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Phentermine Brands | Adipex®

What is the Adipex diet pill?

Adipex-P® is the leading brand name of the generic drug Phentermine Hydrochloride, commonly referred to as "Adipex".

Adipex diet pills are manufactured by Gate Pharmaceuticals - now part of Teva Pharmaceuticals, the world leader in generic drugs - who have been marketing the diet pill since 1990.

The dosage of Adipex is 37.5 mg and it is available in tablet or capsule form.

Adipex diet pills are used as a stimulant to help lose weight and have similar characteristics to amphetamine. Adipex diet pills enable a person to lose weight by suppressing their appetite and increasing their energy. In combination with a healthy diet and exercise, Adipex helps people trying to lose weight modify their lifestyle and reach significant weight loss results.

However, Adipex diet pills are not for everyone trying to lose weight. They are generally only prescribed to people who are significantly overweight and have failed to lose weight with diet and exercise alone. Adipex is typically prescribed to people in the "obese" BMI range. It is very important for this category of people to lose weight. Staying in the "obese" BMI range can lead to life-threatening health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions.

Also, Adipex is not to be considered a magic pill. Significant and timely weight loss will only be achieved thanks to a change in lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular exercise. Adipex can help initiate this change, while suppressing appetite and encouraging exercise with higher energy levels, but it is not a lifetime aid.

How does Adipex diet pill work?

The active ingredient in the Adipex diet pill is phentermine, which is similar in structure to an amphetamine.

The Adipex diet pill works by affecting parts of the central nervous system, which effectively suppress hunger, and therefore, cravings. The Adipex diet pill is known to increase levels of energy within patients, which is ideally expended through exercise and being generally active.

Since the Adipex diet pill affects (and controls) the amount of signalling to the part of your brain that manages appetite, it is very effective in helping you manage how much you actually eat. The result of this effect, is that you will be more satisfied with less food when taking Adipex, more so than when you are not taking the diet pill. The other effect of Adipex, is that it increases your energy, so you can easily burn off the calories without tiring.

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