Phentermine Success Stories

Allison's Success Story

Already lost 53 pounds!
Starting Weight: 300 pounds June 9, 2012
Current Weight: 247 pounds April 22, 2013
Weight lost to date: 53 pounds April 22, 2013
Goal Weight: 190 pounds January 1, 2014
Allison's Picture
January 24, 2011
300 pounds
Allison's Picture
March 14, 2013
245 pounds

"I thought I would have to live with the fact I gained over 100 pounds with my 1st pregnancy. Till my doctor gave me a RX for Phentermine. It was hard work with the eating right and exercise with being a sahm to a less than 1 year old. I saw newer moms losing their weight within weeks and thought something was wrong with me, the weight started to come off and I kept getting the remarks from friends and family about me starting to look like I was finally losing the weigh. I kept exercising from 15-30 minutes a day at home and it worked!"


A new lifestyle
What is the deciding factor that made you decide to change your lifestyle?
My health and my son
What was the most difficult adjustment to your new lifestyle?
Eating right
What is the most rewarding part of your new lifestyle?
Self- confidence
Do you have any words of advice for the community?
Don't give up!

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