Phentermine Success Stories

Heather's Success Story

Heather | Houston, Texas
Already lost 30 pounds!
Starting Weight: 195 pounds July 1, 2002
Current Weight: 165 pounds March 1, 2003
Weight lost to date: 30 pounds March 1, 2003
Goal Weight: 155 pounds May 1, 2003
Heather's Picture
February 1, 2002
195 pounds
Heather's Picture
November 26, 2002
165 pounds

Heather's story brings genuine inspiration to those who long for a return to old lifestyle habits that were easily lost but not forgotten. She turned to phentermine, wary of its effect, but was surprised to see that it became a small tool in helping her adjust her lifestyle to return to her old, active self.

"My Phentermine journey began one night as I was out eating with friends.
One of my friends was telling me how she had taken similar medication and the success she had. After a few weeks it finally hit me....I couldn't go on like this. 4 years ago I had been a trim athlete and felt good about life. I wanted my old self back or at least to be close. I made a doctor's appointment and was prescribed Phentermine. Doubtingly I took the prescription thinking "this won't work" - boy was I wrong! The first couple of weeks I dropped 8 pounds. I started counting my calories and only ate about 1500 day. Soon after I started working out 3-5 days a week with weights and kickboxing classes. The pounds started to melt away and soon I started to feel better than I did 4 years prior. I knew that one day my crutch of Phentermine would be taken away or not be prescribed to me so I knew that if I worked hard and re-designed my body by using weights and forming healthy habits I could maintain the loss for LIFE! Now 3 months after using Phentermine I am maintaining my weight and am ADDICTED to my workouts. The athlete within is back and I feel brand new!"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
I felt so inspired to get active and admired all the "extreme sports" athletes on TV and wanted to be like them. Another factor was that I was SO tired of seeing my reflection and thinking "Am I really that big" and I was tired of always blaming how I looked, about my haircut or the style of clothes. I was also terrified of seeing someone I knew from high school and them thinking "woah, she gained weight". Enough was enough!
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Resisting ice-cream. To be honest I crave it big time! Also if I miss a work out it can sometimes make a ripple effect which turns into many missed workouts....which makes me feel bad about myself.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
Smaller clothes, compliments, my husband enjoying a happier wife, muscles, endurance and feeling free to try things! I control my weight it DOES NOT CONTROL ME!
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
This medicine is AMAZING but to keep your weight off and find TRUE Success you have to work hard, eat right and WORK OUT! Drink lots of water and think long term not short term, I'm doing this for my life, not for a particular event or person....just ME!

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