being very irritable, so tired I felt like crawling.

      Now I have relocated to another state, and my doctor says he can not write prescriptions from New York to the state I now reside in. I was given one last script 3 refills, my doctor gave me instructions to take less each week until I have completed all refills, but I am afraid!

      I am willing to try Phen Caps, but I read something that confuses me. If I want ween off of phentermine am I to reduce my dosage and take Phen Cap so I by past the withdrawal symptoms?

      Please help ” I am afraid”

      • Did you wean off Phentermine? I am having lots of mental issues on it and physical issues when I\’m off it. Frustrating

    • A half cup of honey and squeezes 2 lemons 🍋 for its juice, mix together and drink it before bed , it help to detox and lessen the side effects!

    • My Husband can’t take the mood swings, I almost died 4 days ago , I’m done with Diet pills & sleeping pills etc , high blood pressure, vomiting and painful headaches !!

    • I have taking phentermine 3 different times in the past 3 years, each for a 3 month period. I stopped taking this medicine the last time on September 1st, so basically a month ago. I felt sluggish and terribly tired for the next week or so & then by the next started to perk up. But now, my biggest problem is anxiety and stress. I constantly feel stressed and tension all throughout the day but mostly at work. My anxiety causes me to worry ALL the time about everything , but mainly health issues (that I don\’t have) . 8 never had anxiety before phentermine , I was just wondering when will I stop feeling this way and go back to my normal less stress non anxiety having self?

  2. How long should I stop taking medicine prior to getting pregnant?

  3. How do I handle insommia. This is my 3rd day now.I still have the dry mouh other than that I am fine.

    • Dry mouth will not go away as long as you take it. Actually it gets worse! Stop taking this medication immediately. It’s not good for you at all.

    • The dry mouth and insomnia went away for me after a week.

    • My husband bought me a natural sleep aid (melatonin) its helping me sleep without the medicine, but I’m detoxing!

  4. Hello All

    I have all the side effects. Like insomnia, dry mouth, lack of appetite, rapid heart rate, addiction, increased energy, and high med tolerance.. As well as others not mentioned; such as small vain vessels and chronic urinary tract infection.

    Although I have tried very hard in the past to quit it is nearly impossible. For no other reason than the swelling that occurs when not taking the medication.

    While it can be classified as a withdrawal symptom due to the fact that it occurs after the medication ceases. However, the swelling does not subside or totally disappears. doesn’t go away. For that reason it is more related to a condition than a withdrawal. The swelling is in my face, hands, ankles, and feet. It is hard to move and hurts to walk. Most of the time it is unbearable. I also get the known withdrawal symptoms that go away over time. Such as acne, sadness, fatigue, increased appetite, and restless leg syndrome. Those I can tolerance because they are manageable and go away eventually. Yet, continuous use of the medication to ward off the swelling is a small price to pay. Definitely worth it.

    Lastly, if you are considering taking this drug or currently taking this drug do yourself a favor and use other methods for weight loss. The risks to potential addiction, increased tolerance, the cost associated, and life long medical conditions is NOT worth it. Trust me. I would take back the 100 lbs I lost four years ago anytime over the swelling that occurs today. Without a doubt.

    • Hey there Jackie, Thanks for your feedback,

      As with all medications, phentermine is not for everyone, that’s why it’s so important you first speak with your doctor. It’s very sad to hear about your experience, I hope it can be solved for you. Fortunately. there are alternatives to phentermine, the best being Phen Caps. They do not contain phentermine, although they do act similarly, as they suppress appetite/cravings, and increase your energy levels. Since they don’t contain a strong medication, they are non prescription and can be bought online. We feature them on our website, you can read more about them here.

      Hope this helps, Thanks again for you feedback,

      Sally, Phentermine.com

    • Jackie,
      i have so many of the symptoms you have. I have recently been off phen for about 3 weeks now after taking for 10 years off and on because I could not handle the withdraw side effects. I now have to see a heart specialist because my heart is racing so much. I agree DO NOT start this pill if you do not have to

    • Hi jackie I have the same thing! Every time I go off the my feet are sooo sore I had a feeling it was the duromine and now reading your post I know its true I just want to know if you have found a solution? I cant walk today and just renewed my script and will start tomorrow I don’t want to go back on them I hate the way they make me feel

  5. Hi, I’m on my first day of taking this pill and I’m feeling sluggish, hot and cold on and off. How can I control these symptoms. The only thing that I do like, is I cut down on pigging out through out the day. Only eating small portion. And also, does it depend on the weight? I am 120. Just trying to maintain my weight.

    • Hi there Raquel, Sounds like you’re doing the right thing, you should really direct all medical questions to your doctor, as everyone’s body is different! A weight of 120 lb also seems very low, too low to be taking phentermine. If you want to maintain your current weight, that is really not what phentermine is for, you should be taking a supplement instead. Check out this post on our blog about side effects, I think it will help you, read by clicking here.Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions/comments,

      Sally, Phentermine.com

  6. Can you buy the real phentermine online most of them seem to be using the name but switching one letter like phentarmine… How do I know I am getting the real thing

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks for your comment! Products like phentarmine are not generic phentermine, but alternative brands. To get generic phentermine brands, visit your doctor and request a prescription, you can then order it from an online pharmacy or from your local pharmacy!

      Hope this helps!

