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Jenna's Success Story

Jenna | Connecticut
Already lost 139 pounds!
Nick name in the forums: JennaInCt
Starting Weight: 299 pounds August 30, 2001
Current Weight: 160 pounds September 27, 2003
Weight lost to date: 139 pounds September 27, 2003
Goal Weight: 160 pounds December 1, 2003
Jenna's Picture
August 30, 2001
299 pounds
Jenna's Picture
August 31, 2003
168 pounds

Experiencing weight gain after the birth of her children, Jenna managed to lose the extra weight only after the birth of her first child. After the second and third child, the weight piled on, and Jenna reached her highest weight at 299.8 pounds. Following Weight Watchers, and now with Phen and a diet and lifestyle suited to her needs, she has managed to lose over 130 pounds.

"Growing up, I was never over weight. In fact I was very athletic and fit. After the birth of my first child I gained over 100 pounds. It took only a year and I worked it all off, (without phentermine). After the birth of my second child I gained weight again. But I only lost half of the weight. By the time my third baby was born I had gained an additional 110 pounds. I never even saw it coming. Suddenly, I was 299.8 pounds. And I certainly wasn't athletic or fit. So, I got into the Weight Watchers program. I couldn't find a doctor that thought I needed Phen or any other weight loss aide. So I struggled along with WW. I lost 90 pounds with them. But after that the losses just never came. I began yo-yoing. I read a book that described ME to a "T" as far as my eating habits and weight loss were concerned. So, I began to follow the book's theory about sugars, processed foods and carbs. It isn't the Atkins way, but similar. Anyway... It began to work. But I couldn't resist the cravings, and eventually would fall back. I knew this diet plan was for me, but I didn't know how I was going to get past the cravings for sugar. It wasn't even about willpower anymore. That's when a friend told me about Phentermine. So I went and bought it. Since then I have been able to follow my food plan without any cravings, and I have a tremendous amount of energy which has me exercising the way I did years ago!"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
I saw myself on video and before I could see the face, I was wondering who that was. When I realized it was ME, I cried.
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Dressing differently... I never used to dress the way I do now. I wore BIG t shirts down to my knees and layers of clothes to hide my belly. Now I tuck in blouses, wear HEELS, and low neck-lines! I sometimes forget that I'm not that big anymore. And it shocks me when I see my reflection unexpectedly.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
I have so much energy. I can play basketball with my kids... roll around on the floor with the baby, I feel sexy... that's a new feeling too. I never felt that before. I have a newly found sense of self. I am confident. It's amazing.
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
Don't give up if you have a small set back. They happen. It didn't take one day or one week for you to get where you are... it won't take one day or one week to get where you want to be either. It's a process and a journey. Be good to yourself and make your rewards be attainable... and not related to food.

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