Why Am I Angry On Phentermine?

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Alongside physical side effects such as dry mouth and insomnia, phentermine also causes more psychological side effects, such as depression, anxiety and anger. In fact, increased anger on phentermine even has its own term, as this side effect is commonly known as ‘phen rage’. If you’re wondering why you’re feeling angry on phentermine or how to deal with this side effect then read on. Here we explain what causes this anger and share some tips on what to do if you’re experiencing phen rage.

What Is Phen Rage?

‘Phen rage’ is the name given to the side effect of increased anger as a result of taking phentermine. Phen rage encompasses feelings of frustration, impatience, hostility, irritability, and anger. This anger is often directed outwards in angry outbursts, shouting, and even physical destruction or violence. So, if you’ve noticed that you’re suddenly overreacting to situations which would not usually have caused this effect then it’s likely that you’re experiencing phen rage. But you’re certainly not alone; phen rage is a reasonably common side effect, as shown here in our poll of phentermine forum users. It can be seen that around 22% of respondents reported that they had experienced this effect. In addition, our phentermine forum contains many conversations between phentermine users sharing accounts of feeling angry as a result of taking phentermine.

Why Am I Angry On Phentermine?

It is thought that there are three main reasons why phentermine causes users to become unusually angry:

Phentermine Stimulates Your ‘Fight’ Response

Phentermine causes the brain to stimulate the adrenal glands to release neurotransmitters which signal a fight-or-flight response. This is similar to the reaction of our bodies when we are faced with dangerous or exhilarating situations. On the plus side, this leads to appetite suppression as hunger becomes a lesser priority, and energy is released to help you to either run away or stay and fight. However, the stimulation of adrenaline and norepinephrine that phentermine causes also mimics the reaction your body has when you’re angry. This leads you to an altered state of consciousness, helping you get ready to ‘fight’ when perceived problems occur. You may even stop thinking clearly, leading to irrational behavior and extreme reactions that you might not recall once the anger subsides.

Phentermine Amplifies Emotional Reactions

As a stimulant, phentermine stimulates your metabolism and energy levels, but that it also tends to stimulate and magnify your feelings too. This means that your normal reactions to situations become amplified, causing extreme emotional reactions. This explains why some people report positive emotional reactions to phentermine, such as feeling ‘high’ and happy, while others experience negative reactions such as depression, or extreme anger.

Phentermine Causes Hormonal Fluctuations

It is thought that anger on phentermine is due to the way that the dramatic weight loss often experienced on phentermine can effect hormones. Dramatic weight loss causes fluctuations in hormone levels as the release of estrogen is partially based on the amount of fat cells in the body. Hormonal fluctuations can then result in mood swings and irritability in the same way that some women experience while suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) pregnancy, perimenopause and/or menopause.


How To Cope With Phen Rage

Side effects fueled by hormonal changes are hard to control, so overcoming phen rage is not easy. However, there are actions you can take to help you feel less angry on phentermine, and ways to ensure that phen rage doesn’t cause too much damage to you and your relationships.

1. Prioritize Sleep

A lack of sleep leaves us tense, irritable and prone to anger, so insomnia on phentermine in combination with hormonal fluctuations makes angry reactions all the more understandable. Follow this advice to combat insomnia, and be sure to talk to your doctor if insomnia persists, as he or she may advise a reduction in your dosage to minimize side effects.

2. Take A Timeout

Timeouts aren’t just for kids; give yourself short breaks during more stressful times of the day. A few moments of quiet time might help to prepare you for what’s ahead without getting angry.

3. Seek Support

You family, friends and colleagues are likely to bear the brunt of your anger, so it’s a good idea to tell them how phentermine is affecting you. It’s important to explain how the things you may have said and done recently aren’t how you really feel. Most forum posts regarding phen rage show how many users are unwilling to discuss how phentermine is making them angry. But it’s better that your loved ones know that phentermine is the cause for your recent angry outbursts, rather than letting them worry about what could be wrong. If you’ve decided not to tell anyone about taking phentermine then our forum is a great way to connect to others on phentermine.

4. Get Active

Exercise is a great stress-reliever, plus getting active helps you to release those hormones urging you to ‘fight’ and direct them into something more productive than an argument with your partner. And, the rush of endorphins that heart-pumping exercise gives you will help you to feel a million times better afterwards. Or, if you feel your anger escalating and you’re nowhere near the gym, go for a brisk walk or direct your anger into a physical task such as cleaning. This way you can take your frustrations out on your kitchen rather than your kids.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol should definitely be avoided by those experiencing anger on phentermine. Alcohol can cause an increase in anger and a decrease in rational thinking, meaning that losing your temper is even more likely after drinking.