      Sally, Phentermine.com

  7. The reason why I’m asking is because my doctor told me he will keep prescribing phentermine as long as I keep losing weight I have lost about 112 pounds but I have reached a plateau and he took them away from me this last 50 or 60 pounds is the hardest it’s only natural to plateau I would think however I need them to help me get off the last bit of weight as it is the hardest so I need to find a way to get some online since my doctor took me off of it and he did not attempt to wean me or prescribe me a lesser amount so I won’t have withdrawal he just didn’t write me another prescription not looking forward to the withdrawal that I’m reading about

    • It sounds like you are becoming immune to phentermine if you have been taking it for a long period of time (12 weeks is general maximum time). You should reference this article from our blog about plateaus with phentermine, click here to read it. I hope this helps, let me know if any other questions!

      Sally, Phentermine.com

  8. Hi,

    I’m 35yrs old, 5′-4″, and weight about 147 Lbs but would love to shed off at least 20Lbs. I’m really desperate to loose some weight. Between family duties and job I hardly have any time to go to the gym so I was referred to Phentermine. However based on the pros/cons I’m really concerned on ever taking it. But if it did work and help me loose weight I’m willing to try it. Now the question is for how long should I take it? What dose should I take? Can I ask my MD for prescription? Otherwise where can I buy it from?

    Please advise. Thanks for your time.

  9. I was taking the Qsymia 3.75mg for the first 2 weeks and was feeling great! The medicine was doing exactly what I was told it would do and to make it sound even better I had no side effects. I even lost 5 lbs and had more energy. However, when my dosage was brought up to the 7.5mg my world came crashing down. I took the higher doses for 2 days and felt like I was dying inside. I didn’t have an appetite, my anxiety was through the roof, I couldn’t concentrate, suffered some nausea, hot flashes and a slight head ache. You name it I felt. So I tried contacting my doctor and stopped taking the medicine but I am having some withdrawn symptoms. Like joint pain, insomnia, blurred vision, hot flashes, stomach cramps and chest pain. My doctor has suggested that I continue the 7.5mg every other day but one day had me feeling sick. I was wondering if I could continue the 3.75mg again. If not how do I control these withdraw symptoms?

    • I was going threw the same thing first I was taking 27mg then went up to 37mg I was going crazy and could not think nor eat. However I haven\’t been on diet pills since 2014 and I want to try the 27mg again but I wanna see if I can go lower or cut them in half.

  10. Hello. I just stopped taking Phentermine. This is the first day since 4/18. My dr originally said three months but in a shes in a new practice and need patients so gave me more. I’m stopping on my own (but I do have an apt in a week). I’ve actually been good for my first day off. I’ve stopped because I think I’ve become a bit malnutrioned. My physician said its fine I’ve been eating less than 500 calories a day but I’ve been having dizzy spells and now I have swollen gums that are painful. I’ve been able to lose weight in the past but definitely not as quickly! But at this point the mouth pain and confusion from lack of food is getting unbearable. Have you ever heard of gum swelling from taking Phentermine? Thanks!

  11. Hello, I am taking the medication adipex also known as phentermine. I’ve been on the medication for about a year now, three months on and three months off. My doctor said that’s the best way to do it so my body doesn’t “addicted” to it. I feel that’s actually good for me so I myself don’t get addicted to it. Now he says a new study found that people who do take it should only take it three times a year meaning only three prescriptions a year. Does anyone have any information on why?

    • Sounds like a bright idea

  12. Hey Krystal, there are a lot of different opinions among doctors about taking phentermine, plus they can be restricted by the laws of the state they practise in. Our advise would generally be to follow what your doctor has told you as he knows you and your body best, and has the medical expertise to treat you well. This article has some information on why you need to take a break from phentermine: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/need-take-break-phentermine/?utm_source=phentermine-blog&utm_medium=reply&utm_campaign=phentermine-blog

    Good luck!!

  13. I’m a 27 year old healthy female. I’ve been taking Duromine every second day for the past two weeks….the only side effects being mood swings and slight headache. And then suddenly last night I had terrible fever through out the night and sore throat. Is this an allergic reaction? Or should I just wait it out for a few days before I jump back onto the drug As I would like to continue it for a few more weeks. Thank you

    • Hi,
      It could be just that you’re sick, and that it isn’t related to the Duromine, but just in case we would recommend that you ask your doctor about it as he/she might advise you to stop for a few days while you recuperate and then continue with the Duromine, as it’s difficult to focus on eating healthily if you’re sick with fever. Or, if your doctor thinks this could be a side effect then stopping for a few days could help establish whether this is the case.
      Hope this helps,
      Sally, phentermine.com

  14. Took phentermine for a three month period as prescribed. Took my last pill on 12/19 and noticed immediate withdraw symptoms the next day. I have had a major decrease in energy and somewhat increase in hunger. I did manage to lose 24 lbs (starting at 223 lbs) but near the end of the prescription noticed the plateau. I am already on a restricted diet being type 1 diabetic and follow a general workout regiment. Biggest problem over the last four days is finding the energy to do the workout. Regardless of the amount of sleep, I still feel fatigue. The feeling is almost one of being sick. I have also been waking up at night with sweats. I had zero issues starting on phentermine and enjoyed the extra energy it gave me. I hope the withdraw symptoms I am experiencing are short lived. I did purchase the non prescription phen caps in hope they would help with some of the side effects. However they have proven to not really help at all in combating the energy levels.

