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How Do I Cope With Dry Mouth on Phentermine?

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One of the most common phentermine side effects is dry mouth, medically referred to as xerostomia. Weight loss medications like phentermine, particularly those with stimulant components that are structurally similar to amphetamine, promote this feeling of dryness in the mouth as an unfortunate side effect of the weight-loss boosting effects of appetite suppression and additional energy. To help you overcome this side effect, we have a list of great ways to help put a stop to the dry mouth feeling so that you can concentrate on losing weight and feeling great.

1. Drink Water

Along with the dry mouth side effect of phentermine, you can experience extreme thirst, so drinking lots of water is essential.  Drinking water is also a great way to suppress hunger and help your body regulate itself more efficiently, increasing metabolism and decreasing bloating. Make sure to always have a bottle of water with you to help keep your mouth moist and quench your thirst.

2. Chew on Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing on sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free candy helps you to produce additional saliva, and as a dry mouth can sometimes lead to bad breath, the fresh taste of mint-flavored chewing gums can help to banish this problem.

3. Maintain Good Oral Health

Regular checks at the dentist and regular brushing, flossing and rinsing ensure good oral health and are an important part of your overall health. However, a dry mouth can sometimes lead to additional problems such as ulcers or sore gums due to a lack of saliva in the mouth, so make sure not to neglect your oral health while you’re focusing on getting healthy to lose weight.

4. Add a Room Vaporizer

Using a room vaporizer, particularly in your bedroom where you’ll spend a solid block of time sleeping, can help to add moisture to the air, help with dry mouth and aid breathing.


5. A Breath of Fresh Air

Make sure to breathe through your nose as much as possible and not through your mouth, as this can worsen the problem of a dry mouth

6. Use a Saliva Substitute

Using an over-the-counter artificial saliva substitute or mouth gel can help to limit the dry feeling in your mouth.

7. Try Phen Drink

This new product from, the makers of the #1 phentermine alternative, Phen Caps, is specifically designed to help relieve the dry mouth side effect of phentermine. Phen Drink comes as a powder in handy stick packs, which is dissolved in water to add a great green tea flavor to your eight glasses a day while also boosting saliva flow and quenching the often insatiable thirst that can be a side effect of phentermine. You can find out more about this new product here.

Although the dry mouth side effect of phentermine can often be uncomfortable, these great tips should help you to ease the symptoms. However, if you are finding it difficult to cope with dry mouth or any of the other side effects of taking phentermine, the phentermine alternative Phen Caps offer the same weight-loss boosting effects of appetite suppression and a boost of energy, without any side effects.

Are you experiencing the dry mouth side effect, or do you have any great tips for how to resolve this problem? Let us know by commenting below.


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  1. Just wanted to say it work’s !
    How ever there are side affects which either you know of & didn’t post ? or wasn’t aware of namely, Flashes, Shakes, Profuse Sweating, Shortness of Breath, Upset Stomach.
    This happened to me when taking 15. MG I have it cut down to 5 MG which works fine for me & continue the weight loss At a 1/2 rate of which I was loosing but still loosing W/ so far no side effects.

  2. after taking this medicine i have buring and weating in my whole body what can i do

    • Hi there,

      You should always consult your doctor about any issues you are having with prescription medication, since everyone is different with how they react to medications. You can also check out our forum if you haven’t already by clicking here, our users discuss all different issues, tips, solutions and give great support! 🙂 I hope this helps, thanks for the comment and have a great day,


  3. I have only been taking this 3 days & the dry mouth is horrid–even after I\’ve gone to bed! I\’m drinking water constantly, urinating constantly, but in my case, I was never a water drinker, so maybe it\’ll work out. Yesterday, I used medicated Blistex balm on my lips, else they\’d get chapped. Today I chewed sugar-free gum and tomorrow I think I\’ll suck on some sugar-free candy. At least I won\’t be running to the bathroom so much from constantly drinking water. I just can\’t seem to quench the thirst!

