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How To: Combat Phentermine Side Effects

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Although phentermine will suppress your appetite and boost your energy levels, making it easier to eat healthy and exercise more, it can also produce negative side effects. While you’re on your weight loss journey, it can be difficult enough to focus on your goals without having the extra problems of symptoms, such as insomnia, a dry mouth and dizziness. However, many of these phentermine side effects often pass after a few days or weeks, and, in the meantime, we have some tips for you on how to relieve these side effects while still focusing on working towards your weight loss goals.

1. Dry Mouth

This is probably the number one phentermine side effect, and while it may not sound too uncomfortable, those who have experienced it will probably tell you a different story. Often it is an uncomfortable sensation with an almost insatiable thirst, and can even lead to mouth ulcers and sore gums. The best way to combat this is to drink a lot of water with Phen Drink added to improve taste and really get your mouth back to normal. Always keep a bottle with you and take regular sips from it to keep yourself hydrated, aiming for a daily total of 64 oz, which is around 8 glasses. You should also cut down on coffee and alcohol consumption, as both are diuretics and can leave your mouth feeling even drier.

As well as drinking plenty of water, you should eat more fruit and vegetables with a high water content, such as cucumber, celery, watermelon, and grapefruit. Snacking on these will help stimulate your saliva glands and add moisture to your mouth while also keeping hunger at bay. Our taste buds can also become inhibited by a dry mouth, so a great way to combat both is to sprinkle cayenne pepper on your food; this spice acts as nature’s wake-up call, helping to stimulate your salivary glands, tantalize your taste buds and boost your metabolism!

2. Insomnia

Phentermine is a stimulant, and for this reason it can cause those who take it to have insomnia. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind, and when you’re trying to lose weight, a lack of sleep can also have adverse effects on your best efforts to slim down. Lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to stress and depletes your energy levels, both of which cause us to crave unhealthy foods and make bad food choices.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s a great idea to wind down before going to bed. A warm bath can really help to relax you, as can a soothing massage on the pressure points of your neck and back. Create a relaxing atmosphere with some calming music and drink a glass of warm milk or a cup of herbal tea, such as chamomile, to help you de-stress. Steer clear of caffeine as much as possible, especially later in the day. You should remove stressors from your bedroom and avoid working or watching TV in there, plus make sure that your bedroom and your bed are comfortable and at the right temperature for you – a lumpy mattress, cold feet or heavy, hot blankets can inhibit sleep and are easily fixed.

3. Constipation

If you feel constipated while taking phentermine, you should increase your water intake as it’s the best liquid for washing away waste and toxins in the body. Other drinks such as juice and soda can’t compare, as their high sugar levels can actually make constipation worse. You should avoid fats and refined sugar, and although caffeine can be considered a quick fix for constipation, it is also a diuretic, meaning that it takes moisture out of stools, making them harder to pass – for this reason you should stay away from coffee, cola and alcohol. If you’re also experiencing bloating as a result of constipation, you should avoid sodium and artificial sweeteners.

You should aim to increase your fiber intake by eating high-fiber foods such as whole grain bread and cereal, beans, fruit, and vegetables. Prunes are especially good, as they contain sorbitol, a stool-loosening sugar that naturally helps relieve constipation. Exercise is another way to promote healthy bowel movements, and while moderate to rigorous physical exercise is preferred, just going for a quick walk around the block will help.

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4. Dizziness

To combat the phentermine side effects of dizziness, make sure you’re drinking lots of water, as dizziness is often caused by dehydration. For this reason, you should also avoid caffeine and cut back on salt, as both can cause you to become more dehydrated.

Dizziness can be as a result of a lack of food, so make sure you’re eating enough – remember that 1,200 calories is the minimum anyone should go to while dieting, but if you’re heavier to start with, male or very tall, you should probably be eating more than this. An imbalance in your blood sugar levels can also cause you to feel light-headed, so try eating five small meals throughout the day to keep these levels steady, your appetite satisfied and your metabolism running smoothly. More specifically, your diet may be lacking in iron so try to include iron-rich food, such as red meat, eggs, dark leafy greens and fortified cereals. Iron is absorbed into the body better when combined with vitamin C, so try eating these iron-rich foods with foods high in vitamin C, such as red peppers, kiwis, and broccoli.