    • Hi Nate, Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m sorry that the Phen Caps haven’t helped with giving you extra energy, however it sounds like you’re experiencing very extreme withdrawal symptoms – the feelings of fatigue you’re feeling sound much worse than phentermine contraindications state. Have you spoken to your doctor about these symptoms? It may be related to your diabetes or another medical issue so it is certainly something that he or she should investigate.
      Hope that helps and that you feel better soon!
      Sally, phentermine.com

    • The side effects are as long as you make them I promise if you stay positive you continue to be positive

  15. , I’ve been on phentermine off and on for two years. Lost weight got off of it gained it back. This time I’ve have broke out in rash, loss, of vision, UTI’s, the rash has moved inside of my body. This is my second day. The withdraws are not bad yet but I’m tired and depressed. Been making myself stretch and do small exercises to get me started.

    The withdraws can be severe I’ve had them before. Sweats, chills, mood swings, etc. It’s like speed. I’m hoping the side effects eventually go awsy. The rash is terrible. Your not supposed to get in chlorine pools. The chlorine triggers something in your body interacts with med and takes you on a terrible journey. First my feet ended up with rash on my feet. Severe rash moved up legs into groin area. This is a horrible experience especially when it moves inside.


  16. Hello, I have been taking phetermine for 4.5 years in the first 2 years i went from 360 pounds down to 175 pounds over the last few years i have put 30 pounds back on, I definitely do not lose weight anymore but the fear of gaining the weight back and not having the energy to keep up with my 4 kid\’s I keep taking the medicine. I know I am addicted and I just stopped taking them 2 days ago , I have been having terrible loss of memory, joint pain, lack of patients, focusing my mind on 1 task at a time and I use to be an extremely social person but now there are days I don\’t want to answer the phone!!! Now that I\’m off the medicine I have been sleeping an insane amount, been feeling really down withdrawn and last night while sleeping I just started itching so bad like something was on my skin !!! I am wondering if I stay off them will I become my old self again ??? Get my energy back, my memory and focus back?? I just want me back please without gaining all the weight back !!!

    • How did this work out for you? I too am scared of weight gain and will miss my energy that helps me successfully manage two kids and a demanding job

  17. Just like everyone else I have been trying to loose weight for many years and wanted a quick fix. I loved the fact that phenteremine takes your appetite away and at no cost to self! Or so I thought. I entered the medical profession just because so many of my gf got hooked on the meds with me.Here is some advice even for people that have been on phen for a long time like for years. You have to understand that you body has been feeling fake \” happy\” and \”satisfied\” so if you are planning to quit meaning NOT TAKE THE PHEN AT ALL seek alternative natural ways to support your brain hormone level. Over the counter 5htp is a precursor to serotonin. It a natural not addictive or chemical. It will make sure you don\’t fall into depression. Also take a multivitamin to keep all other components of your system in check. Prepare mentally that you might be a bit tired an insure you have the proper support! Its better to be healthy. No pill can prescribe a pill back!!

    • Hi Ally!I have been taking diet pills for seven years.I have stopped taking them twice before but the mental part of the withdrawals is what gets me .When I stop taking the Didrex sometimes Adipex if I don\’t have Didrex I don\’t want to be around anyone I can\’t sit to even watch tv,don\’t know if I want to be inside r outside it\’s like wanting to jump out of my body.I go threw all the physical withdrawal symptoms like sleep all day no energy eat so much and gain all my weight back,but that isn\’t what gets me it is the mental part.Please if anyone reads this and you have takin the diet pill for a long time would you let me know how long it took for you to feel normal again.The second time I stopped i was still feeling depression and wanting to jump out my on body almost 3 months later and than I just got back on them because of that horrible feeling and craving them.Please if you would tell me how long did it take for you to feel normal again when you got off.I know there will be people to say just stop and don\’t take them and I know that\’s what I should do,because this has been a nightmare for seven years but it\’s so hard to do.Thank you Ally for sharing your story.My email is (kayce1015@aol.com) please email me.God Bless everyone!

  18. I have read that phentermine has been classified as an SNRI reuptake inhibitor (for Norepinephrine) , and some believe it is an SSRI reuptake inhibitor (for Seritonin) as well. Is this the case? I am asking because of symptoms related to Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. I have been on Phentermine 37.5 for just under three weeks, and was on it earlier last year for three months as well. Any information you could give regarding this would be great. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hey Shannon, thanks for your questions! As far as we are aware, phentermine isn’t classified as an SNRI reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI reuptake inhibitor, although, the phentermine combination Phen Pro (which you can read about here: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/taking-phentermine-combination/) does combine phentermine with types of SSRIs such as Effexor or Prozac, so if you’re taking an anti-depressant alongside phentermine then this might explain your symptoms. But, the most important thing is that if these side effects are troubling you and you would like more information or help then we would urge you to speak to your doctor, who would be able to investigate more into this issue for you.
      Sally, phentermine.com

      • Hi, today I have been prescribed citalopram 10mg for week 1 then 20mg after. I\’m on phentermine 37.2mg ( I halved my tablet today so roughly 16mg) when isit safe to start taking citalopram? Can I not take then then tomorrow and take my first citalopram? Or should I wean myself off phen 1st and start next week?