6. Identify Triggers

Although phen rage can strike as a result of seemingly trivial situations, identifying why these result in angry outbursts can help to avoid these occurring in the future. It could be small things that used to annoy you a little, but which then become triggers for phen rage due to hormonal fluctuations. So, if it bugs you when your partner leaves dishes in the sink, or when your colleague puts the air-con on full blast without asking you, choose a calm moment to tell them that you’d appreciate it if they didn’t do that. Often we let these minor annoyances slide because we find it easier to avoid confrontation. But, it’s better to voice your preferences than let this frustration build up into an angry outburst.

7. Eat Nutritiously

An overlooked cause of anger is your diet. The term ‘hangry’ refers to the combination of anger and hunger, where your body lacks nutrients and your mood shifts to hunger-fueled anger. To avoid this you should eat regular nutritious meals full of a wide range of nutrients. Also be sure to eat mood-boosting healthy foods to help balance out your hormones. If you’ve reacted angrily on phentermine after skipping a meal then you know that hunger affects your anger response. Avoid this by packing snacks and planning meals ahead.

The good news is that, like other side effects of phentermine, phen rage does subside over time. But, if you feel that your anger is hard to control, or is ruining relationships, then you should ask your doctor for help.

Do you find yourself getting angry on phentermine? Let us know your phen rage experiences by commenting below.


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34 Responses

  1. I thought it was just me, I feel angry and sad and I didn’t know why but now it makes sense. I have been horrible to my kids this week too, I feel so bad after but in the moment, I just lose it

    • Me too!!! Exactly. I’m stopping this medication. Its not worth it.

    • Same here :, (

    • Yea, this stuff is making me crazier, I take trintellex for depression, clonapan for panic disorder, and Vyvanse for Add, the Vyvanse is terrible, it just don’t work for me. But this PHENTERMINE HAS TAKEN MY ANGER TO A BAD ZONE, I already had mood disorder but now I know what mood took over, anger. IT ALSO MAKES ME OVER HEAT, I CANT GO GROCERY SHOPPING BECAUSE I START OVER HEATING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. TAKES HOURS TO COOL OFF.

      • Please seek help. These medicines have serious interactions! Consult a dr or pharmacist

  2. Me too, my husband says I have been such a B since starting phentermine. I know I am being unreasonable and overdramatic but it’s like someone else takes over.

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! I truly thought it was post menopausal!!! I never went on hormones. This could definitely be a combination of both!!

  4. Just read that Trump may be taking this drug, although he won’t release his medical records. Could explain a lot.

    • Too funny Toni!!!

    • Dont worry Trump emailed them to Hillary unfortunately it was accidentally deleted. 👨🏼‍💻

      • LMBO!!!!!!

  5. I feel like a raving lunatic. Can’t handle the stupidest little glitches like my vacuum clogging up. Had a major meltdown. I’m on going to take for a month. It’s been a week. Lost 7 pounds so that’s good but it’s really making me crazy!!

  6. I can definitely see how the thought of Phentermine increasing a person’s fight response can be the prevalent reason why random spurts of anger happen while taking the drug. My experience confirms this theory:

    As a Marine veteran with combat experience, naturally my fight-or-flight response has been fine-tuned to always choose the “fight” part of the spectrum. I am also medically diagnosed with depression and anxiety issues and it is because of my disorders that I have been prescribed to take 100mg of Zoloft daily for about five years now.

    When I started taking Phentermine, I was amazed by how effective it was when it came to aiding weight-loss and suppressing appetite. However, I also noticed that my mood was slowly declining throughout the days and, not only that, it seemed like I would get extraordinarily angry at the most trivial of things during the same amount of time. Honestly, it felt like I had reverted back to my old and violent-self, and while I attempted to balance out the issues by increasing my dosage of Zoloft to the maximum I am allowed by my doctor (200mg), I thought it to be counter-productive that I should have to increase a dosage of one medication just to try and balance another. To make a long story short, after a month and a half of taking Phentermine, I decided to stop taking it just this last Saturday.

    And wow! I must say that not only has my overall mood significantly increased in less than a week, but I can tell you that all of the things which made me extremely angry a month ago while taking Phentermine (i.e. work, simple mistakes, dropping things, losing things, etc.) no longer phase me, in the the slightest.

    It is because of this drastic change in mood that my opinion has become this: the Phentermine not only counteracted the Zoloft which had kept me in-check for five-years, it also exasperated my own fight-or-flight response to the point that not even my Marine Corps training, which taught me to seperate the important things from the unimportant, could help me

    Therefore, I urge those with previously diagnosed anger issues to strongly take into consideration the common side-effect of “phen-rage.”

    • Hi Donovan,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it is very interesting to hear how phentermine effected you and the difference you noticed once you stopped. Good luck for the future! 😀

    • Hi Donovan

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with phentermine. I am also on 100mg of Zoloft as well as a history of depression and anxiety. My question for you is, did you try taking the phentermine in a lower dose or perhaps instead of daily, trying every other day?

