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Hydi's Success Story

Hydi | Central Texas
Already lost 84 pounds!
Nick name in the forums: Suth
Starting Weight: 273 pounds August 30, 2004
Current Weight: 189 pounds June 21, 2005
Weight lost to date: 84 pounds June 21, 2005
Goal Weight: 135 pounds July 17, 2006
Hydi's Picture
August 1, 2004
260 pounds
Hydi's Picture
June 21, 2005
189 pounds

Hydi's story will encourage and inspire you. Her weight gain happened while recovering from an injury. Before she knew it, she was twice her weight. Up to this date, Hydi has lost over 80 lbs.

"Have you ever done a belly flop in your life? It knocks the air right from you. Well let me tell ya, getting air knocked from you isn't the worst a belly flop can do. When slamming your chest at a high impact something's got to give. And give it did!! Oddly, I wasn't swimming - I was working.

As district manager of a national chain store, I was the only one that could pick up supplies without ordering in advance. I had got a call earlier that day for some needed supplies and figured it was no problem, since I was heading that way later anyway. You see my oldest son was off at a trade school and it was Friday: he came home to visit every other Friday. I would swing by and pick up the supplies, stop and pick up my son, then deliver the goods to the store, then head home. Simple enough you would think, but the day didn't turn out as planned.

Pulling up to deliver the supplies, all I could think about was stopping at the video store and grabbing a pizza and heading home, to spend some time with my son. I was in a hurry. Any other day I would have gone inside and found a few boys to come out and unload the car for me, but not today. I wanted to get in and out so I grabbed a cart and popped open the trunk and started unloading. The boxes were a bit heavy but nothing I couldn't handle. I was slinging them from the trunk onto the cart till, gasping for air, I fell to my knees clutching my chest. With a startled look of pure fear, my oldest son leaped from the car and was at my side in a second. I just knew it was the big one, the taker of life, a heart attack. With tears blurring his eyes, he rushed me to the hospital. It was the only time I can ever recall that I didn't have to wait for hours at the emergency room. Rushed through the door on a gurney, wires being attached before I was even in a room, a machine spitting out charted tape.

I was lucky - it wasn't a heart attack, it was what they call a swimmer's injury. I had never heard of this till that day. The cartilage that holds your ribs together can be separated - split apart so to speak. They say it feels like a heart attack, and let me tell ya, I truly thought it was (although I have to admit I have never had a heart attack before). Those boxes I had been slinging were filled with gallon jugs of liquid cleaner. As I was slinging, the weight of the liquid was shifting. I guess you would say that it was like two forces trying to shift different directions, only thing is that my force lost the battle.

Besides my chest, my spine suffered injury from the twist. I don't recall too much about the next few weeks, Morphine has a way of doing that. What I do recall is two years of physical therapy, during which time I got re-injured. Because of constant pain I ate painkiller pills like candy. Unfortunately I ate everything else like candy as well. I couldn't do much without it hurting so I just didn't do much at all. My day was spent lying in bed, eating and watching TV. Sitting on the couch, eating and watching TV. Sitting at the PC, eating and playing games. Did I mention eating? It had become my favorite past time, and eventually my worse enemy. I had more than doubled my weight.

Fat, unhappy and in constant pain, it was so easy for me to make excuses. I can't do this or that, I am ugly, so who cares, or my all time favorite: I am getting old.

They say that most times in life you make a drastic change when a major event has happened. Well mine wasn't a major event, it was just a simple comment taken the wrong way. A comment I am thankful for, a comment that changed me. It was the day after my 48th birthday when I stopped over at a friend's house and mentioned that I had gone out to dinner with my sweetie for my birthday. He jokingly said What!? Was he drunk?? Though the comment was directed towards my couch-potato-never-go-anywhere boyfriend, I took it the wrong way. Was I that fat and ugly that someone had to be drunk to take me out???

For the next few days all I could think of was, "Was he drunk?" It hit me hard, it knocked some sense into me, is what it really did. I took a long look at myself and wondered how I had ever let myself get so fat, so uncaring, so depressed. Yes I had my excuse - I physically hurt. I still do. Knowing that would never change, I thought to myself there are other things I can change. So began my journey back from the depths I had sunk myself into.

The first 10 pounds I lost were without Phentermine, however they were lost the WRONG way. Like most, a diet to me was starving myself to death. I remembered that 20 years before, I had taken Phen and had lost all the fat I had gained during my pregnancies, but that was a different time and a different lifestyle. Back then I jogged and burned up on the dance floors on the weekends. Heck, ask any Texas gal what most do on a Friday night and they will tell ya, "Country Western Dancing - Yeee hawww!"

It wasn't until I joined and read so many others' great advice on what you should and shouldn't do, that all those things I had heard all my life (like how important breakfast is, or eat 6 small meals a day) sunk in. And the hated and dreaded word EXERCISE!! Let me tell ya, it isn't easy. Do I still want to devour an entire strawberry cheesecake? You bet your life I do. But I won't! I will let myself have a slice now and then, but now I will only eat a slice when I go out for dinner. I won't have one at home. I am a cheesecake addict, and I know this.

80 plus pounds lighter, I still have a way to go, but I am over the mountain and heading down the other side. I still get tripped up here and there (can you fall up a mountain?). The thing is now I get back up, wipe the dirt off and start going again. I know I won't reach my goal tomorrow and that's okay with me because I know now that I will reach it.

I have a year and a month to go before my 50th birthday and that gives me 55 weeks to lose 54 pounds. Heck, that's easy!"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
Was I that fat and ugly that someone had to be drunk to take me out???
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Accepting that I wasn't going to lose overnight what had taken me years to put on.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
Keeping up with my grandbabies.
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
2 pounds at a time! Anyone can lose 2 pounds right? Don't think of it as 50 or a 100. 2 pounds at a time. I went for a weekly goal of 2 pounds a week.

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