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By San on Jul 19, 2017


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Duration: 90 days

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Gender: Female
Age: 46-60

First full week completed

I turned 51 and menopause kicked my butt! I started gaining weight rapidly, I could not get on any healthy eating plan nothing seemed to motivate me, so I asked my doctor if she had any ideas as to how I could stop this weight gain and start losing. She suggested that I try phentermine... I have only been taking these for exactly 7 days ... I started at 202.4 now I am at 196.3... It has been very easy for me. I don't get hungry at all.. I have to make my self eat..I have tons of energy. Side effects have been a slight struggle... heart racing and jittery at times...I only drink one caffeine drink per day which is apparently too much... I am cutting those out completely to see if that helps with the heart palps and racing. I am suppose to be on these for 90 days... looking forward to seeing all of this nasty weight drop off.

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