What’s The Difference Between Phen Caps And Phentermine?

phen caps and phentermine

Phen Caps is an effective weight loss supplement, but many of you ask us: what is the difference between Phen Caps and Phentermine?

Here we explain everything you need to know!

What Are Phen Caps?

Phen Caps is a weight loss supplement sold on Phen.com, designed to help you lose weight by suppressing appetite and boosting energy levels, working in the same way that phentermine does.

However, unlike phentermine, Phen Caps are available without a prescription, meaning that if you are unable to get a prescription for phentermine, then you can still get the weight loss boost you need.

What’s The Difference Between Phen Caps And Phentermine?

Although phentermine and Phen Caps work in similar ways to give you the same effects, the main differences between them relate to the active ingredients they contain.

The active ingredient of phentermine is phentermine HCL, which is structurally similar to amphetamine.

When referring to the milligrams of phentermine, which can range from 15mg to 37.5mg, this number refers to the amount of phentermine HCL in each phentermine capsule or tablet.

Phentermine HCL is a controlled substance, and so anything which contains this ingredient is therefore prescription-only and not available to buy without being prescribed this specific medication by a doctor, meaning that Phen Caps cannot and do not contain phentermine HCL.

By comparison, Phen Caps contain nine active ingredients which work together to help control your appetite and boost energy levels and metabolism.

How Do Phen Caps Work?

Avoid The Side Effects

Like phentermine, which is primarily an appetite suppressant, Phen Caps also help to curb hunger and reduce cravings, suppressing appetite through a combination of Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Caralluma.

By stimulating the release of dopamine, PEA reduces appetite while also improving your mood, indicating that Phen Caps will not only help suppress your appetite but also reduce the chance of giving in to cravings and binges related to emotional hunger.

Caralluma is a type of cactus with natural appetite-suppressing benefits, as confirmed by research that showed that Caralluma could significantly reduce cravings and suppress hunger throughout the day, making Phen Caps perfect for those who struggle with these issues.

Phentermine is also a stimulant. Therefore, it boosts energy levels and motivates you to be more active.

Phen Caps are designed to have similar energy-boosting properties, using a combination of caffeine and theobromine.

These two stimulants have been shown to increase energy levels, making exercise easier and inspiring you to be motivated to keep fit as part of your new healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, Phen Caps contain the ingredients Synephrine, Raspberry Ketone, and L-Carnitine, which all stimulate the body to break down fat and burn calories by boosting your metabolism.

Avoid The Side Effects

Phentermine is an effective weight loss medication, but it can produce several negative side effects, including dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, and insomnia.

In contrast, Phen Caps have no known side effects.

It is also recommended that phentermine not be taken for more than 12 weeks at a time due to the effects it can have on the heart, such as increased blood pressure and a rapid heart rate.

By comparison, Phen Caps contain theobromine, which is used to treat high blood pressure and Crataegus spp. Extract, which is widely recognized for its benefits for cardiovascular health, makes Phen Caps a great weight loss alternative for those who prefer to avoid the side effects or health risks of phentermine.

Phen Caps And Phentermine: A Winning Combination

Many people take Phen Caps after their phentermine prescription comes to an end. People taking phentermine can sometimes find that it reduces effectiveness towards the end of their prescription or that their hunger returns later in the day.

Hence, they decide to stop taking the medication.

Transitioning to Phen Caps from phentermine is a great way to continue to manage your hunger levels so that you don’t eat too much and so that you can make good food choices during the afternoon and in the evening, which is when a lot of people struggle with cravings due to low energy and habits such as mindless snacking in front of the TV.

We recommend taking one Phen Cap pill in the morning before breakfast and another before lunch. Due to the stimulant effects of both Phen Caps and Phentermine, it is not advisable to take either any later in the day.