5. Nausea

If you are feeling nauseous as a result of taking phentermine, firstly you should stick to drinking clear liquid such as water, as it is easier for your stomach to take and it will prevent dehydration. Nausea can also occur as a result of hunger, so if you know you haven’t eaten enough that day, try to eat something dry, like toasted whole wheat bread. Ginger is a great remedy for relieving nausea; studies have shown that it’s better than any anti-sickness medications you can buy at the pharmacy, so have some ginger tea or gingersnaps if you’re feeling nauseous. Mint tea also helps – the best way to make it is by adding a tablespoon of dry mint leaves to a pint of boiling water, leave it for about 30 minutes, then strain the tea and drink it.

These tips should help you to relieve the main phentermine side effects, which some people can suffer from as a result of taking phentermine. However, if these symptoms persist, or if they become particularly difficult to deal with, you must consult your phentermine doctor as soon as possible. If you are unable to continue taking phentermine due to the negative side effects, but still feel you could benefit from taking a weight loss supplement, Phen Caps are an ideal alternative as they provide the same appetite suppression and energy boost as phentermine, but have no known side effects.

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments or feedback about these tips for relieving the side effects of phentermine, or if you have any tips of your own that have worked for you, so please comment below!

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211 Responses

  1. Hello
    I am on my third month of 40mg. It is possible the effect is wearing off as my body builds a tolerance. Yesterday I woke sooooooo dizzy and sick. Today approximately 40% of those symptoms. I am pushing fluids and also I noticed the last 3 days I can\’t stop burping.
    Could this be a side effect of some kind of virus? I have not been sleeping well the last 8 days due to starting a new job and my mind is in overdrive…
    Also the Dr said he will only give 3 months as usually it is not as effective. Can I use the medication again after how long as a short term weightloss plan?
    Also when stopping 40mg should I slowly decrease dose? Because I. Tried to skip it 2 days when we had a busy food weekend and coincidentally I had a tension headache those days.

    • Hi Nivedita! Yes, it is common to develop a tolerance to phentermine – especially towards the end of your prescription. This is one of the many reasons that it’s only recommended to take this medication for 3 months at a time. It’s possible to take multiple rounds of phentermine (with about 1-2 months break in-between), but your doctor is the only one that can determine if this is right for you. You may be interested in our article about why you need to take a break from phentermine.

      Regarding your question about weening yourself off phentermine, yes – some people do better if they come off phentermine a little slower. Still, you should never adjust your dosage without first speaking to your doctor. If you discuss your concerns about withdrawal symptoms with him or her, you two can set-up a plan together. In the meantime, you may like our article about how to avoid withdrawals with phentermine.

      Finally, your symptoms could be either a virus or the phentermine. If you continue feeling bad, or your symptoms get worse, we would suggest contacting to your doctor. You don’t want anything getting in the way of your new job 🙂

      Hope you feel better soon!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  2. My first with it I had a lot of energy also the next day I had it, then 5 days pass and I started to got a very slight dizziness but yesterday I got 3 times dizzy yasterday I started to fell my heart races fast when laying down but no pain, when doing small things.

    • Hi Ana! We would recommend speaking to your doctor about these symptoms. Dizziness and racing heart are both common side effects of phentermine, but if these symptoms are interfering with your everyday life, not going away or getting worse, you should bring them up to your doctor. Hope you feel better soon!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  3. I started taking phentermine last year and loved the steady energy it gave me and the weight loss, but after after a month of taking it I noticed that randomly one day it felt like my throat was swelling and felt a little hard to breathe, the anxiety about it probably didn’t help either. This continued for a couple more days and I would start to feel it within a couple hours of taking my pill in the morning. I stopped taking them and haven’t had this experience since, but I’m not sure if I can 100% blame the phentermine for those symptoms or if it was just a coincidence. I’d really love to start taking them again but I want to be safe.