        • Hi Lau! Speak with your prescribing doctor before starting/combining any dose of citalopram with phentermine. You physician should be FULLY aware of your schedule and dosage of both medications before you combine them, and discuss this information with you before you take any phentermine combination. NEVER combine phentermine with another medication (especially an SSRI like citalopram) without your doctor’s explicit instruction to do so, since that can lead to dangerous reactions.
          Rachel, phentermine.com

  19. I started phentermine yesterday with one dose at noon and I really enjoyed the boost of energy and focus it gives me. I feel like I am able to concentrate a whole lot more. It also has suppressed my feelings of hungry and helped me with my binge eating that stems from my anxiety disorder. Today I noticed that the medication was wearing off and my body was feeling tingly, I am not too sure if this has anything to so with the Wellbutrin my doctor also prescribed to for to help manage my anxiety which leads me to binge eat food from the vending machine just because I want to eat something. I do like how phentermine is working for me but I would like a any ideas on a healthy meal plan while taking this medication. I don\’t think I will continue the Wellbutrin for now because I think the phentermine is helping however I am concerned that I will become addicted to it. I am already experiencing feelings of wanting to take another pill later on through out the day to be able to stay up later at night so that I can do homework. Any ideas? Any ideas on a meal plan?



  20. Dr kept me on phent since Sept 12, it is now June and I want off. Lost 25 lbs but fluctuating with last 5-10 and haven\’t maintained since jan. Did 2 weeks of half tab to ween, but concerned about anger issues now that I\’ve been off a week. Anyone have these and why would I be kept on so long unless the clinic is clueless and just wants my money?

  21. Hi, I have been on the pills off/on since the late 90\’s. I experience most of the syptoms in phases. Since March 2015, the side effect that has hit me the most is heavy sweating and anger. The anger and outburst are getting the best of me, so I have cut my pills in half and it helps. Yes, I lost 40 pounds but the aftermath of major arguing that is caused by the pills is not worth it. Not really sure what I will do at this point other than cutting the pills in half and eventually getting myself off of them. God Bless!!

  22. Hi everyone,
    I am off medication 3rd week now. Doing Great! I did research and actually made decision of what would work for me. Let me start by saying- medication worked great- while it worked. I was on it since November 1st. 2014. I lost 13 pounds first month. 9, 6, 2, etc. i joined Lifetime fitness in May was able to work out- running now- feeling great – all this led me to prepare mentally towards quiting the meds. i noticed in June that i wasnt loosing weight, i got headaches, fatigue,constipation and just wanted to sleep all the time- yes while on medication, i went to see doctor and i lost 1 pound- he got into me saying if i exersized!!! i pulled out my phone with pictures of results on treadmill and other machines i said here- look at it! i told him that past week i had blood with stool etc.. well after hearing what i had to say he said- oh ok well prescribe you one more medication to get your metabolism going, well rx stool softeners and keep at it… i am like- i dont have energy anymore i can barely make a sentense and barely staying awake i am up to 3 cups of coffee in am just to get going- after i already took medicine first thing in am, i had a feeling it stopped working i wasnt eating but i wasnt living either…
    so my dear doctor said- see you next month- take this medicine and one he prescribed Metformin- well its for Diabetics- i am not one? why would he do that.. i was too tired to fight there- thanks and left- got home, got to reasearch the medicine and oh small dose is 500 mg- i dont think so i said! i read about it and was scared to try it- why would i poison my liver thats clearly isnt working anymore with diabetic medicine when i am not diabetic i went from 285 to 233 now and why shall i poison myself? he didnt give me solutions on how to suplement my nutrient intake etc. so i started protein shake its called super food @GNC has 25 g of protein and mix it with water- i was like – nothing to loose- read great things about it- went out and bought it. quit medication cold turkey- started those shakes- my energy is back up my stomach is burping again and my head is finally clear- i can do this!!!
    please dont listen to doctors 100% use your gut feelings- do reasearch before you start or stop any medication or start different vitamins- i knew my situation and what worked for me- so we all knew this day will come- quiting time – lets build on that lets continue sucess and grow stronger not weaker
    I hope you all know i was and am scared still- but i take everyday as a gift and food as energy source not a comforter blanket or a friend!!!
    Love you all- best of luck!!!

  23. I am a 49 year old woman and I found myself eating and gorging on food. I was at 156 and I decided I needed to stop. I tried dieting with no good results. I tried phentermine now for three weeks and lost 10lbs. My goal is 130. I can tell you the side effects got better in time but are still there…. Jittery after taking pill esp and at times the heart feels like it is racing. Insomnia, mood swings went away. I do have physical mood swings tho from the morning with the jitters to the evening being tired.
    I can\’t see how this medication is addictive. I can\’t wait to get off it and get my balance back. I did notice my blood pressure went up a little, I started at 119/70 and yesterday is was 134/83. Very uncommon for me. I am hoping to be on it for just two months then possibly lower the dosage for maybe a week or two to ween myself off. I dont take any medication other then phentermine and am healthy. I find right after I take the pill, if I sit down and meditate it helps tremendously with the day.
    I also make sure that the diet I eat is nutrient dense and I have ceased some physical activity till I am off since my average calorie intake is between 500-750 calories daily. I feel I need to conserve some energy and lower stress levels as much as possible. I believe this helps ease alot of the side effects. My aim is focused on weight loss and I have sacrificed some bodily discomfort for it.
    I would like to ask Phentermine if there are any long term effects/ damage on the heart? Will my blood pressure go back down after stopping the pill?

    • Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for your message. We’re glad to hear that you’re losing weight and that phentermine is working for you but we would like to offer you some advice. Firstly, 500-750 calories per day is far too low. The weight loss you’ve experienced so far is probably due to not eating enough but this won’t last as this low calorie intake is not sustainable for very long. By eating so little you are slowing down your metabolism, so when you do start to eat more again (which you inevitably will), you are likely to see your weight go back up. We advise eating no less than 1200 calories per day, and if you do want to lose weight in the most effective and sustainable way, you should also try to do some physical activity too, which you will be able to do with a higher calorie intake and more energy.