    • Hey Nancy,
      Dry mouth is the most common phentermine side effect but it sounds like you have it extra bad. We recommend a product called Phen Drink, which you can buy here: It contains special ingredients that boost saliva so you can quench your thirst more than just with water. You mix the Phen Drink sachet with water and then drink to make the dry mouth subside – it tastes fresh and fruity so it makes water a bit more interesting too. Phen Drink also boosts metabolism with special ingredients like giner, guarana and green tea extract, so you get extra help for your phentermine!

      Hope that helps!

    • Yes, me too!!! my mouth has been so dry my tongue hurts and my lips are extremely dry. I am also drinking water all night and going to bathroom all night. Is any one going thru menopause while taking these? I am and I was getting over the hot flashes until I started taking these now I am having a few hot flashes is that normal ?? Thank you

  4. I have dry mouth so bad I even got blisters in my mouth

    • Hi Stella,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re having such a severe reaction. We recommend a product called Phen Drink which is specifically designed to soothe the dry mouth side effect of phentermine. It’s a mix that you can add to water which has special ingredients to increase saliva levels to solve the problem, plus it has weight-loss boosting effects too! You can read more about this product and buy it here:
      Hope that helps!

    • penny I am and I think your right i think it somehow counteracts with the phen,i have been on phen off on off on for years never had side effects just started on again (my second stage before bamma menopause) my hotflashes are back i get dry mouth now and omg the bitterness of the pill is awful

  5. Hi, I have been using duromine for a month now and my mouth gets so dry, that I can sometimes not even speak. I have cracked lips, fever blister , cracked mouth corners and red bumps on the back of my tongue and a bump on the back end on the side wall of my tongue, also smaller yellow ulcers by the side of my tongue. it feels as if my tongue is swollen at times because I bite my tongue when I chew. do I need vitamin b&c or what can I do. as a smoker it worries me

    • Hi Saresa,
      It sounds like you have the dry mouth side effect very severely. We recommend the product Phen Drink, developed especially to help soothe the dry mouth side effect by boosting the saliva flow in the mouth, and also contains ingredients to help boost metabolism and detox the body. It might also be a good idea to check with your doctor about reducing your dosage as if you’re still experiencing this effect after a month then it doesn’t seem like something that will go away on its own.
      Hope that helps!

      • I clicked on the link for Phen Drink and it is no longer available. Is there anything like this that is new on the market Sally?

        • Hi Sally!

          Phen Drink was made by, so maybe they have similar products showcased on their website!


  6. Hi, What has changed in phentermine over the past year? I have taken phentermine over the years a few times. The 1st time I had amazing results with no side effects at all. I took it about a year ago for a few weeks just to drop a couple pounds. Again, no side effects. After consulting with my doctor and my recent weight gain he gave me another script for it, this time I have only been on it two days and I’m already experiencing dry mouth. Why would I get dry mouth this bad this time when it was never an issue in the past?

    • Hi Tina,
      We have have seen many examples of the same thing with many people on the forum; sometimes people can have terrible side effects the first time with phentermine and then none the second time, or different side effects from one time to the next. It is related to how your body metabolizes the drug, which can change over time depending on the food you’re eating, hormones, your metabolic rate, your urinary pH balance, and various other small differences within your body. To help with the dry mouth we would advise you to drink plenty of water, and to avoid alcohol and coffee as they are diuretics.

      • Sally,

        I was prescribed the 37.5 MG tablets. This is the same dose I have always used. Aside from adding the dry mouth this time I am getting jittery. Both of these are strange for me as again I never had any side effects in the past. I don’t want to stop taking them all together but was thinking about maybe a lower dose until I get use to them again. Would it hurt to break these 37.5 MG tablets in half for a week or so and see how I do? And If I am able to break them in half will I still get results from them?

        Thank you

        • Hi Tina,
          Breaking phentermine pills in half is something that many people do, and something which is really effective at helping you get used to the effects and side effects. Usually within a week or so your body becomes more used to them and you can increase the dosage to one per day if you want to. Since you’re experiencing more side effects this time it’s likely that your body is more sensitive right now than it has been before, which should go for the desired effects too, so they should still be effective at a lower dosage. Hope that helps!

