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Phentermine Reviews

Review About: Generic phentermine (capsules)

By Lucy on Oct 13, 2016


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Duration: 30 days

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Gender: Female
Age: 18-30

Very much worth a try!

For those of you who are thinking of ordering or trying out Phentermine, go for it! I usually hesitate to write reviews, but because of my experience and to help many of you who may be reluctant to purchase it, I shall!
Having been through a binge eating disorder and still experiencing it, I tried almost everything I could get my hands onto! Nothing really worked, because psychologically I wanted food! Chromium did help to reduce the cravings a little, but mentally I was prepared to continually eat!!
I tried Phentermine, and it is definitely worth a shot! I'm drinking a lot more water, and eating less! I'm not snacking as I used to and the want to continuously eat has disappeared!
It doesn't give you the sensation of feeling very full, but doesn't make you feel hungry either! Yes, I do have cravings but after a while of forget about them! I eat my meal and my portion sizes have reduced! When I do feel the urge to eat certain foods, I do eat them! I don't overindulge at all, as after a couple of morsels I feel full! Binge eating was psychologically a fail for me and Phentermine had certainly helped so far! I take it when I feel I am going to be most hungry! It hasn't disrupted my sleep, but do try and take it before 4pm! It may seem expensive, but definitely worth paying for!
Apologies for the long review, but it's all to help you!


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