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Phentermine weight loss largely depends on your long-term commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Click here to learn more about common health problems associated with obesity & weight loss.

Phentermine and Fertility

phentermine and fertility

Many women take phentermine to increase fertility or experience unplanned pregnancies shortly after taking this medication. That combination of circumstances leads a lot of people to wonder: does phentermine increase fertility? The short answer is [often] yes… but not because the pill has any special powers. In both men and women, carrying extra weight decreases …

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Phentermine and Diabetes: A Beginner’s Guide

phentermine and diabetes

An estimated 415 million people live with diabetes worldwide. In the US alone, experts report that nearly 13% of the adult population suffers from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, these numbers are only expected to rise as the prevalence of type 2 diabetes grows alongside obesity. It’s not terribly surprising, then, that …

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