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Brian's Success Story

Brian | Ontario, Canada
Already lost 54 pounds!
Starting Weight: 244 pounds July 10, 2002
Current Weight: 190 pounds October 25, 2002
Weight lost to date: 54 pounds October 25, 2002
Goal Weight: 175 pounds December 31, 2004

Brian L. of Canada was depressed - the deaths of numerous loved ones, extra demands on the family, and his own failing health were taking ther toll. He sought comfort in eating. The results - a deeper depression, and increases in appetite and weight. Brian sought help from his doctor.

"I look back now and wonder how did I ever let myself get so fat? I come from a family genetically disposed to being overweight. But not me. I was always slim, muscular, athletic and in great physical condition. My one bad habit - smoking.

At age 42, I had a physical and a chest x-ray because I was having discomfort breathing. Years prior, I had a spontaneous pneumo thorax and thought that I would just play it safe. As I arrived home after my checkup, the phone rang and the doctor asked me to return to his office. He wanted to discuss my x-ray. When my wife and I arrived, the doctor held up the x-ray, pointed to a dark area on the film and said "THAT LOOKS LIKE CANCER". He is not a very diplomatic guy, but he certainly hit me between the eyes. I went to a specialist, and three weeks later had a biopsy of that dark area on my lung (This is not a pleasant procedure!). The results came back three weeks later. The specialist told me that it was not malignant but if I didn'tt quit smoking, I would have cancer in a year or sooner. On that day, October 6, 1995, just moments before my doctors appointment, I had my last cigarette.

It was then that I substituted food for cigarettes. As I put on more and more weight, I became more and more depressed. To treat my depression, rather than smoke, I ate. Tragedy after tragedy happened in my life - the deaths of my 2 grandchildren, my father 2 months later, my youngest sister the following year, and my horse. I put on more and more weight.

During this time, my wife returned to school in the nursing program; our lives changed drastically. Her demanding program put a great deal of stress on our family. That was OK because I thought that after what I had already been through (with all the deaths), my coping skills had got me through everything without help from anyone or anything. I thought - just be tough, be a MAN.

To say that I was wrong was an understatement. I became even more depressed and fatter. None of my clothes fit anymore and I hated looking in the mirror. Who was that person looking back at me, that disgusting looking man? I had high blood pressure, high colesterol, and looked and felt lousy. I became angry and irritable - not a fun person to be around.

At a follow-up doctor's appointment, he asked me how life was going for me. I told him everything was just great and out of nowhere came this erupting volcano of emotions; I cried uncontrollably. This man, who I had known for 29 years, listened to me pour my heart out for about 20 minutes. Man, it felt so great to unload the feelings. He put me on a mild antidepressant and asked me to see him every week for a while.

As I began feeling less depressed, I began to take more interest in my appearance. I looked in the mirror and I started to say to myself that I better take some steps towards losing the weight. I was going to be 50 years old in a few months and I didn't want to turn 50 without having taken some effort to shape up. I began to exercise to the video "KICK BUTT". I started slowly, working up until I could finish the entire video. The weight came off very slowly and I was becoming a lot more fit.

After eight weeks of exercise I lost about 10 lbs. This was not great but I started feeling better about myself. When I told the doctor what I was doing to lose weight, he said that he could help. One of my problems was that I could exercise alright, but I had developed a habit of overeating that I found difficult to control. That's when he told me Phentermine 30mg and Ionamin 30mg could help control my appetite. I questioned him concerning the risks and asked if that wasn't Phen-Fen, but he explained the difference. In spite of my skepticism, I took the medication as ordered.

I went on the Internet and found this website where people talk about their drastic weight loss with this appetite supressant. I thought "Some people need to lie to themselves to make themselves feel better so they make their weightloss up. We can't see each other on the Internet so if that's what it takes, who am I to rain on their parade?" That was in July 2002 and here it is the end of October 2002 - only four months later and I have joined the ranks of the people who I thought were in some fantasy world when it came to their weight loss.

I weighed 244 lbs when I took my first pill on July 10, 2002. Today, October 25th, 2002 I weigh 190 lbs. People I work with and people I know come up to me and say I look great. Some people don't even recognize me and when they realize who I am they can't believe it. The only downfall to this is that I have gone out and bought a whole new wardrobe that doesn't fit anymore. My wife and children have been very supportive of my desire to lose weight and my wife compliments me on how well I look with the weight loss. I feel so fantastic when I look in the miror now that I look forward to going out and shopping for myself. After all its been a long time since I could buy off the rack.



A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
I was 49 years old and physically going down hill. My sister died of cancer at age 46. I held her hand as she took her last breath in the hospital; I watched her life slip away knowing that all the things she left undone would now stay that way, all the things she wanted to do would never be done. I realized that I had so much to be thankful for - a beautiful wife, four children, and a new grandson. It was then that I realized how quick it all can end and that I better do whatever I can to take care of myself because I didn't want to miss all the great and wonderful events that have happened and are going to happen with the people I love.
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Admitting that I needed help, establishing an exercising routine, reminding yourself constantly that I don't need to eat that food now, that if I eat it I am eating out of habit not necessity.
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
The feeling of satisfaction that I'm doing it. Knowing that I look and feel better. That other people see it also and complement me on my success. Knowing that my colesterol is in the normal range and my blood pressure is perfect. Being able to walk without pain my your feet. Heck, just being able to see my feet.
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have before you take Phentermine. Believe it when people tell you it works for them because it does. Do not abuse your medication; take it as prescribed by your doctor. Realize that to make any change in your life that you have to re-evaluate your life style and make the changes necessary to achieve your goal. Stick with it, the results will make you glad you did.

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