      As for your question, there can be long term effects and damage to the heart but this is a less common side effect. We advise that, although phentermine is generally a safe medication when prescribed to obese individuals with otherwise good overall health, any serious side effects should be reported immediately to your doctor. This is particularly the case if you experience any pains or symptoms that may indicate that your heart is at risk due to the way in which phentermine affects your heart. You can read more about how phentermine affects your heart here: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/how-phentermine-affects-your-heart/

      Hope that helps!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  24. How long does it take for the side effects to wear off after stop taking i . I started Wednesday taking 3.75 dose. My Dr. Did not tell me about the side effects. I felt great the first 2 days and then yesterday I started having rpid heart race, dizziness, high bp, and I almost fainted at work. I was take to the ER and they said this is common and my Dr. Should have explained. I decided to not to take it today because I believe my body cannot handle it. I thought that after 24hrs I would go back to normal. I haven\’t taken it since yesterday at 9am but I am stealing having effects today. Unable to focus, blurred vision, feeling like I am going to faint, and horrible taste and dry mouth. How long before all of this goes away?!?! Please help I am here alone with 3 kids I don\’t want this to continue.

    • Hey Des,
      It sounds like you had a very bad reaction to phentermine. It usually leaves your system within 24 to 48 hours so hopefully you should be ok by now. If these effects continue then it could be a sign of something else. Either way, you really need to speak to your doctor to explain these symptoms so that he or she knows for future reference.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  25. Is itching/breaking out a common side effect of stopping phentermine? Or could this be to the med I was switched over to replace (tenuate)?

    • Hi Ashley,
      A rash is a fairly common side effect of phentermine – https://www.phentermine.com/phentermine-side-effects.htm. It can be a sign that you’re allergic to phentermine so we would recommend that you speak to your doctor as soon as you can about it so he or she can see if it’s phentermine or the other medication that’s causing this problem.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  26. I have taken phentermine since april 2015, 37.5mg. Tappered myself off and have been completely off for 3 days. Ive been extremely tired and my heart rate has not came below 103. I can feel my heart racing all throughout the day. Anyone suffered cardiac effects AFTER stopping phentermine?

  27. Hello I’ve been on phentermine since June of 2015, my doctors PA prescribed it for me and has been monitoring me. I almost never see my primary and when I have he always disappointed me. The plan was to keep taking this medication till December and when December hit we would slowly take me off of it to reduce withdrawals. I’ve had great results with it. I’ve had energy and sleeping better at night. I don’t have an appetite and it helps focus better on what I choose to eat. I’ve been able to lose 20 lbs since June and that’s the most I’ve lost in 4 years. I’m jogging again which I haven’t done since high school. My back is hurting less since the weight has been coming off. I’m freaking out right now because I was supposed to get a refill and my primary doctor canceled my script. He has stopped my med cold turkey with no warning. The PA I was working with isn’t going to be back till December. When I was supposed to slow down the meds. I’m very worried that my primary would do this as it was helping me greatly and not to mention he knows I have depression and anxiety issues as well as migraine disorder. so stopping this cold turkey is going to hurt me. This medicine I knew was a temp thing. But I didn’t think it was going to stop this soon. And now I’m worried and panicking. I don’t want to suffer the withdraws and I don’t want to put the weight back on. I have a 4 year old and my health has been so bad being obese. Just losing the 20 lbs and seeing the results with diet and exercise has made me tear up. If anyone has any advice on what I can do please help. I went from 283 in June to 260 now. Should I get a different doctor that will help and take my obese seriously? Every problem I’ve had has come down to my weight. I really need advice.

    • Hi Jill,
      I would say that it sounds like a good idea for you to see if you can find another doctor. What does your doctor suggest to help you lose weight? It sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for phentermine and that you responded really well to the medication. I would definitely try to get another opinion – good luck!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  28. I took the drug for a month and a half and it did help me lose 12 pounds in that month. But then I started to feel like I was having a heart attack or something. I couldn’t breath and my heart rate was beating almost uncontrollably. I went to a walk-in clinic because I needed to be seen asap. They did a lot of work on me and advised me to stop taking the pills immediately. Now its been 5 days since I stopped taking them and the way I feel is terrible. I feel like I am constantly sad and depressed. My mood has done a complete turn around and I am normally a happy person. It has caused me to fight with people and almost lose my relationship. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop the depression, crying and feeling like my world is falling apart. I was warned about this and many other side effects but I never knew it could be this bad. Honestly, I’d rather be fat and happy than to EVER take these pills again to try and be “skinny”. I am hoping and praying this feeling goes away soon!!!!!

    • Ashley,

      How are you feeling now? I am trying to wean myself off and am feeling sad & depressed! How long did it take you to feel normal again?

      • I am also interested in hearing how long it took to \”return to normal\”

        • I took 37.5 mg of phentermine for 5 months. I was weaning off (under doctors direction) and had a severe panic/anxiety attack during my regular daily workout. I have had several attacks since and am so scared to return to my workout schedule. I have been experiencing attacks just thinking about what could happen again during my workouts. I actually stopped taking them altogether and it seems to be better, but I also haven\’t resumed my workout schedule. I\’d love to hear a typical withdrawal time frame.

  29. I just started Phentermine about 3 weeks ago. In the beginning the side effects were terrible. I didn\’t sleep for 4 nights, racing heart, sweating, etc. But those all went away after about 1 week. Now, I am experiencing 2 things that are not going away.