  7. Thank you Sally,

    I continued on the 37.5mg and my side affects have finally gone away:) I was wondering what dosage of B-12 is good to take along with the phentermine? I used to take b-12 with it but can’t remember what dosage I purchased. I went to the store last night to purchase it and they were a variety of them.

  8. I have a terribly bad dry throat, not so much thirsty and I’m trying everything when taking the medication when I walk the dry throat becomes unbearable at times I really like the medication and don’t want to stop taking it any more suggestions that I haven’t tried ?

  9. I mostly have dry lips? I don’t know what can help, it’s only been 3 days and I fear it will get worse. Any suggestions?

  10. Strange how every single one of these models used in these articles look like the last thing they need is phentermine.

  11. Hi I have been taking the phentermine for only 10 days and I didn’t lose any weight although it blocked my appetite very much; I also experienced severe dry mouth and thirst! And even after stopping it for 3 days now I am still experiencing the same symptoms!! Severe severe thirst and dry mouth!! Is that normal??

    • Hi Yasso,
      It’s strange that phentermine is still affecting you in this way, but it sounds like phentermine was particularly dehydrating for you. The best thing to do would be to continue drinking plenty of water and your body should begin to hydrate itself enough so that you stop feeling these affects within a few days.

  12. Hey I’m taking Phentermine for only 3 days and I had shortness of breath. I didn’t take it today but I’m still having the same problem shortness of breath. Please advise what should I do?

    • Hi Xavier,
      You should talk to your doctor immediately – shortness of breath is a serious side effect or could be a sign that you’re allergic to the medication.

  13. Would phentermine ever cause hypersalivation? I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept having to swallow constantly but my mouth had been dry all day until I laid down. This seems very strange to me. Could it be a side effect?

    • Hi Monica,
      We’ve never heard of this being a side effect but it might be your body’s way of trying to fight against the dry mouth and overcompensating.

  14. Is this company involved with I do suffer with dry mouth, and after trying all the recommendations the problem still exists.

    • Hi Patty,
      We recommend products sold by, however, the dry mouth remedy Phen Drink is no longer being manufactured by We’ve had some phentermine users offering solutions such as low sodium broth, ginger tea and chamomile tea as they help to promote saliva glands, so maybe these could help you.

  15. I been taking the meds for only 6 days. I have dry mouth what can be done and will side effects last the entire time I am taking this the meds?

    • Hi Jennifer! Try some of the ideas listed above: sipping water throughout the day, chewing sugar-free gum/sucking on sugar-free candy, or using a vaporizer. Experts also recommend eating foods with high water content and minimizing caffeine. If the problem persists, we would suggest speaking with your doctor. While it is normal to have some side effects while your body adjusts to the medication, they do not typically last the entire time.

  16. Started back on phen. Each time I\’ve taken it, it makes me extremely tired. Is there a way to combat this side effect?

  17. I\’ve been taking phentermine since 10/06/2017 and the dry mouth still hasn\’t gone away. It does make me drink a lot of water. Which is what I\’m drinking exclusively now. But along with exercise 5 days a week I\’ve lost 13 pounds so it\’s worth it.

  18. I have been on phentermine since April/May.. my mouth is very sore and my gums swollen.. right now I even have some swelling in my lymph nodes.. I actually called my dentist bc my front teeth hurt so mi much and swelling scared me. He prescribed penicillin thinking I have an infection.. now after reading these comments, I’m realizing the problem is most likely a side effect.

  19. I’ve been on duromine for a month now (been on it previously but never had mouth issues) and my mouth is constantly in pain. My tongue has swollen slightly but it’s enough that I keep cutting it on my back teeth and my front bottom teeth. I swear I have little cuts all over it. Some have started to look like little ulcers which hurts even more. Ive got dry mouth and my lips are ridiculously dry on the inside. I’ve tried the dry-mouth sprays which usually work really well but they’re doing nothing. I’ve literally got to spray my mouth every couple of minutes. If anyone has tips on this please please please share. I’m drinking heaps of water, chewing sugar free gum, mouth sprays, etc (all the recommendations from google) but it’s just not working.

  20. I was taking adepix and got dry mouth so bad I stopped taking it. But I still have dry mouth and it has been over a month.

  21. Nice article its very helpfull thanks for sharing

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