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Samantha's Success Story

Samantha | Charlotte
Already lost 90 pounds!
Starting Weight: 255 pounds January 1, 2013
Current Weight: 165 pounds August 19, 2014
Weight lost to date: 90 pounds August 19, 2014
Goal Weight: 145 pounds December 31, 2014
Samantha's Picture
Samantha's Picture

"I was 255 lbs when I was in college and realized how unhappy I was when I went on a hiking trip and had to keep stopping my friends because I was so tired. That was when I started losing weight on my own--before I got on phentermine I lost 60 lbs on my own it took a long time but I was able to do it. Then in 2013 I kept hitting a wall and was around 196, I went to my doctor because I heard a friend tried phentermine and had success so I thought I'd try it. I dropped down to 170 within a few months and got off the medicine and lost another 5. I am currently at 165 and my goal is 145, I was prescribed phentermine one more time as of today since it had been so long since I took it. Hopefully I will hit my goal weight by the end of this year and can close the chapter on my journey! :)"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
Hurting to walk around campus, and do activities with friends.
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Changing my eating habits
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
Feeling more confident
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
If you are at a plateau in your weight..try it, it works!

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