    My up close vision has gotten very blurry. Distance is fine. Is this normal will it go away when I quit the medicine?

    The other problem is that I am experiencing urinary tract pain. I have been checked, no UTI. My bladder feels fine but my urinary tract hurts when I go and then for a little bit afterward. Then I am okay until the next time I pee. It actually feels good to go – opposite of a UTI. Feel a sort of pressure but not bad. It is not like a UTI at all hard to explain. Anyone else experience this? And will this go away when I quit the medicine.


    • Hi Layla,
      It sounds like you’ve really had a hard time with all the side effects – the ones you experienced at the start were normal but you experienced them to quite a high degree, so I would guess that you’re quite sensitive to this medication. The blurred vision is an uncommon side effect, as listed here: https://www.phentermine.com/phentermine-side-effects.htm but it’s something that has been reported to us by several people. The urinary tract pain you’re experiencing isn’t a side effect we have heard of before, but it could be related to the phentermine. Phentermine does have a drying effect on the body, which is why it causes dry mouth and why it’s especially necessary to drink lots of water, so it might be related to that. I would suggest that you speak to your prescribing doctor about it however, as it might not be related to the phentermine at all, and could be a symptom of something more serious.
      Sally, phentermine.com

      • Thanks for the reply, I have found others on line experiencing the same UT problems so I am not alone. Good point about drying out. I am 60 and so things down there are touchy anyway. I do drink about 100 oz of water a day and that does help with the symptoms some. I am more concerned about the blurry vision. Just want to be sure I am not damaging my eyes.

        Thanks for the information.

  30. I have been taking adipex now for 2 years, I no longer have the side affects from it, my heart rate stays in the 80-90 range. And when I stop taking for a couple of days, I seem to do OK, I honestly think now it is a mental dependency rather than a physical one. I do eat better and exercise. I went from 220lbs to 160 and have stayed there for the past 1 1/2 yrs, what’s the chance of having heart problems considering I took it for 2 years?

    • Hi Jolene,
      Taking Adipex for such a long time really isn’t good for your body or you; it sounds like you lost the weight within 6 months and then you have carried on taking it for another 18 months, which really isn’t a good way to maintain your losses. It’s likely that after all this time you could do it on your own as it may not even have any effect for you now. The issue of heart problems depends on many factors, so someone with no existing problems could suddenly experience problems after taking phentermine for a few weeks while another person may see no effects even after taking it for an extended period. However, phentermine doesn’t just affect the heart – long term usage can result in vision problems and psychological problems, among other health issues, as we explain here: https://www.phentermine.com/blog/can-you-take-phentermine-long-term/. I think that this is a good time to speak to your doctor about reducing your dosage and coming off Adipex for good.
      Best of luck,
      Sally, phentermine.com

  31. I broke five 37.5s in half and stretched 50 tabs into 55 days, which of course, meant half doses for the last 10 days. This was my first time using Phentermine, so, nothing to compare it. No noticeable withdrawal symptoms. I am still grinding my teeth, which I started on about day five.

    This is day three off of the drug. I lost 40 pounds on 1000 k/calories a day and moderate exercise. Fifteen pounds until the lower end of my normal range, 184 pounds. Hoot!

  32. I’ve been taking phentermine 37.5 for 4 years now and it got to the point were the doctor prescribed 2 a day plus a water pill. I stopped taking it just cold turkey. The side effects are killing me – can’t seemed to stay awake or care to get anything done because I’m so tired. Is they anything I can take? Can’t . Stand it . It’s so hard to keep from going and getting more. Please help !!- I hate this tired and sluggish don’t care feeling

    • Hi Marine,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re struggling with withdrawal symptoms. You were on phentermine for a really long time and went from a huge dosage to nothing, so it’s not surprising that you’re suffering. We would recommend an alternative like Phen Caps which help to boost energy but with more natural ingredients, and will also help with appetite suppression so you get some help with maintaining the weight loss you achieved. Here is a link: https://www.phen.com/
      Good luck and we hope you feel better soon.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  33. I took it. I really didn’t need to, I’m by no means big. I had to take half a pill for a long time then slowly worked up to one. I noticed personality changes and I started to break out on my face and back which has never happened before. Today is Monday. Friday morning was the last time I took it, I feel exhausted, thankfully it’s memorial day and a three day weekend so I’ve just been sleeping/studying for school. It helped me lose some weight and I honestly don’t feel hungry at all but I am guessing it’s because I’m so tired and my muscles feel so week and I am experiencing flu-like symptoms. I took this stuff for too long maybe give or take six months. I wouldn’t recommend anyone take it for longer than two… but I am not a doctor. I feel like I got back into healthier eating and now I am thinking of doing Paleo. Anyways, this drug can be dangerous. I feel scared with what it’s done and am hoping there is no long term damage…

    Anyways, I guess I wanted to share this. Phentermine withdrawal has been pretty terrible but I guess not the worst thing. It really might not have been worth it.

  34. I’ve taken Phentermine before and lost about 20lbs. Once I stopped, the weight came right back on. Once I started taking Phentermine for a second cycle I’m having awkward side effects, mainly emotional. Feeling of just sadness and maybe depression. Also low to no energy, unwillingness to find the energy to workout. But mostly just pure sadness.

