Phentermine Success Stories

Carrie's Success Story

Already lost 53 pounds!
Starting Weight: 248 pounds May 15, 2015
Current Weight: 195 pounds January 5, 2016
Weight lost to date: 53 pounds January 5, 2016
Goal Weight: 150 pounds June 1, 2016
Carrie's Picture
May 1, 2015
248 pounds
Carrie's Picture
October 15, 2015
205 pounds

"I have attempted many diets over the years. I stick to it for about a week then I get burnt out and feel deprived. Being a mom of 4, and having a full time job, going to the gym was not something I could incorporate into my daily routine. My doctor suggested adipex. I started in May 2015 at almost 250 pounds. After about 2 months, I got discouraged because I didn't see much of a difference. When July came, I added in some Garcinia Cambogia pills, (of course with the docs approval). After a month, I started to notice my clothes was getting loose. I didn't change much about my eating. I still enjoyed my treats, but just portioned it better. For 2 months I alternated the Garcinia and the phentermine. Over that time, I had dropped 25 pounds. I know it would have been much more had I added in some sort of physical activity. I stopped the Garcinia in November 2015 and just used the phentermine, and I have slowly seen the numbers on the scale drop. On 12-28-15, after getting a bycycle for Christmas, I realized that if you find something that you enjoy, (in my case...being outdoors), that it wouldn't feel like exercise and it would be much easier to so. So I started in May 2015 at 248. Now on 1-5-16 I am 195. I do still have a ways to go but I hope by my birthday on May 1, I will almost be there."


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
Low self-esteem. Hating the way my body looked. Not being able to fit into clothes I liked.
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Finding the time to exercise and actually enjoying it.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
Being able to wear clothes that I like and feel beautiful in them.
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
You don't have to be a size 2, not even a 10 or 12....the most important thing for me was to be healthy, and enjoy getting dressed or going shopping. Beauty is all about how you see yourself. I was a 22, now I am at a 14. If I didn't lose another pound, I would be just fine. I am finally happy with myself. The thing about it though, I should have been happy with myself when I was a 22.

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