get more energy from phentermine

10 Ways To Get More Energy From Phentermine

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As well as being an appetite suppressant, phentermine boosts energy levels to help you get on track with leading a more active lifestyle. But not everyone experiences the same energy boost with phentermine, so here we have ten tips to get more energy from phentermine, making it easier to see results now and in the long term!

How To Get More Energy From Phentermine

As a stimulant, phentermine is intended to give you a boost of energy, motivating you to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle as a way of releasing this excess energy. But, as we explain here, not everyone’s experiences with phentermine live up to the reality. However, it’s possible to get more energy from phentermine by maximizing its effects and changing your daily habits to lead a healthier life as a way to boost your energy levels naturally. Here are ten ways to get more energy from phentermine to see ever better weight loss results:

1. Drink Water

We know it seems like drinking water is the given as the answer for everything but it really is the best thing you can do for your body, not to mention the cheapest and easiest way to boost the effectiveness of phentermine. Ditch the soda, juice, and energy drinks for good and replace them with a tall glass of water for calorie-free instant hydration – just what your body needs to work at its best, meaning a faster metabolism and a whole lot more energy!

2. Cut Back On The Coffee

And while you’re drinking more water, make sure to drink less coffee too. We often reach for a coffee to give us an energy boost but it actually results in the opposite effect as you become more and more reliant on the caffeine to wake you up. Ever spoken to someone who doesn’t like coffee to see what they do if they’re feeling tired during the day? You’ll get answers like, go outside for some fresh air, eat a banana or drink more water – they all sound a lot healthier to us! What’s more, coffee causes your urinary pH to become more acidic, meaning that phentermine is expelled from your body sooner – so, skipping your mid-morning latte will actually help you get more energy from phentermine. And it’s coffee specifically that has this effect rather than caffeine, as even de-caffeinated coffee increases the acidity of your urinary pH.

3. Go For A Walk

As well as reducing stress, a 10-minute walk at lunchtime is the perfect energizing pick-me-up. It’s been found that this is enough to boost your energy levels for 2 hours, so you’ll be less likely to suffer from the typical 3pm energy slump and subsequent afternoon snack attack, meaning more weight loss!

4. Yawn Away

It’s not very socially acceptable to yawn (especially not if someone is talking to you!) but it is a necessary human function, and embracing your yawns also gives you a boost of energy. Yawning is your body’s way of cooling down your brain, waking it up in the same way a cool splash of water on your face works. So, if you’re feeling tired then yawn away!

5. See Red

Spotting something red in your field of vision can actually kick you into high gear. Research by the University of Rochester found that crimson colors makes your muscles move faster and work harder, giving you a burst of energy when you most need it. So you could try encouraging your colleagues to wear more red, or maybe it’s just easier to treat yourself to a bunch of red flowers for your desk to keep you going during a jam-packed working week.

get more energy from phentermine

6. Take Short Breaks

It’s particularly common here in the US to work long hours and take too few breaks, but this isn’t good for you, your energy levels or your productivity. Take opportunities in your working day to take short breaks by going to a restroom on another floor, regularly getting up to refill your glass of water, or go and talk to a colleague face to face rather than sending an email – all great ways to burn extra calories, stretch your legs, rest your eyes and clear your head for a few minutes, as well as perfect to get more energy from phentermine. And, as well as being better for you, researchers at Louisiana State University found that workers who take several short breaks throughout the day work faster and make fewer mistakes than those who just take one long break, so it’s good for your company too!

7. Get Active

Although most people tend to avoid exercise if they’re feeling tired, it’s actually a great way to increase your energy levels. While starting out on a new exercise routine might require a boost of energy (which is where phentermine comes in), within a week or two of regular exercise you’ll find yourself more focused and energized throughout the day and ready for some deep sleep when it gets to bedtime, meaning a more rested you for tomorrow!

8. Sprinkle Some Seeds

Chia seeds are the super-healthy alternative to an espresso shot; great for an afternoon energy boost, they’re packed with a revitalizing combination of B vitamins, fiber, and protein, so they pick you up without adding to the jittery feeling some people can experience as a side effect of phentermine.  Simply stir them into a low-sugar yogurt for an instant healthy boost that will perk up your metabolism and help you get more energy from phentermine.

9. Stretch It Out

If your day is dragging then an invigorating stretch can help you to get more energy from phentermine. Stand in a doorway and face forward with your feet a few inches apart, then reach to the sides of the frame. Grab the frame with your fingers, then push your chest forward until you feel a stretch in your torso and back, then hold the position for 30 seconds. This stretch stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, so it’s energizing for body and mind, and should help with your posture if you’re sat at a desk all day too. For more stretches which you can even do while sat at your desk, click here.

10. Eat Nutritiously

Last but definitely not least, your diet lays the foundation for your daily energy levels, so to get more energy from phentermine you should also make sure that the food you eat is providing you with the energy you need. Healthy snacks are essential for keeping you going, and they also ensure that you don’t get over-hungry and stuff yourself when you do finally eat. But, these snacks have to be focused on filling you up with goodness to curb your hunger, boost your energy levels and keep your metabolism working away. Aim for a combination that provides fiber, healthy carbs, protein and omega-3 fatty acids; some great examples are whole grain crackers spread with hummus, a small apple with peanut butter, half a cup of dried fruit and nuts, or natural unsweetened yogurt with berries and nuts.