    • Hi Brian,
      Depression is a common side effect of phentermine, and if you’re not feeling the added energy and have no motivation to exercise then it doesn’t sound like they are even doing what they are meant to. We would advise you to speak to your doctor to see if there is anything he or she can do about your prescription to see if there is some way to improve the desired effects and minimize unwanted side effects such as depression.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  35. I have been taking phentermine 37.5 mg on and off for 20 years. (I am 40 years old) I have been taking the pills, for the last year, for the energy. I have been off my pills for 5 days. The biggest challenge I have found is my energy level. I can hardly pick myself up to do anything or to motivate myself. Is there any alternative to get my energy back? I also have stomach cramping.

    • Hi Becky,
      We recommend the phentermine alternative Phen Caps to give you a boost of energy and also help with appetite suppression if you need it. The stomach cramping is probably more related to your diet or menstrual cycle than to phentermine, unless you have recently experienced problems with constipation due to the phentermine. Phen Caps also contain ingredients which help with digestion so they could also help with the cramping.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  36. Took phentermine for recreational use, 2 in one day and 2 the next day, all the time while drinking a ton… Very poor decisions I know… But at this time my mind is messed up bad, this was last Thursday, and I haven’t and won’t ever take anything else, I have extreme anxiety and depression… I went to my doc she says let it run its course but idk if me or my family can make it that long…. I wake up panic attacks several times a night , and all I’ve done during the day is stress out…. I haven’t and can’t eat a bite of food makes me sick to think to… Please any advice would be great please someone help

    • Hi Austin,
      It’s one thing to let the phentermine run its course but even when the phentermine is out of your system there is still the issues which led you to take phentermine for recreational use while drinking, so I think you need to seek professional help for these underlying problems. Ask your doctor for a referral if he/she won’t offer you any direct help.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  37. I am 47, have been on phentermene for almost 4 years now. I started taking it to lose 20lbs so I’d look & feel better (for pictures!) for my sons hs graduation… the first couple years were great! I had energy, worked out, was proactive and driven at work. Was the fun spontaneous mom! Even better – I had Lot more energy and confidence in the bedroom for my husbands sake ! I was losing weight, felt great & looked good. I did get the dry mouth, constipation, headaches and insomnia- but all the pros outweighed the cons….Fast forward to today: I am addicted. I can’t function without it. I have tried and can’t go one day without it. My eyesight has suffered I know. Everything is always blurry… i feel spacey all the time. I have gained ALL my weight back And more! I am always VERY Angry and easily agitated. I am depressed/crying most of the day – My husband and I are on verge of divorce because the sight of him now just aggravates me to the point that we fight Every day. I seem to dwell on all the little things that I can’t stand in everyone. I’m miserable! and making everyone around me miserable… how do I wean my self off!? I have to get my life Back!

  38. So hopefully this will help someone: the way my DR prescribed it was to take it for 5 days, off of it for 2 then take it for 4 days, off 3 and than repeat cycle. I was prescribed 30mg first month and 15mg second month with the same way of taking it like I did the first month. I’m off now and I’m a little tired but my fatigue is due to under active thyroid issues – this way helped me not to have that bad side effects once coming off the prescription. Also my symptoms while on it was dry mouth so drink lots of water. Hope this helps

  39. I have been taking phentermine for about 11 yrs now. At first it did help w weight loss and energy, but now the only thing it does is gives me enough energy to get ready for work, then I\’m still sleepy and yawning the rest of the day. The energy only last about an hour now, and helps none w wt loss. I am addicted to them. I want to stop taking them, but I feel like I would need to have about 2 wks off work to even begin to stop them at all. If I don\’t take my pill as soon as I get up in the morning, I already start to feel horrible. I want to feel like a normal person again. I literally feel like I\’m dying if I don\’t take one. I am so exhausted that I can\’t even hold my eyes open. And I read someone else\’s review that said they feel like they have to craw basically, to get around. I feel exactly like that too, if I don\’t take a pill for even just one day. I have heart palpitations all the time now. Especially at night, it seems like it\’s worse when I\’m in bed. I have no sex drive what so ever now. My husband begs me to stop taking them, but I just feel like I\’m dying if I dont. How can 1 little pill, taken only once a day, have so much control over my life. My advice to anyone thinking about taking them is please don\’t. If you\’ve read these reviews on here, everyone basically is having the same things going on. Planning on taking them short term, then it\’s turned into yrs and has turned your life upside down. It\’s so easy for someone to say \” just stop taking them\”. And I wish it was that easy to stop. But it\’s not. The person on here writing the advice to everyone, I\’m betting probably has never even taken phentermine. BeCause almost all these stories on here from people taking it is the same. So go ahead, tell me to talk to my dr, or that I should have only taken them for 3 months. Trust me, my plan was definitely not to get hooked on these pills. I wish I could stop taking them, and not feel like I\’m going to die in the process. If anyone on here has any real solutions of how to get off this medication, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Hello Libby,

      We are sorry to hear this. It sounds like you need professional help in order to move forward, please speak to your doctor or loved ones about it. Your wellbeing is the most important thing right now.

      We wish you the best of luck!

      Best regards

      Rebeca, Phentermine.com

    • Are you sure you do not have low thyroid? could be main problem and being on Levo would help counteract weening off Phen. You must see a doctor.

      People: going off Phen (Qsymia) cold turkey can definitely cause seizures and you should never ever do it. Talk to your doctor about how to do it For gods sake, at least try to taper off by taking a pill every other day (or cut dose in half) for a couple weeks. This would probably be better than cold-turkey.

    • how are you now?

  40. When I discontinued the use of phentermine I experienced heart palpitations, anxiety, and hypertension. Phentermine is an amphetamine and should be used very carefully, and you should try not to increase dose as tolerance increases.

