Proper nutrition is critical to the success of your phentermine weight loss journey. Click here to learn about healthy drinks & hydration!

Phentermine & Caffeine [Infographic]

phentermine and coffee infographic

Wondering about the advisability of combining phentermine and caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks? Check out this infographic to learn the basics about phentermine and caffeine, and then head over to out article about phentermine and coffee to learn more!

Phentermine Headaches [Infographic]

headaches and phentermine infographic

Do you suffer from mild to moderate headaches while taking phentermine? Here’s a quick summary of of some lifestyle and pharmacological factors that can contribute to phentermine headaches. For more information on these headache causes and remedies, visit our latest blog post about Headaches and Phentermine!

Your Birthday and Phentermine

birthday on phentermine

You’ve been doing great and consistently losing weight on phentermine, but it’s almost your birthday. Hopefully you’re excited for your big day, but maybe you’re feeling a little anxious too? Lots of phentermine users have trouble navigating these special occasions without overdoing it on food and alcohol, or feeling totally deprived. Since birthday and holiday …

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