      Thank you again for share.
      Kind Regards,

    • I also on Zoloft 150mg I have been taking phentermine for 2 weeks , my wife thinks I\’m a complete a hole now. Have have been angry with her for some really legit reasons . But I noticed last night I was completely out of hand. After reading this I wonder if it does counteract the Zoloft ,I haven\’t been this explosive in years . Maybe its just super bad timing my wife has ruined me financially. To the point of bankruptcy, I found everything out the exact day I started phentermine, on the good side I lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks

    • I\’m in my late 40\’s, when I was in my 20\’s I dabbled with steroids… I cycled on and off of them over a 2-3 year period. In all my time using steroids, I never had any kind of anger issues like I have using phentermine. In my opinion, Phen-rage is worse than Roid-rage…

  7. I get these side affects worse when it\’s that time, it\’s amplified 100X the amount being on phentermine. I already have PMDD, so that on this med is hell. I just thought my pmdd was getting worse. This makes sense. They mentioned sleep in important. I get it because I take a sleep aid, but without it on phentermine you get no sleep. It\’s a stimulant, so of course the sleep you get is very little. Eat nutritious yes, when you remember to eat. All in all- if you are willing to go through these massive side affects, then good luck to you.

  8. I have been noticing mood swings as well. In fact, I had to look at myself like I am not an angry person at all. What\’s really going on here??? I was like I am not a mean person nor am I an aggravating person either to my family or my friends. I have lost 15 pounds since I have been taking Apex for a month now. I have changed my eating habits to eating healthier. But I don\’t want to just spaz out on people because that\’s not right either. I started taking this medicine so I can lose weight. Due to me being in a very bad car accident. And I have picked up a lot of weight from all these different types of medication the Doctors has me on. To be honest, I don\’t like having mood swings especially when you love ones are telling you that you are tripping for no apparent reason on them. So I am going to finish out the last of my pills only because I am almost at my goal weight and then I am done with Apex.

  9. Wow… I just put two and two together… I was on phentermine for a long time, then I stopped taking it because of the sleep issues I was having and I needed to do a sleep study and start using a CPAP… After I started with the CPAP I noticed I was no longer irritable and angry all the time. I attributed the change in behavior to the use of the CPAP and while getting a better night sleep does help, it wasn\’t the main cause. So I was off of phentermine for 9 months and just literally started up again today and before I know it, I\’m in a rage at work for almost no reason… Well there was a reason but my reaction was dramatically amplified by this. When I first started taking it, I was just chatty and happy… Now I just read too much into everything and get angry about all of it… So… I\’m going to try to keep telling myself when I feel these emotions that it\’s not real, that the phentermine is causing it and I\’m going to see how that works out. I\’ve used this technique in the past when I had to take other medication that altered my personality in such a way and I was able to handle it successfully. That anger and irritability however was really nothing like what I feel this time around on Phentermine and this is literally after my first dose in 9 months and it wasn\’t even a full dose, I took half a 37.5mg tablet. The really sad thing is that phentermine worked really well for me the last time I used it.

  10. Wow! this explains so much. I have no patience. Anything small will set me off. i\’ll be glad when i don\’t need to take this anymore!

  11. Has anyone who has experienced these side effects had any luck with strategies to control the rage? Anything you guys have do/have done that helps relax you a little bit more.
    Really do not want to stop taking it as I am so so happy with some of the results I am getting out of it, but have to consider my family & friends & I am not pleasant to be around 60% of the time.

  12. Im realizing now… NOW NOW….That this medicine is making me glare at people when they try talking to me. Leave me ALONE! I FEEL like everyone is staring at me for a while and when I don\’t look to see why someone is staring, they start talking. Look, I don\’t to look at you, I don\’t want to talk to you. But they are not getting it. Phen-rage.

  13. OMG — I moved across country (by myself) and the whole experience had my crying and SCREAMING and TOTALLY losing my sh*t!!!! I\’ve moved across country before, I can handle huge stress without crying or losing it. BUT, this was SOOOO different! Literally screaming out loud at people and crying SO much! I realized about a year later that there was thing side effect of Phentermine type products. I\’d just been prescribed them 2 weeks before my cross country move! It ALL made SENSE!! Also, after it built up in my system for a few days, I didn\’t sleep well at all — ALTHOUGH, I WOULD sleep for 8 hours, I woke up feeling completely unrested! It somehow kept me from REM sleep and was awful! But I admit, as a 50 year old woman, I DO wish there were a magic pill out there to help with weight loss! I\’m just doing it the old fashioned way now – exercise and lower caloric intake (blah blah blah) lol.

