Phentermine Success Stories | Guidelines

Who is eligible to participate in Success Stories?

We welcome weight loss Success Stories from individuals who have successfully reached or who are on their way to successfully reaching their goal weight.

We will review each story on an individual basis to determine if it may be used to provide positive inspiration and motivation to the community. To be accepted and published, a story must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Sufficient details about the person's weight history and struggles must be provided.
  • Sufficient details regarding any behavioral modifications (i.e.- any dietary or physical activity changes) must be provided.
  • Sufficient details regarding any other steps taken to lose weight (i.e.- weight loss medications) must be provided.
  • Sufficient details about the person's thoughts, feelings, and emotions during their weight loss struggles must be provided.
  • Inspiring remarks or comments for the community must be provided
  • The weight loss must be in conjunction with a positive, safe, and healthy lifestyle.
  • The story may not contain any material that may be deemed controversial or offensive.
  • To be deemed a "Success" or a "Success in Progress" the starting weight and date and the current weight and date cannot be too close in time.

Do all the persons featured in Success stories use Phentermine?

No, not all the persons featured in Success Stories have used/ or are using Phentermine to achieve their weight loss goals.

The community is open to any male or female interested in and trying to lose weight, whether or not they are using Phentermine to do so. As such, we have decided to accept and publish stories of both Phentermine users and non-users.

Do you inform people whether or not you will be publishing their weight loss Success Story?

Since we, ourselves, would want to be informed regarding the status of our Success Story, yes, we respond to each person via the contact e-mail they have supplied to us.

In that e-mail, we either inform them that we may not publish their story or we coordinate with them any final details that we may need prior to publishing their story. At times, we may not be able to accept and publish a Success Story; however, we will welcome a resubmission at a later date.

Do you remain in contact with persons whose Success Stories you have published?

Yes, on a periodic basis, we contact the participants of Success Stories to inquire about their progress, and update their stats.

Do you have a question about Success Stories that is not answered here? If so, please contact us.

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