  41. I have been taking Phetemine 37.5 for about 3 weeks now and I feel like crap. I started out with horrible hot flashes and sweating horribly then it went to being really jittery. Which I can handle those side effects but now this week for about 5 days now I have had the worst headaches of my life. I have tried ibuprofen and Tylenol and home remedies of rubbing Vicksburg vapor rub on my temples and sleeping with an ice pack on my face and NOTHING helps it. I am so miserable I just want to quit them cold turkey, but I\’m scared of the withdrawls. But I can\’t take these horrific headaches any longer, they make me cry and very irritable. To top.it off I am very constipated which I never am and I am extremely tired but can\’t sleep at night. And if I do sleep it\’s only a couple hours.
    What do I do?
    I hate this drug!

    Sincerely headache that won\’t go away

    • Hi Heather,
      We’re sorry to hear you’re having such a miserable time on phentermine! We would definitely recommend getting in-touch with your doctor right away. While mild side effects are common, you should speak with your doctor ASAP if they are so bad it’s interfering with your daily life (like yours are). If you’d like to know more about side effects, you may be interested in this page: https://www.phentermine.com/phentermine-side-effects.htm
      Hope you feel better soon!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  42. Hi my name is Tonya I been on this drug since feb 1 2017 I just threw my last two pills away today! I been moody snappy to my family not sleeping head aches jidery feeling rapid heart rate my blood pressure been a little higher and my heart rate was super high today well I went to the doc today for a weigh in and like I said my blood pressure was a little up and my heart rate was super high I told the doc I haven\’t been feeling right and I been experiencing chest pain well they done an ekg on me which was ok thank god but she wants to do a complete blood work on me in the morn. But I also noticed I been loosing some hair recently not in clumps but a small handful of stands I take out of my comb or brush or I find a small handful in my tub! And I find same amount on my pillows I don\’t know why I\’m having this?? Iforgot to ask the doc! I know my side effects were bad but I wanted to loose weight and nothing else worked even though I was told horror stories on this drug and read the same! Well I felt so bad since I been on this drug I am so scared of the withdrawls now! If anyone could help please send me a message back.. I have three kids and I stopped taking this drug because I want to be here to see them grow up! The reason I took this drug to loose weight is because my husband needs a kidney transplant and he\’s on dialysis well I asked the the people who was doing his transplant papers if I could be a living donor and the guy litterely told me I couldn\’t because I am too fat that killed me I couldn\’t help save my husbands life and like I said we have three kids ages 17-14-& 10 well I went from 235 lbs the first year and I wanted to loose more weight because it wasn\’t coming off any more so I told my doc I need help can I have the phentermine well I went from 210 to 175 my first goal I lost the 35 lbs since feb 1st. Now I need to know how to keep loosing weight with out this drug????? And how to not get the withdrawls so any advice please comment!

    • Hi Tonya, thanks for your comment! You might find this blog post about hair loss on phentermine helpful. Also consider checking out our forum or Facebook support group for your questions about weight loss after phentermine. There’s lots of other people that have transitioned off phentermine, and they may be able to offer you some helpful tips and advice. Best of luck on your continued journey!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  43. My name is Lori,
    I have been blessed, I am off and was on for three months. My doctor gave them to me to assist with slow weight loss, and yes I have suffered some of the side effects to a minor degree.
    Today, after being off for two days, I am tired and needed to take a nap. I also recognize having had drymouth and some insomnia during the 3 month course of the medication, but I had already been on a weight loss regiment.
    Most likely I won\’t go back on the medication because I was doing it before, it did assist, but did not speed up the already occurring weight loss.
    I researched the medication for weeks before I started, and had been on a proven systematic weight loss regime then and now; just be thoughtful, listen to your body, and use good judgement.

    • Hi Lori, I\’ve been on Phentermine for 5 weeks and have another week to go. I want to get off of them but after reading all these comments, I\’m scared. Did you just stop the medication cold turkey? I just started a new job recently and don\’t want the side effects to mess me up. I\’m tired of the dry mouth and feeling like my heart is racing. Also, I have insomnia occasionally.


  44. It depends what you are on exactly. If you are on Qsymia (phentemrine plus another drug), you can\’t go off cold turkey. It can cause seizures. You must talk to a doctor about how to properly ween off these drugs. If any of you are foolish enough to buy drugs from the internet or illegally….taking one every other day for couple weeks may be better than cold-turkey if the drugs you are given are even what they are supposed to be. These are questions that can only be answered by a real doctor with a real medical degree and not some flunky or fraudster. Your life is at stake.

  45. I\’ve been taking phentermine for about a year. Started with one dose 37.5) then increased to an additional half dose at midday per my doctors advice.
    I wanted to come off the pills, tried to last month. Experienced terrible side effects and gained about 10 pounds (in less than a month). After looking online I now see that side effects are experienced and considered withdrawal.
    I started taking my prescription again because I couldn\’t handle the side effects.
    Any suggestions on how to get off phentermine without the hellish side effects? (sleepy, depressed, eating everything in sight, can\’t focus or think, weight gain).


    • Hi Nicole! We’re sorry to hear about the terrible side effects you’ve had while coming off phentermine 🙁 Did you try to stop cold turkey, or gradually decrease the dose? If you’d tried to stop all of a sudden the first time, it may help if you tried to come off it a little more gradually. We would recommend talking with your prescribing doctor about your desire to get off phentermine and the withdrawal symptoms you’ve experienced, and then raising the idea of decreasing your dose little by little. Never adjust your dosage without first speaking to your doctor. Best wishes!!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

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