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Trish's Success Story

Trish | Neosho, Missouri, USA
Already lost 41 pounds!
Nick name in the forums: trioBaby3
Starting Weight: 181 pounds December 1, 2003
Current Weight: 140 pounds May 3, 2004
Weight lost to date: 41 pounds May 3, 2004
Goal Weight: 130 pounds June 5, 2004
Trish's Picture
December 1, 2003
181 pounds
Trish's Picture
March 1, 2004
140 pounds

Trish's story is one that may sound familiar to many of us - yet her achievements to this date bring hope and inspiration to those struggling with weight loss. To this date she has lost 41 pounds - read her story to find out more!

"I would have to say one of the main reasons I decided to lose weight was the before picture my husband took of me on the first part of December, last year. My heart just broke when I saw it... . You really have no idea how much weight you have gained until you see a picture of yourself. You look down at yourself and you just don't see what others see. I knew I kept having to buy bigger jeans but until my before picture I never let anyone take pictures of me - I spent all my time dodging the camera! That was all it took. I have been on countless diets and never could stick to them, generally in the morning I would declare I was going to diet and then eat a big mac that evening!

I just knew in my heart it was going to be different this time and it was.
About two weeks into my diet (the longest I had ever stuck to one) I found this web site. I read the stories and knew I could do it too. I went to my husband and told him how much I wanted to order the Phentermine pills as I really believed they would work for me. He was very supportive so he said for me to go ahead and order them.

I started Phen in the middle of December, at this point I joined the web site and read all the posts I could about weight loss and how to go about it. I made several friends and learned that the struggle with my weight was not one I had to deal with on my own. Everyone was great and helped out any time I needed it.

I did like everyone said; I drank lots and lots of water and I quit drinking pop all together. I would have juice from time to time during the day also. I started a log and kept track of all my food intake and exercise I would do. I kept them up to date everyday. I started out with just some stair step work and a little weight lifting. I felt my biggest problem was my back side, I was just blown away when I saw how big my rear had become. I started to use the Firm tapes here a while back but didn't stick to them very well, due to a lack of time mainly. I plan to get back into doing them again soon because they were fun and I could really feel the workout from them.

The best part about having lost the weight is the new found confidence I have when going to public places. I don't worry so much about what people might be saying when I go past them or leave the room. I know everyone says not to worry about people like that but the truth is that you just can't help but be hurt by things people say, whether you know them or not. I also love the way my husband looks at me now, he has always been there for me and never said a word about my weight. Let's just say things have really heated up in our relationship! I have to say how much easier it is for me to get down on the floor with our 3 boys now too. Everyone said, when we adopted them, that I would lose weight chasing them around but it just didn't work that way. They are now 2,3, and 4 and we have had them for a year and a half. It is a lot more fun for me and for them too now, because I can get down on the floor play and care for them without struggling so hard to get back to my feet each time.

I owe so much thanks to this site and all the wonderful people I have got to know. My husband and family have been very helpful to me as well and I love them so much. All I really have left to say is I plan to keep the weight off and I will do what I need to in order for it to happen. :)"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
Like I had said it was the picture I had my husband take of me, I would never have known how much weight I had gained really if I had not let him take the picture he did. I guess I just felt if I didn't see a picture of myself I didn't have to deal with my wieght and the best thing I ever done for myself ended up being the picture I had him take.
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Oh, I would say cutting back on my food intake. I used to be able to put away an entire meddium pizza by myself and not even think a thing about it. I still eat pizza from time to time, just a lot less of it. I keep snack cakes in the house for my husband and kids and it's hard to resist them but the Phen really helps with the cravings. I have begun to enjoy the exercising even though at first it was hard to make myself do it.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
The way I feel when I slip into my size 10 jeans after being a size 18/20 for so many years. I don't remember being this thin since I got married 11 years ago... . Having the husband act like we just got married, and that is pretty great too. I also enjoy being able to play with my boys more too!
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
Yes, just never give up no matter what! If you just stick to it and work for what you want you will have it. Drink lots of water and exercise daily. Soon you will be on your way to a new you. It took a while to gain the weight and it won't go off overnight but it can happen with a little time and hard work! Good Luck! :)

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