  14. I am taking phentermine & Topemax. For a Month now, I am at a low Phen dose, but cut in half. On a couple days I took the whole dose. On tbose days,After taking full prescribed 1 pill per day dose, I noticed that I could not make basic math calculations. Ex: I measured a window & could not remember the size just one minutes after. I flipped out after my bf talked too fast explaining something.I told him to slow down.He got agravated & walked away so I screamed at the top of my lungs.Yeah, I\’d say. That was an issue..I also, want to add I may have been a little \”hangry\” at the time so do sip jyice or take in some nutrition. Also, in am I get a tad dizzy standing up.

  15. I just hit my microwave..all i want to do is be skinny and this drug helps im just so damn angry.

    • Hi Amber!

      We understand. ‘Phen-Rage’ is a VERY real side-effect. And it can lead to many problems. Some are not willing to endure it for the sake of losing weight, because they could lose much more important things. We suggest you talk about it with your prescribing doctor. He or she might change your dosage or find a better way to treat your weight loss. Never let phentermine side-effects take over; as soon as they become a liability or too uncomfortable, visit your prescribing doctor.

      We also suggest a visit to our Facebook support group for phentermine users, so you can interact with others that have dealt with these issues before.

      Last but not least, you could try an alternative to phentermine, like Phen Caps or other weight loss supplements.



  16. Now I understand why I went over the top with an argument I had .. I was saying at that moment that ive never got this angry before. I was throwing things in the air and I was doing things that I wouldnt normally do so easily. I good to know these things beacause it can become dangerous if you don\’t realize you what is going on.

  17. I was on this last year, and lost 22lbs…almost effortlessly. I stopped after a way over the top emotionasl outburst with my mom, over my ex husband and kids. I still feel I was justified in being upset, because my mom stated I was using my kids as an excuse to reconnect with my abusive ex. I think that statement would make anyone woman mad, especially because I fought so hard to get him out of my life, for my kids sake. However, the amount of anger I felt at that moment against my mom, whom I love and deasrly respect, was reason enough to take precaution and quit the pills. Noe that my daughter and ex\’s relationship has dissolved, I thought to try the pills again…because I truly want to loose weight. Today, I felt my emotions high, this time defending my mom from my father\’s usual complaints over nothing and everything. I excused myself to my room, trting to make sense of my feelings. I don\’t want to quit the pills. My weight loss is back on track. Does this side effect ever go away? Can it be controlled? Has anyone, figured out a balance? I am focusing on outlets, such as excersize. Will this be enough?

  18. I started before Christmas and was finally losing weight again. The last time I took it I was fine. I suffer from depression and anxiety already have trouble sleeping. This time I am loosing my mind. I am in deep depression and angry all the time. I am a different person and no longer laugh. I am affecting my relationship with my boyfriend and people around me. My sex drive is gone along with personality. I am finally getting this weight off. I need to figure out a way to balance this. At least I realize it is not me. Hope I make it through this. Starvation and lack of sleep I am a ticking time bomb.

  19. I just asked my husband if I have seemed to get angrier in the past few months.He said yes! I was a little shocked because I\’ve always been a little feisty. I have never had any reaction to medication other than being allergic. I can actually feel the aggravation flowing through my veins right now. Isn\’t that just sad?

  20. I have been taking Phentermine for about 8-9 months and I had a crazy-ass angry outburst back in September in a BBQ but never again. I never realized it was the Phen. This sunday ( 7 months later) I managed to scare the living shit out of several close friends and my husband. I was drinking mimosas the whole day and honestly I don\’t drink much anymore. I went from angry to possessed in nanoseconds. I got violent and suicidal. I honestly don\’t remember much of what happened except bits and pieces. My husband filled me in the details. Now I have to deal with the aftermath of that and honestly I rather struggle with my weight than with my mind. I was never aware that this was something that happened. I was a bit more irritable on every day life but nothing to indicate that I have The Hulk living within me. To think that I able to be this much of crazy ass post apocalyptic fighter is just scary. I haven\’t taken it for the past 2 days. My husband insists that I don\’t go cold turkey but wean off. I will take half a tablet here and there but Im coming off of this. I lost about 45 pounds while taking it. It works great for the weight loss but to me it is not worth it.

  21. I absolutely hate this drug and when my fiance is taking this drug she is very emotional, moody, angry all for no reason or just for something small like now she livid with me now and is not talking to me because she is convinced that i spoke ill about my step daughter her biological daughter when i really didn’t. i really wish she finds another alternative source for her weight loss then this pill it always brings trouble in my house hold

  22. I’m so glad I came across this information. I just got into a huge argument last night with someone I love and after I was like, where did that come from?? I’ve been sad about it all day. I’m glad to know I’m not actually going crazy and it’s the mess affecting me

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