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Can B12 supplements help you to lose weight?

Some people find that B12 shots or supplements help them lose weight with phentermine. Others feel it has little or no effect.

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B12 is a vitamin that is naturally found in foods such as liver, shellfish, milk, and eggs. Among other processes, B12 is involved in metabolism, fatty acid synthesis and energy production. B12 is one of the essential vitamins that our bodies need, but some people, especially vegans, are low in B12 if they do not have enough of the nutrient their diets. It is necessary to take B12 supplements if you are deficient in this essential vitamin.

B12 is water-soluble. Since your body does not store these types of vitamins, they need to be replaced regularly. Apart from B12 shots, vitamin B12 may also be administered in pill format, sublingually (placed under the tongue) or as a drinkable liquid.

Doctors and weight loss clinics often give their patients B12 shots to combat a potential deficiency and boost weight loss. Without sufficient quantities of vitamin B12, some of the bodily processes will not function properly. B12 shots can increase energy levels to help you keep active and motivated to exercise, which promotes overall with weight loss. Plus, B12 shots also speed-up metabolism.

B12 shots are often given to patients taking phentermine. In fact, some medical professionals have even made B12 shots a compulsory element of their weight loss programs.

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