So, here you have ten great ways to get more energy from phentermine, all of which will also make you healthier and increase your weight loss potential too. However, if you still feel that you’re lacking energy and need an extra boost, then we recommend taking Phen Caps in addition to your daily dose of phentermine. Phen Caps are a phentermine alternative, so they help you lose weight by increasing your energy levels and suppressing hunger, but they can also be taken alongside phentermine to enhance its effects. What’s more, since Phen Caps don´t contain phentermine, they use different active ingredients to initiate the mechanisms in your body to increase energy levels, so they’re perfect for giving you the boost you need if you’re looking to get more energy from phentermine.

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15 Responses

  1. Will be starting tomorrow with phentermine 15mg.

    • Good luck Maureen!

    • Maureen, how are things going for you? I start my 37.5mg tomorrow.

  2. I started 37.5 mg of apidex today and I feel no effects of it. My doctor told me that I would have a ton of energy and be kind of jittery. I took it at 8 am. It is now 2 pm and I am still tired with very little energy. Anyone know why?

  3. I want to try it. I have seen the second point you proposed is to drink less coffee. I usually love coffee, and even depend on it. So can phentermine play the same effect of coffee?

    • Hi! Phentermine boosts energy, but the best idea is to use this added energy to fuel exercise which will give you real energy in the long run, but also helps to regulate sleep and mood too. Coffee gives the impression that it boosts your energy levels but in the long run it depletes them. The fact that you say that you depend on coffee means you’re addicted and that’s never good. Try to cut down and you’ll probably find you actually have more energy.

  4. I have been taking Phentermine since January 11th 2016. I have lost a total of 32 pounds! It is a great product! However, you have to eat the proper foods and remain active. This is a life style change. Dedication is important because you won’t see the results that you are looking for if you don’t use the diet plan and exercise. Your body is put under stress if you fail to be diligent and consistent. Phen will definitely suppress your appetite. You will really start feeling its effects within a few days. It has to get in your system.
    I’ve changed my diet plan to eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for lunch. My body remains fueled throughout the day with a lean protein and high fiber breakfast. Eating heavier foods at night can make your body store fat; because, it doesn’t have enough time to burn off the calories. Dinner for breakfast gives your body energy! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!!!
    Good luck! You can do it!

    • What is a good diet plan for this weight loss pill? My Dr didn’t say anything about how to eat but I’ve lost 8.4 lbs.

      • Hi Amber,
        We don’t recommend a specific diet on phentermine as it depends on the individual and what type of diet suits them. However, most phentermine users find it is helpful to stick to a calorie limit of around 1200-1500 calories per day and to focus on eating more whole unprocessed foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, as well as lean protein, low fat dairy, whole grain carbs and cereals. For some ideas to start with, this article has some good suggestions about what types of foods you should be eating:

  5. I have been on phentermine 37.5 for 6 days and have lost 8.4 lbs. At first I was jittery and suffered with a migraine for the first 2 days. But I toughed it out. I am also on blood pressure medicine and it hasn’t affected it all. I do feel tired and weak and I force myself to get up and exercise or clean my home, even after work or on my days off. I drink tons of water everyday with it. For supper I have 1 glass of sweet tea. The only thing I’m not getting is the energy. But losing weight and suppressing my hunger is 100%.true . Water is the main key with any kind of weight loss program. It took me years to get where I am today with water. Drink water and give it time. If I can do this so can any of you other ladies.

    • How are you coming along on your Phentermine program?

  6. i have been on 15mg for almost a week and i dont feel any different, its like im not even taking anything, how long does it take to kick in?

  7. I have been on Phentermine on and off for about a year.The reason I stopped and then re-started was because it stopped working for me back in the winter of 2016.I had lost almost 20lbs during the fall of 2016 and I was feeling great.I have recently started back and now I am experiencing these awful hot and cold sweats that hit me out of the blue to the point that I have to literally sit down until it wears off..I am finding it extremely hard to work out or even walk due to this awful stuff no too mention this time around I have less energy ..I was wondering what is causing these sweats and should I be concerned? I read that other ppl are experiencing this side effect as well and I was starting to think I was having early menopause but that has been ruled out by by doctor..I need some answers can anyone explain these side effects which are down right nasty at times and how can I make them go away?..Judy

  8. I just started taking it again gained weight back over holidays. However took it two years ago im in my 50s an i lost all my weight in three months. I lost 52 pounds 3 months. Ive had a fib problems an heart prolaspe valve was nervous at first to try it. I never had any problems with it other then more energy.My dr said take my blood pressure pill one hour before so if you older like me it keeps your heart rate down right. Hope this helps somebody out.Poor the water on with it very inportant drink on water all day.

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment – that’s very good to know. Best of luck with your phentermine journey!!

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