    • Hi srolfe, thanks for your comment! We would suggest discussing these reactions and concerns with your prescribing doctor. Throat swelling and trouble breathing are both serious reactions, so if it is the phentermine that’s causing them you wouldn’t want to re-introduce the medication into your system. For this reason, we suggest sharing your past experience with your doctor when you talk about phentermine again to see what he or she would advise.
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  4. This is my 2nd time taking Phentermine, never have i had an issue with it, but i been experiencing itching at night and only on my arms and mainly more on my right arm. I dont know if getting diagnosed with gallstones has to do anything wit the itch but it’s becoming unbearable! I also sometimes don’t drink as much water as i should,i Never had this symptom before.. any help or suggestions?

    • Hi Kika! We’d suggest chatting with your doctor about this new reaction, especially if it’s not going away or it’s getting worse. Hope you feel better soon!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  5. Will it cause stomach pain? Only when I push on it in one spot? I only take 1/2 pill for two weeks now.

    • Hi Karen! It’s common for phentermine to cause some stomach upset/nausea, especially at the beginning, but it’s unusual that your pain is so localized (just in one spot). For that reason, we’d suggest getting it checked-out by your doctor ASAP. Hope you feel better soon!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  6. Hello, I started taking phentermine about a month ago. I noticed my legs seem weake. I have hypetmobility and have wondered if the weak heavy legs are a symptom of phentermine or my hypermobility.

    • Hi Kat, we’d recommend asking your doctor about this. Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  7. will th eswelling in my feet go away on it\’s own I am into the second month of the 3 that i need to take the drug

    • Hi Betty, we would suggest that you check with your doctor about the continued swelling in your feet. He or she is best able to assess what is causing the swelling, and hopefully help you find a solution!
      Best regards,
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  8. I took phentermine about 7 years ago. Lost weight. No problems. I am now 62, second day on phentermine. I feel awful. Blood pressure elevated but not in the danger zone. Horrible headache. I\’ve had 80 ounces of water so far today. So I know I\’m not dehydrated. Really want to lose weight but i feel awful. Only napped last night. Halfed the dose today. Still feel awful.

  9. I have been taking it for 3 days now and have had an awful headache. I\’ve been drinking lots of water. How long does it take for your body to get use to it and the headaches to subside?

    • Hi Lori, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry to hear about your terrible headache. Side effects typically start to wear off within about a week, but you should definitely talk with your doctor if the headache isn’t going away, or if it’s getting worse or interfering with your daily routine. In the meantime, you may be interested in this blog article about phentermine headaches. Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  10. I haven’t started my phenteime tablets yet due to worrying that it’s going to make me feel all shaky is this a bad side effect should I be worried of taking it my doc said he doesnt think it will make me real shaky like a caffeine pills would what is your input on how it will make me feel I have bad anxiety so I worry about feeling heavy chested and shaky

    • Hi Tiffany! Reactions to phentermine vary a lot from person to person. Many people experience a racing heart (especially in the beginning), but shakiness isn’t as commonly reported. Still, most phentermine users deal with at least one reaction to the medication, the most common being: dry mouth, trouble sleeping and constipation. You can read more about side effects here: phentermine side effects.

      In any case, your doctor is the best person to talk to about your side effect concerns. If he isn’t familiar with your history of anxiety, that’s something you should definitely bring up to him. When he has all the information he is most able to work with you to maximize results and minimize unwanted reactions 🙂

      Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  11. what\’s the difference from taking Adipex or the phencaps and where would you get the phen caps from and does it produce the same as Adipex I took it in 20 15 lost over 30 lb and stop working out in 2018 and 30 lb came back so I want to do another round and this time be more focused on keeping my way under a certain guideline so I want to take it again to just jump start my weight Journey

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for your question! While Adipex is a prescription-only med that contains phentermine HCL as the active ingredient, Phen Caps is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement that uses a combination of 9 natural ingredients to help suppress appetite and boost energy. Phen Caps isn’t as strong as Adipex, but it also doesn’t produce any of the negative side effects that often result from the prescription med (Adipex). You can learn more about Phen Caps and purchase at Phen.com!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

  12. Hello, I have been taking 15mg of Phentermine for about 3 weeks now. For the past 2 days both my ears feel like I just came out of a concert and can’t hear! It this a side effect? They feel like I have pressure in them. Does it have to do with any side effect?

    • Hi Mrs. Nava, that’s not a common side effect of phentermine so we would recommend making an appointment with your doctor if the pressure hasn’t improved within a couple of days. Best wishes!
      Rachel, phentermine.com

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