Phentermine Success Stories

Chrissy's Success Story

Already lost 51 pounds!
Starting Weight: 290 pounds January 1, 2017
Current Weight: 239 pounds March 17, 2017
Weight lost to date: 51 pounds March 17, 2017
Goal Weight: 190 pounds January 1, 2018
Chrissy's Picture
January 1, 2017
290 pounds
Chrissy's Picture
March 17, 2017
239 pounds

"I have always been overweight and I was always frustrated that it was so hard to loose weight. I tried every diet I could Google from low carb, to low fat, to only carbs.

Nine months before my wedding I decided to go to a weight loss clinic to get my life back on track . And it worked! I lost a lot of weight and made really good progress on my weight goals!

But, my phentermine prescription ended after a couple of months. While I was taking phentermine I made a lot of changes to my lifestyle, but I was still worried about emotional eating. When I get overwhelmed, I turn to a bag of chips or cookies. So, I tried Phen Caps while I transitioned off phentermine. Now, I'm still losing and still taking Phen Caps!"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
The deciding factor that made me want to change my lifestyle was probably being only 9 months away from my wedding. When I started on Jan 1st I was determined to stay on track. I didn't want to feel fat on the most important day of my life.
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
The most difficult adjustment to my new lifestyle would probably be when I have a cheat day, I always feel bad about it and never can finish the meal like I used to so it's kind of pointless to me.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
The most rewarding part of my new lifestyle would be the extra energy I have, and being able to feel good about myself. This year I'm planning a trip to an amusement park and a trip to go zip lining I wouldn't of even thought about that last year because of the weight restrictions.
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
My advice would be work on it one day at a time. Take your pills and listen to your body if your not hungry don't eat as much. My doctor explained to me that I have enough calories in me that skipping a meal here or there won't hurt me. Also take before and after pictures. You see your body everyday so it gets hard to judge. Take measurements as well even if your not loosing weight on the scale doesn't mean you're not loosing inches! Inches are what you want to loose. And ask questions the phentermine forum has been a big help. If you don't know ask everyone is here to see you succeed.

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